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Obligatory chatter thread.


  • Okay, so I only have three of them done so far (sorry, Rich-who-both-asked-and-is-online-right-now!) but I figured I'd get them set up so stuff can happen. As writing is not one of my stronger talents, I'm open to comments, criticism, and friendly advice. Just be gentle! :D
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    I just hit refresh a poopload of times... *sigh* okay, let me go read "the other guys" threads, see if I have feedback other than "make me one". ;)
  • I just read Lawn's intro, that is a strong opening. Although, aren't you kind of violating the MC first session style by putting in a bang? Normally, first session is letting us walk around town and asking tons of questions.
  • I did the same thing in The Island based on the notion that we'd done a bunch of the ask-questions-like-crazy stuff before even setting the first scenes. Just as a part of doing this PBF. I'm not sure of the merit of that approach, but it seems OK, if not ideal.
  • I waffled back and forth quite a bit on whether or not to include that "bang" at all, so in an effort to break the stalemate, I think I simply jumped into the deep end. Still not sure if that was a good idea!
  • I'm happy to have a bang, I'm sure it will stoke play. I agree with Chris that PBF may make this a different animal.

    I started a face-to-face AW game with a bang and it didn't pan out, so I'm a bit more gun-shy. Chris is a better gauge for these things, he's smart. I mean, as smart as a guy who runs barefoot can be.
  • "It's the Ducklings, and we gotta hellton o spikewhale meat."
    Maybe one of my favorite opening lines in a game ever.
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    (ETA - sorry for being petulant)
  • Rue's and Baby's scenes need not conflict, it just so happened that they ended up in roughly the same location in my head.
  • Don't worry, I haven't forgotten Char or Monsoon or responding to those who so quickly responded to me - it's just been an uncharacteristically busy couple of days.
  • It's weird. I feel this urge to write some fanfic about Rue Wakeman. I'm holding off for fear of too much pre-play and answering questions best left for exploration during play, but the feeling isn't something I normally have. I hope that's a good sign.
  • That's great! I've been neglected much easier responses because I haven't yet given everyone something to work with, so I feel bad about that...

    On that note, Niko, I just noticed that you specified the details of the infirmary: near the base of the tower, right on a hot spring. Given that I've changed the structure of Hightower, did you have any other thoughts? I love the imagery, so I definitely didn't mean to invalidate anything you've come up with! I'm swirling around some ideas that still allow access to a fresh water source without putting you on the ground with the smilodons. :)

    Alberto, I'm going to admit that I have too many ideas about where to start Monsoon, so I'm going to defer that decision. It's sunrise on an "average" day. Lawn's been out in the Jungle all night, Rue's taking care of business early, the Ducklings are out at sea, Adnan and Char are in their respective workshops -- but where is Monsoon? (That is, I had a case for including Monsoon in virtually any of the existing threads -- what do you think?)
  • Posted By: Albi_SGsometimes she even walks in the jungle with him, i believe (is it ok, christopher?)
    Absolutely. I'm always trying to show off jungle beauty.
  • hey Jon, everything ok?
  • Yessir. I had a friend in surgery for a broken hand earlier this week and I've been helping to take care of him since he has no family here. He's perfectly okay and everything, it just ate up some of my normal posting time. My apologies!
  • Well shit! At least it isn't *your* hand that's broken -- typing game updates would suck! ;-)
  • You're a good man, Jon. No worries, just checking in since we're all a new group and all.

    *Insert joke about watching porn online and typing with one hand here*
  • Oh believe me, he heard all of them. (And typing does suck, he tells me, particularly because he's a system admin at a local business.)
  • Niko, how do you feel about your "spring" being the last functional plumbing in the tower? I'm okay going either way, I just haven't figured a good way to incorporate it otherwise.
  • yay a scene for Char (the bastiche who left me fer dead!)

    Looking forward to Monsoon, too!
  • I think "totally" means a solid agreement, right?
  • When does Monsoon get a scene, MC? :)
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