Monster of the Week OOC (was Team and PC Concepts)

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Monster of the Week is an Apocalypse World hack that is out on Indie Go Go until January 29, 2012.

It uses the Apoc World rules and a few minor tweaks to create a modern day monster hunting RPG similar to TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, X-Files and Supernatural. I'm still reading through the 174 main book, but I really dig what I've seen so far.

The designer has sent me a zip file of the playbooks and gave me permission to share with interested players.

Is anyone interested in giving this a whirl? I hesitate to say I can commit to MCing it full time, so if someone has a hankering to be the MC, please step up. If not, I will run it at a snails pace for a while.


  • I was going to propose monsterhearts after the holidays, sounds similar. Do you know how they compare?
  • Interested, especially cause it's something new. Would love to compare to the other game I mentioned.
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    Looking over the playbooks, I like them kind of in uncertain order:
    Monstrous, Spooky, Flake, Chosen

    I can see a character concept for each, though I'd want to adjust a thing or two on the monstrous.
  • If I'm playing this I'd probably go for the Spooky, that is, without a team concept to work with. Might change depending on the team.
  • @octoscott, I don't know Monsterhearts, so I can't compare.

    Looks like we have a Snoop, Professional and a Spooky so far. I like the Wronged myself. I think Rustin is interested in giving it a go as MC. I think we should rotate "weeks", meaning Rustin runs it for a bit, then he switches off and someone else MCs. Think of it like different directors on a TV show for multiple episodes. I think it could be fun.

    Let's talk team concepts.
  • Abbridged excerpts from the Beta version of the book on Team Concepts:

    Here are some example team concepts to use as is, or as inspiration:

    Slayer and Entourage
    There's a chosen one, and their support group. Hopefully, together you'll be able to save the world. The team has a Chosen, who is at the centre of things.

    The Unexplained Cases Team
    The Agency needs a team to handle all the weird stuff regular agents don't understand. That's the Unexplained Cases Team. They're used to it.

    Road-tripping Hunter Family
    The family trade is hunting monsters, and you've got good at finding them.

    The Order
    You are all members of an ancient order of monster slayers.


    With the choices you guys have mentioned, an Unexplained Cases Team seems to fit. We could also work to The Order or Road-Tripping Hunter Family pretty easily, too.
  • I personally like the Hard Case myself. I may port over Rue Wakeman since it looks like The Jungle is dead.
  • Max, I think that could work, yeah. And why not put yourself at the center of things? You're an excellent gamer and reliable poster.
  • Interesting character mix.
  • Yes, four have spoken up. So far, the interested parties are as follows:
    Rustin: MC (you should make up a PC in case we flip MCing around)
    orklord: Hard Case
    octoscott: Spooky
    Max B: Snoop
    Niko: Professional
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    I could range between 3 to 5 myself.

    (edited based on Rustin's explanations of the ranges)
  • I'd like to stay around the middle I like "home" stuff, too. Dealing with everyday lives at least a little bit.
  • Let's figure out the concept. If we center around the snoop then we may not be an "agency" but more of a private affair. I don't know if we sound like a road tripping family, but that seems the closest. I do like to have a home to come back to and to "fight to protect"
  • I'd like a "home", too. What about New Orleans? It would be a great place to hunt and fight, lots of color, too.
  • I was thinking ozarks... pretty close.
  • Oh man.... if we do podcast, I would so tie it into my podcast feed somehow....
  • On a selfish note, I ran a Vampire game set in New Orleans in college. I would love to play the flip side of the coin and hunt those ponsie turds.
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