[The Hulk] Grace (the skinner)

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Grace the skinner

woman, display wear (black latex body-suit, spiffy lingerie, floor-length polarbear fur coat and a black glass mask), beautiful face, arresting (purple) eyes, steady hands, toned (dancer's) body

cool=0 hard=0 hot+2 sharp=0 weird+1

If you and another character have sex, choose one:
* You take +1 forward and so do they.
* You take +1 forward; tehy take -1.
* They must give you a gift worth at least 1-barter
* You can hypnotize them as thought you'd rolled a 10+, even if you haven't chosen to get the move.

Artful & gracious: when you perform your chosen art -- any act of expression or culture -- or when you put its product before an audience, roll+hot. on a 10+, spend 3. on a 7-9, spend 1. Spend 1 to name an NPC member of your audience and choose one:
* this person must meet me
* this person must have my services
* this person loves me
* this person must give me a gift
* this person admires my patron
On a miss, you gain no benefit, but suffer no harm or lost opportunity. you simply perform very well.

Hypnotic: when you have time and solitude with someone, they become fixated upon you. Roll+hot. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. They can spend your hold, 1 for 1 by:
*giving you something you want
* acting as your eyes and ears
* fighting to protect you
* doing something you tell them to
For NPCs, while you have hold over them they can't act against you. For PCs, instead, any time you like you can spend your hold, 1 for 1:
* they distract themselves with the thought of you. They're acting under fire.
* they inspire themselves with the thought of you. They take +1 right now.
On a miss, they hold 2 over you, on the exact same terms.

oddments worth 1-barter
latex suit and hood, lingerie and casual attire - sweats and jeans and stuff
hidden knives (2-harm hand infinite)
long, gorgeous polar-bear coat (worn valuable)
Little Man, my hulk-spawned millipede

experience: (x)(x)(x)(x)()
___ get +1cool (max cool+2)
___ get +1cool (max cool+2)
___ get +1hard (max hard+2)
___ get +1sharp (max sharp+2)
___ get a new skinner move
___ get a new skinner move
___ get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
___ get followers (detail) and fortunes
___ get a move from another playbook (Norman - faceless)
___ get a move from another playbook
___ get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
___ retire your character (to safety)
___ create a second character to play
___ change your character to a new type
___ choose 3 basic moves and advance them. ()
___ advance the other 4 basic moves. ()


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    Posted By: Michael LoyI suggest starting a thread and reserving a few posts at the top, so we can hash out possibilities.
    OK, then! And yeah, as I worked through creating the character as the skinner instead, it came together just fine. It just means starting play earlier in the character's development than I'd been envisioning.

    Ideas and questions, some of which are dependent on other ideas, so none of this is stuff I'm trying to commit to:

    Is one of the Hulk's black bugs available as a skinner's pet?

    I'm considering the character's relationship to her black-glass mask (which may not even exist yet, but if it doesn't, it's weird to plan for it)...where does it come from?

    Are there reasonable options that place this character in Guntown as a hanger-on of the Republican presence? (Not yet knowing what's happening with/to the republicans, makes that a wiggly question.)
  • Aw... I'm mildly disappointed that Ronnie isn't the hottest thing around anymore. :)
  • So, first, you don't have to be a faceless (or even have any faceless moves) to be a disfigured person who talks to her mask. Just include a mask as part of your fashion, note that you're disfigured ("striking face", "strange face", "unnatural body", whatever), and say that when you open your brain, your mask tells you things and shows you things. And there you go. Then pick up Norman later, if you want.

    The bugs showing up didn't physically exist before 'today', in-game, so probably not. But they're kind of low-end critters, anyway ... they're just big black bugs with a poison sting, only really particularly threatening in swarms. It's not as if you couldn't have some other weird hulk-thing, maybe also bug-like in nature, as a pet. If you do that, though, it'll be better to ignore the ones running around in the manufactory and make up your own thing.

