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Void Vultures, Solomon's Team Tracking Thread


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    Maneuvers: Shoot 1d6, Heave 1d6, Dash 3d6, Rally 3d6, Connect 3d6, Fix 1d6
    Precise: Command d4, Charge d4
    Powerful: Intimidate d10, Banish d10
    Equipment: Command
    Colt Handcannon 2d6
    Prokhas Milspec Hardsuit 2d8
    Kobayashi Command Hud 3d6
    Alignment: Diabolic: You have a plan, and it requires unsavory tasks. Earn a token when you complete one of these tasks.
  • Fish
    Maneuvers: Shoot 2d6, Heave 1d6, Dash 3d6, Rally 2d6, Connect 2d6, Fix 2d6
    Precise: Spot 1d4, Dodge 1d4
    Powerful: Throw 1d10, Rig 1d10
    Equipment: Recon
    Klaussman 2-20 Rifle 2d10 with
    Telescopic Scope 2d4, Savoy-Chirac
    Light Hardsuit 2d6
    Alignment: Principled: You’re a white knight in dark times. Earn a token when you protect another.
  • Melody
    Maneuvers: Shoot 0d6, Heave 2d6, Dash 5d6, Rally 2d6, Connect 2d6, Fix 1d6
    Precise: Soak 1d4, Dodge 1d4
    Powerful: Spot 1d10, Hack 1d10
    Equipment: Marine
    Klaussman 5-90 “Zip” Gun 2d8 with Plasma Grenade Launcher
    2d8 (area, 6 charges),
    Prokhas Milspec Hardsuit 2d8
    Alignment: Miscreant: You know that for you to gain, others must lose. Earn a token when you take valuables from another person.
  • 96
    Maneuvers:Shoot 4d6, Heave 0d6, Dash 2d6, Rally 0d6, Connect 2d6, Fix 4d6
    Precise:Spot 1d4, Banish 1d4
    Powerful:Soak 1d10, Rig 1d10
    Savoy-Chirac Repeater 3d6,
    Kobayashi CombatEng Hardsuit 2d6,
    Tech Kit 2d6
    Alignment:Scrupulous: You are a good person (that’s what you tell yourself). Earn a token when you turn down an opportunity because it’s wrong.
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