[MotW] Rue Wakeman - Wronged

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Rue Wakeman the Wronged

Cool+1* Tough+2* Charm-1 Sharp+1 Weird=0
* - highlighted (for first session)

She has been Cursed (see details below)
She has been shot by a temple minion.

A woman, dressed in combat gear-- worn SWAT body armor with only "WA" left on the chest, visible when she isn't wearing a duster over it.

She has a icy eyes and gaunt features that scarcely show emotion. Her armor, guns and pancho swallow up her compact body. She walks heavy and slow unless threatened. In a fight, she is calm, sure and deceptively quick.

Who You Lost
Rue grew up an average life in the backwoods of Louisiana. She got pregnant in high school, got married to her sweetheart, had a couple kids, worked at the local gun shop with her uncle and cousins. Then a gang of vampires came riding in one night while they were closing up. They tore up the place and when they started drinking her uncle J.B. dry and manhandling Rufus and Ellie, she ran. She ran four blocks straight home and grabbed her kids and husband and tried to convince them to get in the car and drive away. But the gang tracked her, killed her kids and husband in front of her, terrorizing her, telling her she was meat, she was dead meat, going to die and be a scrawny dessert for them. They bit her, started drinking her dry. But her screams were heard and the cops started coming and the vampires took off. Leaving her completely alone. Leaving her for dead. But they were wrong.

* I Know My Prey: +1 on all rolls when knowingly investigating, pursuing, or fighting the monster type that caused your loss (Vampires)

* Berserk: No matter how much harm you take, you can keep going until the fight is over. Then all harm takes efect as normal. You also defer the efects of the harm move until the fight is over.

* What Does Not Kill Me...: If you have sufered harm in a fight, you gain +1 to all rolls until the fight is over.

* Fervor: When you manipulate someone, roll +Tough instead of +Charm.

* Signature Weapon: Huge sword (3-harm hand messy heavy)

* 9mm (2-harm close loud)

* hunting rifle (2-harm far loud)

* Combat Gear (1 Armor)


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    experience: (X) (X) ( ) ( ) ()
    (total earned: 12)
    ( ) Get +1 Tough, max +3
    ( ) Get +1 Cool, max +2
    ( ) Get +1 Sharp, max +2
    ( ) Get +1 Weird, max +2
    (X) Take another Wronged move
    ( ) Take another Wronged move
    ( ) Gain a haven, like the Expert, with two options
    ( ) Add one more option to your haven
    ( ) Take a move from another playbook
    ( ) Take a move from another playbook
    After you have taken five advances, you qualify for further advances in addition to these.

    XP Tracker:

    - 1 for helping Rabbit research (1-1)
    - 1 for helping Rabbit read a sitch at the smoke shop (1-2)
    - 1 for acting under pressure while trying to manipulate some tough guys guarding a nightclub (1-2)
    - 1 for attacking the old soldier in wool (1-2)
    - 1 for helping Rabbit with investigating the old men (1-2)
    - 1 for protecting Anna from a fire bomb (1-3)
    - 1 for Acting under fire to move in on some thugs (1-4)
    - 1 for helping Rabbit read a bad situation (1-4)
    - 1 for kicking some ass (1-4)
    - 1 for failing to help Rabbit resist his urges (1-4)
    - 1 for attacking a gunman in the basement of the temple (1-5)
    - 1 for attacking a different gunman in the basement of the temple (1-5)
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    Cursed by a Higher Power
    Rue has been cursed. She takes a -1 ongoing and the curse is at a countdown (currently 3 o'clock)

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