    I'll remind you of your Hx items, since they revolve around tight connections with other PCs. You don't need to use all of them, of course, but you have to use at least one, and it's generally fun to use all. If you're along with the Republicans, it'll be harder to invent those connections.

    That said: Dremmer surrounds himself with physically abnormal people, mutants and cripples. It's a thing. If you're disfigured, that could fit. If not, hooking up with him wouldn't work so well. A weird gender option or something could also make that work. I had thought that Dremmer was pretty monogamous with Charmer, but it might be possible to fit someone else in there, if there's a sex angle.

    Bregga might've had hangers-on as well, though I've previously thought of her as quite solitary. It wouldn't hurt to reveal some other side of her, though. I haven't mentioned any Republican camp followers in-game yet, but there could be some. It seems unlikely that this character is actually an officer, though I think "lieutenant in a hardholder/chopper's gang" could be a pretty sweet skinner build.

    In any case, yes, it's plausible to have a Republican connection. A key decision would be whether she's part of Dremmer's camp (where there's some trouble, but where isn't there?), or part of Bregga's camp (which has been overrun and looted, with its residents variously killed/captured/raped). Different ways to start, there. In Bregga's camp, I'd probably either start you in Setter's infirmary, a victim, or you might have just fled the trouble.
  • Yeah, the mask is just part of her weird fashion. Hooking it into brain-opening works OK but I was thinking of tying that to the pet. But anyway, things are flexible and I have options. And I'm not married to being disfigured, that just seemed like a natural faceless explanation/feature.

    Can I have a two-meter long, eight centimeter wide milipede-like thing? How "alive" are these creatures of the hulk? Does it eat? Are there others around? Did it seek me out for some unscrutable purpose or did some deep-scavenger client of mine give it to me as a gift?

    I'm not attached to being a Republican thing. It seemed like a way to explain why I haven't been part of the story we've been playing in this fairly small community thus far. Springing my Hx options onto the other PCs seems a little weird, oh yeah, that's right, I have this lover over here that we've never mentioned but not unworkable. Some of them could be very recently made true, for one.

    How long has it been in-game since we started playing? How long have the Republicans been here?
  • You other players, what do you imagine your character's level of exposure is to the world's greatest exotic dancer and prostitute? I need to think about who might be friends/lovers/in love with Grace
  • If Grace has access to the sorts of clothing Marshmallow favors, it is possible that Lemma would have interacted with her to that end.
  • Can I have a two-meter long, eight centimeter wide milipede-like thing?
    Sure. Give me photo reference? It's probably black. I'm picturing it being worn like a feather boa.
    How "alive" are these creatures of the hulk? Does it eat? Are there others around?
    Thoroughly, probably, and I don't know. Are there?
    Did it seek me out for some unscrutable purpose or did some deep-scavenger client of mine give it to me as a gift?
    It's inscrutable [/pedantic], and it depends. The later option works regardless. The former would require that it have only showed up in the past two weeks, more or less.
    I'm not attached to being a Republican thing. It seemed like a way to explain why I haven't been part of the story we've been playing in this fairly small community thus far.
    The community isn't all that small. Certainly it's large enough to hide a skinner in there somewhere ... there's about 300 people in Guntown, not like 60, as you might get in some holds. A skinner would probably be known around town, but there's no reason to assume her name would've come up in what's gone on so far.

    Not that I discourage you from being connected to the Republicans. It wouldn't hurt to get a more friendly perspective on them.

    It's been almost a month of in-game time. The Republicans have been encamped here for ... more than a week, less than two.

    Veronica has been "pursuing luxury" for the past couple weeks. It's possible there's a connection in there, depending on what specifically has been going on with you/her.
  • Black like this, not all brown and red like the ones in my basement:


    I think that by keeping this thing fairly small around, it doesn't strain credulity too much, In real life, the biggest millipedes are like this:


    And they do this iconic spiral to protect their moving parts when they decide they're in danger:


    And yeah, I was imagining wearing it like a stripper with a python and maybe having it crawl around on my clients if their tastes run that way.

