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My spooky is a girl named Annaliese Sullivan, she has shadowed eyes from being up much too late and wears ratty clothes, mostly borrowed or found. You might think she's the poor kid, shopping at goodwill out of need, but really she feels closer to things once owned. Her mothers old blouse, jeans castoff from a girl who tragically died last year sold in bulk to goodwill now find a home in her closet, even better when there's little personal trinkets discarded in the pockets. Her wallet a keepsake of her first (only) boyfriend who left town last year without a word.

She's a junior in high school, but seems distracted and distant in class and most of her teachers have given up on her despite the fact that she manages a better-than passing grade. Her father is into some pretty bizarre stuff, but he may not totally realize how troubled his little girl has become. She misses more than her fair share of days, "sick" officially but people must wonder.

She stay up late, not to browse the web or chat on her phone, but she's kept awake by the shrieks and whispers of the many monsters who haunt the night. With concentration she can single out the thoughts and voice of a given monster, some of whom visit her in the form of mostly harmless spirits. She's seen them since she was a child and calls them by nicknames, sometimes playful, sometimes dreadful names for these unknown beast out there who haunt her late night thoughts and dreams. They tell her, sometimes, what the bad monsters are up to, and on occasion has managed to intervene.

Cool=0, Tough-1, Charm+1, Sharp+1, Weird+2

Okay ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Doomed

( ) Telepathy
(X) Hex You know how to cast curses. You need something personal from your target – body parts like hair, nail clippings or blood is best
but a prized possession will do in a pinch. When you cast your spell (with use magic), you can pick the following extra magical effects:
• The target is infected with a disease.
• An accident occurs that causes the target to immediately suffer 2-harm magic ap.
• They lose something precious.
(X) Hunches: When something bad is happening (or just about to happen) somewhere you aren't, roll +Sharp. On a 10+ you know where you need to go, just in time to get there. On a 7-9, you get there late – in time to intervene, but not prevent it altogether. On a miss, you get there just in time to be in trouble yourself.
(X) The Sight: You can see the invisible. Spirits and magical influences are visible to you. You may talk to (maybe even make deals with) the spirits you see, and the extra sense allows you more opportunities to spot clues when you investigate a mystery.
( ) Premonitions
(X) Tune in: You can attune your mind to a monster. Roll +Weird. On a 10+ hold 3, on a 7-9 hold 1. On a miss, the monster becomes aware
of your attention. You can spend you hold to ask the Keeper the following questions, and gain +1 when acting on the answers:
• Where is the monster right now?
• What is it planning to do right now?
• Who is it going to attack next?
• Who does it regard as the biggest threat?
• How can I attract its attention?
(X) Jinx You can encourage coincidences to occur, the way you want. Roll +Weird when you want to jinx a target. On a 10+ hold 2 and on a 7-9 hold 1. On a miss, the Keeper holds 2 over you to be used in the same way. Spend your hold to:
• Interfere with a hunter's move, giving them -1 on their roll.
• Inflict 1-harm on the target due to an accident.
• The target finds something you left for them.
• The target already lost something that you can now find.
( ) The Big Whammy

Experience: (X) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )
( ) Get +1 Weird
( ) Get +1 Cool
( ) Get +1 Charm
( ) Get +1 Sharp
( ) Change some or all of my dark side tags
(X) Take another Spooky move (Jinx)
(X) Take another Spooky move (Hex)
( ) Get a mystical library like the expert haven option
( ) Take a move from another playbook
( ) Take a move from another playbook

I sleep with a small 9mm pistol (2-harm close loud) under my bed, often in my school backpack.


Annaliese @ Sullivan... we are blood-kin (clearly) But since my powers manifested I've kept you at a distance.
Sullivan @ Annaliese... Is my father.

Annaliese @ Rabbit... You taught me to control my powers, to the extent I can control them at all, but I've been seeing things since I was a child so you must have been around for some time. I probably don't even consciously know of your involvement.
Rabbit @ Annaliese... I believe that you are the reincarnation of a thousand-year old spirit-girl who led me to the monsters of invading peoples so that I could protect my own. Now I believe that you are destined to help me with my current crusade.

Annalise @ Django... I used my powers on you one time trying to follow you to your secret places. Selfishly, I think many of these artifacts would be better in my hands than in those of your sect and I managed to keep a small magical bauble (we can figure out what this is, maybe something to protect me from bad spirits? Dreamcatcher or something?) which I don't really understand. You found out about it...

Annaliese @ Rue... I saw you use your powers for selfish or vindictive reasons, what happened, who was the victim? Then I'll tell you what I did about it.
Interesting, since she doesn't have powers per se. Let's say Rue needed some cash so she went to a biker bar and picked a fight with a guy for money. He beat the living crap out of her, but she kept asking for more until he got tired, then she whacked him in the jaw with a beer mug and stomped him with her steel toed boots, took the cash and left.
After it was over Annaliese went over to the guy and helped him up, but I really just wanted to take that bloody ripped tshirt. I still have it.

Rue @ Annaliese... I respect your knowledge and often come to you for advice.

My interaction with the spirit world and fringes of monstrous life have exposed me to a backlash. Occasionally I'm struck by desires and fears which bubble up from somewhere difficult to explain. When I'm stressed out, in danger, or confused sometimes the spirits, or something cause me to lose control of my Emotions, make Dark Bargains, or indulge in Self-destruction.

Tags are: Mood swings, Self Destruction, Dark bargain


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    XP Log:

    1) Weird, Tune in Distracted in Class
    2) Charm, Manipulate Father Ricard
    3) Weird, Tune in on the fuzzy man
    4) Weird, Tune in on the lead vampire at the library

    6) Offered Dark Bargain by Eil
    7) Offered Self Destruction by Eli
    8) Manipulated by dad
    9) Jinx the would-be hostage taker while saving Father Ricard
    10) Resisting spirits curse in the temple

    11) Jinx the bad spirit
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