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Rabbit defies gender. She is sometimes a man. He is sometimes a woman. Rabbit typically wears tailored clothes -- sometimes Chitimacha finery, but more often the clothing worn by the stylish whites in the clubs. This look is accomanied by a pleasant aura that puts people at ease -- though maybe not those who are sensitive enough to notice.

Cool+2, Tough=0, Charm-2, Sharp=0, Weird+3

"Breed:" ancient Chitimacha godling: Curse: Pure Drive (Lust) -- I reveled in my powers for millennia. I lived among my people, taking advantage -- sometimes tricking them and sometimes protecting. When the new creatures and spirits came from other lands, I failed to take them seriously and my people were decimated. Now I work to destroy, capture and contain them so that my people can repopulate the sacred land.


Immortal: You do not age or sicken, and whenever you suffer
harm you suffer one less harm.

Unnatural Appeal: Use your Weird instead of Charm when you
manipulate someone.

Unquenchable Vitality: When you have taken harm, you can heal
yourself. Roll +Cool. On a 10+, heal 2 harm. On a 7-9, heal 1 harm. On
a miss, an injury worsens.

Unholy Strength: Use your Weird instead of Tough when you kick
some ass.

Natural Weapons: life-drain (2-harm magical intimate healing)

I'm also well-practiced at shooting a bow, but I don't carry one around.

Experience: (x) (x) (x) () () When you have filled all five experience, erase the marks and pick an advance:
( ) Get +1 Tough, max +2
( ) Get +1 Cool, max +2
( ) Get +1 Charm, max +2
( ) Get +1 Sharp, max +2
(x) Take another Monstrous move (Unquenchible Vitality)
(x) Take another Monstrous move (Unholy Strength)
( ) Get a haven, like the Expert has, with two options
( ) Take another natural weapons pick
( ) Take a move from another playbook (Flake: Suspicious Mind?)
( ) Take a move from another playbook (Expert: Dark Past or Often Right?)
After you have taken five advances, you qualify for further advances in addition to these.


  • Do the rules explain the healing tag that my life-drain has on it? How's that work?
  • The Monstrous write-up in the book mirrors the playbook. In the short section on Healing, it says:
    A 0-harm wound goes away before the next scene starts. Moderate wounds (1-3 harm) will improve when the hunter has a chance to rest up (e.g. a decent night's sleep), or get some medical attention. Normally this will reduce an injury by 1-harm. Serious wounds (4+ harm) require treatment, and will usually worsen if untreated. Left long enough, a serious wound can kill you. What counts as treatment depends on the wound, but usually will be one of the following:
    • A hunter's healing move.
    • Time in an infirmary in someone's haven.
    • A visit to a doctor or the emergency room.
    • A magic spell.
    Healing moves will mention how many harm they heal. Note also that if a wound is “stabilized” then it can no longer get worse on its own, and if its serious you won't die from it."

    It isn't clear. I will email the game developer for clarification. It may be a one for one swap, which makes sense to me.
  • The answer;
    It's a one-for-one healing equal to the harm done, just like you thought. It's mentioned in the list of weapon tags and what they do.

    The idea of Monstrous as a minor god is really cool, by the way.
  • Starting Histories:

    Rue, you fought me, but I proved I'm a "good guy." What was it that convinced you?

    Annaliese, I believe that you are the reincarnation of a thousand-year old spirit-girl who led me to the monsters of invading peoples so that I could protect my own. Now I believe that you are destined to help me with my current crusade.

    Sullivan, you saved me from another hunter who was prepared to kill me. What happened?
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    Posted By: Rustinwhat is your relationship to priestly sorts these days?
    Well, these Christians are OK. I mean, some of them are horrible and some of them are doing good for people. But they are mostly not too bad supernaturally -- their God is so remote that he's not really a concern and any other entity that they can detect, they mostly figure are evil. I mean, I don't want their angels shitting all over the place any more than you want pigeons on the wire over your car, but they're pretty rare, too. Of course, that means that any of them that sense what I am are likely as not to assume I'm a threat, so there's that inconvenience. But mostly we don't have any relationship. Frankly, the pagan clerics of various stripes are much more of a problem.
  • Should the other hunter I saved you from be in the group, or an NPC?
  • I think it would be more fun if it were Rue or your daughter.
  • Yeah, that is pretty fun. I'll have to ponder it a bit to figure out how I convinced one of them you're not a threat, rather than just interrupting them on a one-time basis, but I think that'll be good and tensiony.
  • I just picked up Unquenchable Vitality.
  • Is Rabbit aware of this advance yet? Why did it happen now?
  • That sort of depends on how you look at advancement. My "godling" title sort of assumed that advance which is why I've had it slated for first thing. I figure between two moves and my natural weapon, I really am just about systematically immortal. So, my preference is to imagine that this was always there, and just hadn't been highlighted yet since I've never taken any damage "on-camera."

    Is that OK?
  • Makes sense to me.
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