    Even if we decide that I'm a local, I could have been entertaining Brega or another of the Republicans.
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    Yeah, there might be a connection if Grace is all luxurious....

    But mllipedes are creepy. Ew.
  • I dunno. There are creepier bugs, at least. Unless you subscribe to the theory that creepiness is directly proportional to number of legs.

    Anyway, let's settle these connections: Someone's Grace's lover? Someone's her friend? Someone is in love with her?

    I think you need to make more statements about her, though, Chris. Is she from Guntown? Or did she come with the Republicans? She's an exotic dancer and prostitute, so how does she work and what's her life like? Is she private and exclusive, or does she work an establishment or something? What's the nature of her income?

    If she's a local, does she have any ties in the local power structure? Brain? Roark? Shazza? Marco's gay, but she could've been friendly with him anyway, if she's not totally about the sexual side of the skinner. How about Crine, the most powerful merchant in Guntown?

    If she's with the Republicans, was she with a specific person, like Bregga? Or is she, say, an enlivening presence in the officers' tents? Does she have any connections beyond the bounds of Dremmer's army, out in the rest of the hulk? What ties has she made in Guntown, since arriving? Did she have any such ties before arriving? Had she spent any significant period of time in Guntown before? Where did she grow up, before starting to travel?

    How old is she?

    If she came in with the Republicans, Pulse has been gone for almost all of the time that the Republicans were here. However, Pulse also did deliveries for Marco, so it's possible he could have met her before the start of the game, in other Republic holds. If she's a local, though, then they're both reasonably long-term residents of Guntown.

    Veronica has only been around for a little while, but then she has been doing that luxury gig for the past couple weeks, so that could be something regardless of whether you are local or Republican.

    I think Setter's mostly been a resident of Guntown, probably for as long as you've been alive.

    And then I'm not sure how long Lemma's been here. Where was she before coming to Guntown? How long ago was that?
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    I think that Grace is maybe sixteen and a local to Guntown. Her father's a Gunner -- you tell me who's old enough that that makes sense or I can make a name up. I'm pretty sure we don't have all the Gunners named, right? And her mother was an entertainer in her youth but now she fabricates and alters garments and also teaches a little school in the skirts.

    Grace surely entertains members of the power structure when they have a little extra jingle. And when that happens, they do kind of fall under her spell. So, there's some connection to whichever of them would indulge in entertainment. Because she's emotionally stunted (who wouldn't be, right?) she's motivated by jingle and so she has cultivated a relationship with Crine. What does he want out of Grace? What kind of pretending goes on there?

    Grace does sexy-dancing at a bar where synthetic alcohol is served. The place is made of pallets and old metal struts, all draped over with oilcloth, felt and furs. Occasionally shit gets violent there, but the policy of the bouncers is to beat trouble-makers silly so that mostly keeps the rowdies in line. There's a little jingle that comes from dancing here, but it's more important as a source of contacts for people who want more intimate entertainment -- that's where the real jingle lies.

    If in love can be interpreted a little liberally, it's possible that Setter's the best fit. Maybe we were neighbors and she's sort of taken care of me and my family for years and years -- my whole life, literally! She could easily feel something like love toward me, I'd think.

    And if Pulse and I have been lovers in the past, even if it hasn't been these past couple of months, that could still apply. If not Pulse in the past, then Ronnie in the recent times?

    Is Lemma my friend; following the fancy clothes aspect through me to my mom, maybe?
  • [Pulse]

    Hottie motivated by Jingle? Who dances in the club? I would definitely drop some jingle in places like that, maybe it started as a professional relationship then started to become a little more than that.... some time ago... it's a nice thing if there's a "what might have been" feeling there, i think.
  • I'm pretty sure we don't have all the Gunners named, right?
    In fact, a definite majority of the Gunners have been named, though I'm afraid I haven't updated all the incidental names. There are some unnamed Gunners, though. Just five of them, looks like.

    Who do we have ...

