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Hey - I want to start running some AW (to be fair, it's reading some of the awesome hacks that are coming out for it that have encouraged me to want to run it, having only played it a couple of times) - figured I could start by running a quick game on here?

I'm figuring about-every-dayish posting, just the playbooks in the core rules, we'll bitch around about creating a setting as we go.

Who's in?


  • What do you mean when you say quick? I'm interested in another game, but nothing is quick here.
  • I read quick to mean not too long lasting (Like a couple sessions?) not quick paced. About every day posting is totally reasonable.
  • I'd be down for a game. I started a game on RPGGeek and got about 1/3 of a session in and it died but I got hardly any screen time. I'd really like to pick up that character again because I never really got to see what happened (Hocus who was the 'face' of a family based cult that looks to him to arbitrate among the adults and marry off the children).
  • I haven't ever participated in a game on here, but I'd be willing to give it a go. I have some basic familiarity with AW, having played the playtest version a couple of years back, but I might need some hand-holding.
  • Yeah, by quick I mean we've all got our eyes open about this not being some epic long-term arrangement, being realistic about the nature of PBF play. Quick as in we move along quickly rather than expecting folks to check in all the time.

    I'm taking it that mease19 and Sam are in (and, hey, Sam, your post on Storygames made me get my ass in gear and get back on here). Mease19, the hocus sounds good - feel free to use the same PC.

    You in, octoscott and/or Christopher?
  • Wish I could but my plate is too full. Great to see new people getting involved!
  • How many players do you want, Guy? I'm happy and excited to play, but I don't mind letting someone else have my spot since I'm in two other AW games here if there's competition for "seats."
  • Errrr, well, 3 would be great.... so that's Christopher, Sam and mease19? I'll go ahead and create a thread for it, if you guys like.
  • Sure. I'll pick a playbook after the others have.
  • No other thread yet (that I saw), but that's cool. I assume we're free to discuss playbooks here.

    The last time I played I took the role of The Chopper, but I was thinking I'd like to try The Gunlugger, unless anyone objects.
  • Okay, the thread is here:


    where we can pick playbooks and get moving with this. C'mon over!
  • Guy, assuming that you come back at some point, please tag this thread with "AC" and "AC OOC". Those of you who have started threads and tagged them with "Apocalypse Coast" (or nothing), please change that to "AC" and probably also "AC OOC" for the threads we've had thus far. If the game has already died, then it doesn't matter.
  • Cool will do - we do seem to have slowed up a little, should get first substantial post up tomorrow and we'll start play proper.
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    For the record, I'm not sure what your intentions are regarding the setting elements. I was thinking there'd be a thread in which we were contributing stuff like that more formally. But are we more or less done with that? I'm OK with that -- more will come out of our play, anyway...just curious.

    ETA: and I just realized that our Hx thread is where that's supposed to be happening, so uh, never mind. :)
  • Man, I'd hate it if it died already. Was it my fault?
  • No worries Sam, this is a busy time of year for everyone. PbF is also a slow medium. I like where this game is going, I want to see it "succeed".
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