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Okay, so I figured we could start a thread to pick playbooks and share some ideas about our setting for this emergent game. In order to not just call it "Apocalypse World", I've added in one setting element already that I'd quite like to try - this setting is at the edge of the sea, a dank-grey, foul-smelling, tideless ocean from which strange noises emanate and occasional creatures emerge. I've given zero thought at all to how this will interact with the system, so I guess we'll play to find out.

Feel free to pick your playbooks and even post up characters here - I tend to err on the side of sharing everything here with everyone and trusting each other, but if you're desperate to keep secrets feel free to whisper me. Once we've started to pick playbooks I'll start an In-Game thread where we can add setting elements in a conch-holding round-robin fashion - nothing too definite, but enough to give ourselves something to play with.


  • As I said in the other thread, I'd like to try a Gunlugger if no one objects to my selection. I've done a Chopper and a Hocus before and I kind of want to do a character that doesn't have a bunch of NPCs to drag around. Plus I'd like to shoot somebody.

    I've given absolutely no thought to the character beyond selecting the playbook, but as soon as I've gotten the okay I'll do the usual choosing of the name, laying out specifics stuff.

    Also, the giant, dead sea idea works for me. If I were so inclined, I'd suggest playing a Driver whose conveyance is actually a boat, but I don't want to complicate things. Nice and simple for now.
  • Do we want to place character sheets in this thread or each start a new thread with a character sheet and tag it as 'Apocalypse Coast'? Having character sheets in separate threads has worked well in other games on this site.
  • Okay, character sheets in separate threads sound like the best idea, so we can refer to them quickly.

    Sounds like Sam has bagged the Gunlugger.
  • Posted By: SamI'd suggest playing a Driver whose conveyance is actually a boat, but I don't want to complicate things.
    I played that character in my first ever game of AW. I came up with an alternate damage track for the boat (to replace the car damage track):
    1-harm: A few drips, the bilge pump can handle it
    2-harm: Slow leak (one person with a towel and bucket could plug/sop, sink in 24 hours if not fixed)
    3-harm: Heavy flow (we're taking on water, it takes 1 person working full time to stay afloat)
    4-harm: Hull damage (all crew working full time to stay afloat, totally adrift)
    5-harm: Sinking (you better have a mechanical pump to stay afloat, totally adrift)
  • I'll work up a driver. I'm inclined to go ahead and have a terrestrial, wheeled vehicle as the default vehicle, but maybe branch out into sea-craft later.

    Is there anything of note out in/beyond the water?
  • You tell me, Christopher / anyone else... I hadn't pictured there being anything beyond it (I'd like it to be THE ocean, not some traversable lake) - but what is there in it? Strange noises and occasional creatures were all I suggested initially... anyone care to answer?
  • One standard of running games here that has developed is tagging every post with the game's name. Can we tag every thread with "Apocalypse Coast" or something? And maybe also "AC OOC" for any non-scene threads?
  • That sounds like a good idea to me. "AC" is probably sufficient, after this thread.
  • There's got to be a chain of volcanic islands, right? Might even be inhabited.
  • Cool... and, yeah, my name is Guy. Gremlin looks good. I'll get up some sort of setting mashup thread soonish.
  • What about the giant squid that keep washing up? What about the 'carvers' that show up in their pickups to lay their claim to their carcasses and the hungry families that are powerless to stop them.
  • Yes to all of those. To the north, those volcanic islands betray themselves in sharp, stuttering cliffs, right, with crumbling, sprawling buildings that used to be seaside hotels atop them? Maybe that's where the carvers live.

    Mease19, what playbook are you going with?
  • Playbook posted
  • Cool - looks good. Just waiting on our Gunlugger and we'll get started with Hx
  • Oops, sorry. For some reason I thought we were posting everything in this thread. I'll get mine up in just a bit.
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