[MotW] Sullivan - The Snoop

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Sullivan is the Talent for "Sullivan Investigates:" a weekly "news" show airing at 2 AM Saturday morning, in which Sullivan takes a look at various creepy phenomena, locally if possible, but with some reports filed from remote reporters when material is running low. His show is popular with college kids, stoners, and weirdos, and it costs very little to produce, so as long as he's got material, he keeps getting paid.

Sullivan is a man with a fidgeting body in safari wear.

He holds up well under pressure, but not if actual violence breaks out. He's very good with people, and about as observant as your average heroic monster battler. He's been investigating the occult long enough to begin to penetrate its secrets.
Cool+1, Tough-1, Charm+2, Sharp=0, Weird+1

Relaxed Producer
Minor Celebrity
"What does that feel like?"

Walter is Sullivan's dogsbody/boom holder. He grew up a fan of the show, and he admires Sullivan, so he works very cheaply. He does a lot of gopher work, and holds the boom mic when they're trying to get good sound.
Garth is the editor. He's one of the few people at the station who knows how to operate the ancient analog editing equipment that hasn't retired. He thinks the whole thing is a little silly, but does his best as a matter of personal pride. He's never met a turd he couldn't polish.

Ancient 16 mm camera. Built like a tank.
Pro sound gear, with boom mic
Steadicam rig
Dowsing rods
Multitool (I'll buy this with my first check if I need to)

Annaliese is my daughter.
I didn't tell Rue about a nest of vampires because I thought they were just some goth kids from Anna's school, and when I got there, Rue saved my ass. She runs my camera now.

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