[Apocalypse Coast] Lark

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Playbook: Hocus

Cool: +1
Hard: -1
Hot: +1
Sharp: 0
Weird: +2

Experience: 0
Harm: 0
Armor: 1 (Divine Protection)

Look: Lark is very much a lanky white guy in his mid to late 20's. His innocent face and forgiving eyes make him quite approachable.

Clothes: Lark wears a spotless white Adidas track suit and a pair of running shoes (tech vestments).

Hocus Moves:
Fortunes Fortune, surplus and want all depend on your followers.
At the beginning of the session, roll+fortune. On a 10+, your followers have surplus. On a 7-9, they have surplus, but choose 1 want. On a miss, they are in want. If their surplus lists barter, like 1-barter or 2-barter, that’s your personal share.

When you speak the truth to a mob, roll+weird. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to make the mob:
- bring people forward and deliver them.
- bring forward all their precious things.
- unite and fight for you as a gang (2-harm 0-armor size appropriate).
- fall into an orgy of uninhibited emotion: fucking, lamenting, fighting, sharing, celebrating, as you choose.
- go quietly back to their lives.
On a miss, the mob turns on you.

Divine Protection
Your gods give you 1-armor. If you wear armor, use that instead, they don’t add.

Gear: Lark has no gear to speak of.

Oddments: Lark has a pocket full of sea glass (worth 1 barter) and a small music box (worth 1 barter).

Keeler: +3 (Lark has seen Keeler's soul and found it lacking)
Gremlin: +3 (Larks done some traveling with him)

"The Family"

Fortune: +1
Surplus: 1-barter, augury, growth
Wants: judgement, desperation

Lark's followers are his family and they travel with him. His followers, taken as a body, constitute a powerful psychic antenna and they are eager, enthusiastic, and successful recruiters. However, they aren't really his, more like he's theirs and they rely entirely on him for their lives and needs.

You've probably seen Lark around. Him and his family. His extended family. They're all a little weird.

The old-timers (in their mid 50's, aging poorly, and irascible)
Gertrude: Lark's mom and Raymond's wife
Raymond: Lark's father and Gertrude's husband
Louise: Lark's aunt by marriage and a widow
Hank: Lark's "uncle" who's been traveling with them for a spell (Gremlin's...companion)

The other "adults" (in their 30's and busy trying to keep the youngins alive)
Ulysses: Lark's brother
Chevie: Lark's sister in law
Gasket: Lark's brother in law
Tajel: Gasket's new wife
Goa: Gasket's other new wife
Honda: Another woman that joined the family (very pregnant)

The youngins (all younger than 15 but a couple are of marriageable ages)
Flak: Ulysses and Chevie's older boy
Cola: a little girl, adopted along the way for Flack to marry in a couple years
Randell: Ulysses and Goa's older son
Scotch: Goa's older son, by ...someone...
Fancy: Ulysses and Chevie's older daughter, a bit slow but chosen none the less
Gurty: Gasket's oldest daughter by his old wife
Oatmeal: Gasket's other kid by his old wife
Ikea: Gasket and Tajel's baby
Axis: Gasket and Goa's baby
Mancy: Honda's older daughter

Of course, while the other "adults" are taking care of their brood, it's Lark's duty to marry off the older youngins. Only the chosen and their children will survive these hard times - its important to bring all the chosen together. Its also high time Lark himself finds a wife or two, if one listen's to the old timers.
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