    Regal is a middle-aged, paunchy squad boss, as much of a comfortable family-man as you can get in the apocalypse world. He's a bit of a blowhard, but reliable, under Roark's command. He used to generally handle manufactory security, but now his squad's been doing night patrols around Guntown. Right now, he's either at home or heading up to the Tower to check in.

    Actually, all of the squad bosses are married men and women. Marco liked to see his men settle and build families, invest in the hold, you know? Newton is one of Brain's close cronies, but we otherwise don't know much about him (he pretty much only featured in the Black Tower Two scene). We know practically nothing about Krin and Glass, but they're also squad bosses. Krin and Newton are with Brain, having thrown in with the Republicans and retreated up to Dremmer's camp. Glass is somewhere in Guntown, laying low until he figures out what the fuck is going on.

    We don't know much about Cage, either, since we only just now have seen him onscreen, partying with the manufactory men in the aftermath of the motor pool deal. But he's also a squad boss, married. He basically has no command right this second: it's just him and Look.

    But you didn't mention if your parents are together or not. Foster's a bachelor, one of the more senior grunts, all around solid and respected. He could have a by-blow. He lives in the Tower's barracks, and he'll be there right now. He's in Regal's squad, as a matter of fact.

    Fleece is married with no children, but might also have a kid floating around from some previous hookup. Quiet, unremarkable, and has a child on the way, actually. He's in Ula's squad, which is also with Brain, retreated up to Dremmer's camp.

    Ebert, Lobo, and Humbug are all cut from the same cloth: big bruisers with unswerving loyalty to Marco. Any one of them could be old enough to have a kid. Poy, Johns, Bar, and Look could have kids. We don't know much about them, except that Poy's played chess with Marshmallow some. Look is with Cage, Johns and Bar are with Brain, and Poy is in Setter's field infirmary.

    A nameless Gunner just died in the recent fighting, shot by either the Republicans or the manufactory men (nobody's sure, but his body's in Setter's field infirmary). It's possible he's a he, and old enough to have had a daughter.

    Likewise, there are four nameless Gunners currently off-duty, not yet involved but probably soon checking in with someone or another. And one nameless Gunner is in Setter's field infirmary, wounded.

    The others are all either too young, too female, too Roark, or too Brain. It's been more than sixteen years since Roark last had a kid. And it's been established that Brain hasn't been in Guntown long enough to have a sixteen-year-old daughter.
  • Regal's perfect. Grace' mom is called Pebbles and yeah, she's with Regal. The bar is called Skin. It's weird when Regal stops in at Skin with his buddies.
  • I've been celibate since waking up, even if I have been pursuing luxury. Timeline and narration wise that's pretty firmly established, so lovers is out for me for the moment.

    I'm thinking it will change sooner or later, just not sure with who. :)
  • I like the idea of Lemma being a customer of Pebbles. Maybe at one point, things weren't going to hot for Grace, so she tried to volunteer for Lemma's experiment, and Lemma talked her out of it?
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    Where do you live? With your folks?

    Oh, when I said "Crine", I meant "Crumble". We have a Crine, but he's a Gunner grunt. This is Crumble:
    The biggest Merchant in Guntown is Crumble. Crumble sells food. He's got the biggest food supply, both in variety and in quantity, and he flaunts the power. It's deals he's got with all kinds of different folk from all over the Hulk. Food is important, seeing as we don't produce anywhere near enough to feed everyone. Crumble's got the food. That means he's got power.

    Crumble wants a new woman. His wife died during the winter in an accidental fire, fire being surprisingly dangerous in the Cells, where the rich folk live. They tend to cover the walls and everything with cloth and fur to obscure sight of the black glass, so fire spreads pretty freely. And it's all a honeycomb of tunnels, so it's easy to get cut off from escape and the oxygen burns up really quickly.

    Anyhow: wife, dead. Apparently the romance had pretty much gone out of that relationship too, because he's only waited a minimally-decorous period before going looking for that new woman I mentioned.

