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So a lot of us seem to post things about what we're up to and what's going on in the out of game threads for games on here, and that's cool, but sometimes I just feel like rambling on things that may be related to a game only very tenuously or not at all, so in the spirit of run-on sentences, I've previously pondered starting a thread for general out of game chatter for anyone interested. I don't think it's unreasonable to do the whole "how was your weekend?" thing in the actual OOG threads, so maybe this won't go anywhere, but we'll see.

Pointless Story #1:
Posted By: orklordShe stands near you, opens the paper and begins to read while humming some tune to herself. It sounds like something from Holst's The Planets.
So one time at Ikea, my wife and I got this map:
Ikea Premiar world map
It's big. It takes up a good chunk of most any wall you put it on. It also seems like it would be great for some kind of wargame, so basically since we got it, I've been saying that sometime, my wife's going to come home from a long weekend, and I'll have the map off the wall and setup on a table, and I'll have put in red lightbulbs, and I'll be wearing my ushanka:
and listening to Holst's Mars and pushing mechs around the map with a stick. Yep.


  • badass!

    (thanks for the thread, I love it!)
  • This week I'm having a small get together with some of my running buddies to play card and board games. I'm excited and hopeful that we all have fun. I also asked the cohost on our podcast (Canon Puncture) if he could make space for us to play a face-to-face game together. Once I run this marathon, I will have some more free time and I want to get a weekly or biweekly game happening.
  • My youngest, Kivi, turns ten today! Whoohoo!

    I spent all weekend cleaning house...sigh!
  • Congrats, Chris! I moved this weekend, tired.... trying to teach my four year old principles of fair play. He's upset when he doesn't win or make a huge move.

    Getting better, just teaching him to play Othello, which he is remarkably good at.
  • Happy Birthday, Kivi!

    Also, I haven't played Othello in a long time. I used to be sort of okay at it.
  • I think we should have a Who Are You? thread for introductions to Snail's Pace. Maybe a format for what to say to introduce yourself (who are you, where are you, what do you do, what do you like to play, how did you find us, some other random stuff)? What do you think?
  • Yeah. Throw it up! Maybe we should get it stickied?
  • Posted By: orklordThis week I'm having a small get together with some of my running buddies to play card and board games. I'm excited and hopeful that we all have fun. I also asked the cohost on our podcast (Canon Puncture) if he could make space for us to play a face-to-face game together. Once I run this marathon, I will have some more free time and I want to get a weekly or biweekly game happening.
    The game night with my running folks was canceled. Everyone claimed busy holiday times. I'll kick it around in January.

    Arnold (show co-host) and I are talking about a possible game together and recording very soon. We need to do the year-end Canon Puncture wrap-up.
  • Cancelled game nights are lame.

    One of the characters in my face to face AW game wants to retire, and in doing so, wrap up the major plot thread of the game, but 2 people weren't there last week, so I didn't want to do it without them, and now it's probably going to be a while before I can get everybody together. I guess the good part of that is, if we all get together after the holidays are over, it'll be easier to move into another game instead of just dropping things for the holidays and never coming back.
  • Holidays + RPG campaigns = heartache. I've lost a couple of them over holidays past. Luckily with these new fangled indie games I always hope I can get some one shots in.
  • First draft of an AW hack to play with my kids, If you're interested.
  • Onesheet for my F2F AW game The Mine and the Mist

    I still need 2 more threats. One threat I already have are the workers of the mine. They fear the mist so much they will do anything to get better, and better pitchstone, impulse: consume. Little do they know, deep in the mine, the better pitchstone also can cause Psi-harm and is linked to the quarantine's facility some how.

    My other threat are the Deerskins. They fear the pitchstone. They manage the mists (in their deer skin suits), but think the Pitchstone corrupts reality. They will eventually attack the hold. Wolf pack: Impulse to attack and dominate.

    I figure that is enough to start, but would like another threat. Any suggestions?
  • Posted By: Christopher WeeksFirst draft of anAW hack to play with my kids, If you're interested.
    My wife and son are Lego-maniacs, this is cool. I see you're using a cup of little Legos, which is smart. I may hack some Lego Dice (the kind you get in the Lego board games) instead. Of course, I realize that makes it a totally different game. :( Hrm.
  • Neat, Rustin.

    What's the psychic maelstrom?

    PCs don't yet exist, or they do? You talk about the quarantine, suggesting a PC's existence, but no others; unless I'm confused. Did they bring issues with them?

    Are you looking for individual threats or fronts? Who's looking for the quarantine's facility? Isn't The Mist a front? Who buys steel made by the locals? Who's offering false claims of protection from or remediation of The Mist?
  • Thanks,
    This is post first session write up.
    We have a Hard holder, a Brainer and Quarantine. Hardholder has the mine.
    Issues were mostly attached to the mine, that deep in there mysteries abound.

    We started an informal thing with our f2f AW games. I give players the option to write beliefs (ala BW).
    One belief is about a missing lover, and the answer to what happened to her is in the mine.
    The other belief is that the Deerskins have a solution to the food problem.

    Fronts and threats is where I feel most wobbly when I MC AW.
    I gave special moves to the Mist as setting color, but I did not give it a threat, per se. I probably should go back and beef it up to a threat.

    We established people visit via the gondola. And people visit from boats from the lake.

    False Claims of protection of the mist ... that is a good direction. Will need to ponder.
  • Just moved from my old apartment to a new place, my office just relocated to a new building (first day this morning)

    Everything is suddenly new.
  • Was the home move related to the office move or separate?
  • Moves not related, the office just moved a couple miles, and so did the home, but just coincidental.
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    Everybody have a good Decemberween/Festivus/solstice/Saturnalia/etc!
  • Thanks, you too! Merry Newtonmass to all!
  • First post 2k12! I'm not lame at all!
  • Tomorrow I'm going to Budapest for work, so I'll be posting less or at odd times for a week.
  • Have fun at Budpest!
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    Wow; yeah, have fun!
  • Skyrim owns a piece of my heart.

    Also, my interview with Mike Sands about Monster of the Week, his AW hack Indie Go Go thing is now up. It was pretty cool, he's a nice guy. And I think I added to his workload with some ideas from our game on here!
  • Max, how was Budapest? Have fun?
  • It was cool, even if I didn't get to see any of it in the day except for the cab rides to and from the airport. Mostly we worked, then had dinners that took a long time, then worked more. I did get to the hotel spa a bit, and on Friday I finally got out and walked over to the river. They have some nice bridges and beautiful old buildings over there. There were lots of dogs in the city, and lots of facilities for them. They have a popular digestive called Unicum that tastes like someone poured cheap cologne into jagermeister. It was so terrible I had to bring some back from my friends.
  • The name Unicum is specious in and of itself.
  • hey Scott, didya see that Joe Macdaldno is working hard on Monsterhearts? He tweeted about doing a ton of writing on it recently.
  • Oh sweet! I still want to run that.
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