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Here's a thread for general rules questions.

I'm thinking you're Go is first and the Lover should make an appearance?
Did I read that right?


  • That's right, but after we establish location -- I describe the location, you describe how/where you enter the location, and we play with the imagery a while.
  • I'm leaning toward third person omniscient for the perspective. But mostly limiting to the main character's mental states.. I don't know if I want to jump and narrate the NPC thoughts much.
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    Okay, let's give it a shot.

    And I'm ready for my first Go if you are. We can use this thread to discuss the "looseness" (pg. 22) of play as needed.
  • I'm ready.
    Also, we can indicate here when we feel like our Go is over, if there is ever any question about it.
  • Good plan. On my Goes, I'll pause every once in a while, since "during a Go, both of us may talk, but the owner of the Go is the primary contributor" (10).
  • Wow, 100mph winds here today. Finally got the internet back. (The withdrawals were painful.)
  • Jeez! They were bad here, but not that bad...

    By the way, I edited the description location to include the Lover score, which I had forgotten to do.
  • End of my Go. Dice=0

    Feel free to pick up your Go from there, switch to a new scene, whatever.
  • Remember, once you roll dice you can no longer edit the post that had the dice roll in it.
    I always try to roll my dice in a separate post.
  • Noted; I didn't know that. Since I didn't act as the Monster, I had no dice to roll this time (hence the 0), but I'll be sure to do that next time. Do you recommend rolling them in a post on this thread?
  • RusRus
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    For our massive audience. . . Maybe keeping the dice info right there for the reader would be helpful.
    I think maybe I'll start each of my post with my stack of dice.

    So my next post will start with a 5 and then go from there.
    I could see your posts starting out like:


    That work?
  • Yeah, that's a good idea.
  • Gonna sleep before I post. Was about to post, but just not in the zone.
    I'm really digging this game. The rules are resonating with me. Enjoying your posts. Great stuff so far.

    There is always the danger of waiting for inspiration-- and I fight that with PbP, my personal rule is: post when you have time.
    So, there I am, breaking my own rule. :)

    Anyhow, on another ramble'n side note, I read an interview with Neil Gaiman. He wrote a book and he knew some days he was inspired and other days he wasn't, but he wrote anyhow, and then -- later, going back and reading his work, he could not tell any difference between the material. He was unable to say what material was born of inspiration and what was made from just writing when he didn't feel like it. Inspiration to write is an illusion.

    Ok, off to sleep.
  • Who am I to argue with Gaiman?

    But no problem -- take your time. And I'm enjoying your stuff/the rules/the process too. So far, so good.
  • Finally I act as the Monster! :)
  • I like how just adding the Monster dice puts so much foreshadowing and tension to the scene.
    It's like Hitchcock's bomb under the chair-- the character doesn't need to know it's there, but when the audience does you get instant tension.
  • That's right...quite a dramatic change from just that little thing.
  • Too "loose"? Let me know...I can edit.
  • Feel free to set an entirely new scene. Seems like things are heading back to the village.
  • Will do.

    That was awesome, by the way. :)
  • "Walking toward the villagers" didn't seem forward-moving enough to warrant a Monster die.
  • My Monster score was 4. Bring on the Climax!

    Do you want to post the Good dice/accomplishments list on this page?
  • Apologies for the delay. Been a busy, sleep deprived day. Wanted to have focus.
    Yes. I'll put the accomplishments here. That makes sense.
    I will aim for Thursday evening.
  • No apologies necessary. Take your time.
  • My total= 21

    I achieve the goal

    I have 3 good dice. It costs 2 for each additional accomplished. Thus, only one additional accomplishment.

    The Monster hurts me severely
    The monster lives, although I escape
    I save Amata from the dangers of the Pit (I'm thinking even just living here by the pit is dangerous).
    Other accomplishments fail.

    Lover's Fate
    Bring her with me when I leave.
  • Cool. And that makes it your Go.
  • Honestly, I'm not sure what the bargain is. His goal was just to bargain with the vicar.
    Feel free to run with it, if you have an idea of what the Vicar wants.
  • The End! Hey, that was cool.
  • I really enjoyed that. Thank you.
  • Same here, and thank you as well.
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