    It's not yet clear if he's thinking about marrying, or if he's just looking for someone to share his bed. What is clear is that he's mainly looking for something young and pretty ... you think he's in his early to mid forties now, and the women he's been eying aren't more than half that. Well, at least he's still pretty well put together: benefits of living healthier than most can afford.
    His relation to you, you tell me.
  • I do live with my folks. No reason to move out, right? If they have a couple more kids, then I'll take off, just to make room. But right now, I contribute as much as dad does to the family.

    Yeah, OK, Crumble. We fuck. That's how I think of it even though it's become a lot more than that, with social engagements and the like. He's kind of been making waves -- and it's clear that he kind of wants me to be his and his alone. Only that's not really a safe place for me and I'm not his fucking property. So we've got this network of half-lies built up and I assume we both know that's all it is. He knows I work; dancing -- to keep the rabble happy. But we pretend that I'm not fucking anyone else. For some reason that would be unseemly! He pays well, but a girl can bring in a lot more cash than he's willing to chuck away and I figure with my own talents, I could have as much jingle as he does if that's what I want and we give it some time. Anyway, I'm not available to be owned and he'll have to get used to that.

    It's clear though, that he does like things much better now that I'm not simply charging him for my services. I spend time with him -- in social company and in bed, and he gives me a lot of gifts. It's edging closer to the dangerous relationship he wants -- it helps him maintain the illusion, and the gifts he gives me are nicer than the jingle he used to pay.
    Posted By: Max Bshe tried to volunteer for Lemma's experiment, and Lemma talked her out of it?
    What does the experiment entail? I mean, I know some of the stuff, but does it always mean throwing the person into the maelstrom and taking notes? I'd dig it better if maybe I did participate but it worked out OK. Maybe it was something of a surprise to you, even?
  • Suggestion: if you and Lemma know each other, maybe your millipede (named?) came from her, rather than from some explorer. She came back from one of her scavenging runs in her crawler, and this guy turned up in the bed.
  • I like that suggestion. Also, I like the other suggestion, about maybe we experimented on Grace's mind with the maelstrom and it didn't just chuck her out into it. Maybe I'm just suggestible.
  • Sure. That's all good.
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    Well, it is possible to return from the maelstrom unaided. It just hasn't happened yet in the game. Grace being what she is, I think it more likely that she secured aid in the maelstrom, less likely that she returned unaided ... maybe she got crazy old Imam to help? Well, the timeline on that might be weird, but I think there are other options.

    That said, I suspect that Lemma's point of view here is that if Grace is a friend, she might not have wanted to subject her to an experiment that has thus far resulted in exactly zero safe returns, which is fair.
  • Or maybe I graduated from random trader to friend because I came back.

    I came back with help from something on the other side. A human? A system of the hulk that I convinced or hynotized or something. And when I came back, that's when Lemma's millipede went nuts. It was a fairly boring curiosity in a big glass enclosure, but it perked right up and started doing everything it could to get at me. Or something?
  • If we did subject you to the experiment that wasn't likely to succeed, I think I'd have to rule out friendship with your mother, which is fine, since "is friends with my mom" isn't an Hx item. Now I'm imagining the sort of game where it would be. Anyway, I'm good either way, and I definitely want to give you the millipede.
  • What's Grace's current situation? What's she been up to for the past couple days in general / this morning in specific?

    If she's been working the Republicans, is it down in Bregga's camp, or up in Dremmer's camp?
  • Things have been tight, but once I discovered that the Republicans have more cash than the locals, I've been hanging around them more often than not. Several of them have discovered what fine company I am. I expect that Bregga's a more likely customer than Dremmer so I've probably focused on that end of things. Maybe I was with her last night? Maybe someone else? Given the rocky nature of how things have played out, I'm also interested in Regal's health and safety.

    I'm motivated by cash, for sure, but also, I get to hang with interesting people -- movers and shakers. I'm more likely to take clients that expose the interesting parts of their world to me. Who's been willing to do that?
  • Dremmer's not a likely customer, though others in his camp might be. But if you're gravitating toward power, then Bregga would make fair sense. And honestly? Bregga's dead. Whatever you want to say about her, go for it! We never saw much of her, so I'm not going to contradict you.

    She was a hard woman, pretty loyal to Dremmer, and she had a drug problem. Did you smoke with her? The stuff is pretty addictive, but I guess you probably wouldn't know that ... it's not a drug you see much of, around here. Still, maybe you make a point of not smoking anything you can't identify.

    If you've been with Bregga, there are some pretty wildly varying start conditions possible. Maybe you're completely uninvolved in everything that's happened: you were home at the time, and you and your dad both only just heard that shit's been getting ugly out there.

    Or not. You could have been present around the camp, maybe out of the way or chit chatting with some of the guards, overlooked Lemma getting in trouble (it wasn't terribly noisy, in consideration of fire and all), and got horribly caught up in the big shooty rescue. I mean, at least one unidentified person was getting gang-raped during all of that, and neither Lemma nor Setter did anything immediate about it, so yeah, you've got a whole 'nother extreme of involvement there.

    I leave it to you to detail how okay/horrific you want your most recent experiences to have been.

    And the Republicans sure are pretty rich, as things go. Not rich like Crumble, but they generally have some spare jingle, so if you've been spending a lot of time around them, go ahead and start with an extra 1-barter. Things have been better for you than they otherwise would have been, if you'd just been dancing at the bar.
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    Posted By: Michael Loyat least one unidentified person was getting gang-raped during all of that, and neither Lemma nor Setter did anything immediate about it, so yeah, you've got a whole 'nother extreme of involvement there.
    Something like that sounds great. I mean, not exactly great but I'm finding that I don't know Grace very well and I'm having a tough time getting started without much of an internal dialog. Being a recent victim of traumatic abuse would point me in a direction.

    So yeah, let's say that I spent last night in Bregga's tent and slept in. When did the fire happen? When did it degenerate into battle? And how did I get dragged into things?

    I think that not using her strange, foreign drugs that may or may not be easy to find once she's gone sounds like a solid plan, so let's say I didn't really smoke with her even if I was around it quite a bit. I think I'm calculating; not like afraid of mind-altering recreation, but too cautious to lightly fuck up my vision of a bright future. I'm sure I see plenty of addicts of whatever kind so I'm familiar with it as a threat.
  • Not using strange, foreign drugs is a good policy! I was just checking.

    The fire fighting and the firefight were around the middle of the day. It's currently mid-afternoon.

    So, figure Bregga had you over. By now, she would have had to be pretty much in love with you, making calls on a good chunk of your time, but also paying well for it. You spent the night and stuck around in the morning, and maybe Bregga broke off when the fire started, 'cause she had to oversee things.

    But you stayed around. You definitely weren't in Bregga's tent all that time, since we saw in there, and in any case you'd have noticed your friend Lemma getting in trouble, that way.

    So maybe you had some other admirers in camp, seems reasonable enough, and one or more of them were on duty guarding the camp ... most of the Republicans were down at the fire then, but half a dozen were around basically making sure nobody stuck in and stole their shit. They were in two-man pairs, spaced around the edge of the camp, so maybe you were with one of those pairs, talking, flirting, whatever.

    Then the manufactory people came in and shot everybody, showing no mercy to their defeated foes. You wouldn't have actually had a gun in hand, fighting, but you were still there, and maybe some of them decided you were collaborating with the enemy and all that. A lot of them probably recognized you, but hadn't ever had the balls or the jingle to hire you, so they wanted to fuck you anyway, and one thing led to another.

    Is that a reasonable outline? Feel free to modify.
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    Yeah, that's good. The two guys I was entertaining (distracting from their jobs, I suppose) probably got killed because they weren't paying attention. So not only am I in quite a pickle and roughed up pretty bad, but I'm also guilty of getting people killed.

    Oh the humanity!
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