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Posted By: Christopher WeeksThe first person you see is a Venom, lying on the floor near Thimble's counter. Her head is leaking blood that's pooling around, making her hair sticky.

I'm assuming that you're dropping to investigate. She's alive, but badly damaged. If you walked away and no one else helped, chances are high that she'd bite it. You might notice another person lying on the floor a ways off. She's rolling around a little now, moaning.
Posted By: orklordGabe would look to Thimble, "Get something to press against her head," he gestures at Venom, then he heads to look at the other person before he commits to doing anything crazy.
Gabe, Pity's following you, how about you instruct her -- Thimble will still be a minute downstairs and I'm imagining that you wouldn't want to just wait while people bleed, right? The moaning person is Barbecue Lady. She's rubbing the side of her head. There's just a tiny bit of blood on her hand, must be only a trickle.


  • With that in mind, Gabe will get Pity to checking on Barbecue Lady so he can work on Venom.

    He'll squat down over her, take her head up gently with both hands and close his eyes, then open his brain to heal her.
  • Healing Touch:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    (+1 XP)
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    Gabe, have we seen what it's like for you when you use your healing touch before? I think maybe it's familiar since you've spent so much time healing Venom.

    Anyway, it works just fine and Venom starts stirring, gripping at her head, gasping. When her eyes open, she sees you looking concerned. She smiles and then scowls at you. "What...?"

    Pity, Barbecue Lady doesn't remember, you think. She's trying to get up but every time she almost gets up on her hands and knees, her right arm gives and she falls again. She's more or less incoherent.

    There's a bell clanging in the distance. Gabe, you know it's the cops calling an alarm.

    Anyone doing anything? Gabe, you want to immobilize Barbecue Lady or anything?
  • Gabe heads over to Barbecue Lady and helps Pity immobilize her, yes. "Anyone else hurt?" he asks Thimble.
  • Posted By: Christopher WeeksGabe, have we seen what it's like for you when you use yourhealing touchbefore? I think maybe it's familiar since you've spent so much time healing Venom.
    Also, Thimble's hurt, but not such that she needs attention, probably. It looks like Barbecue Lady might have something wrong inside her head, there's no apparent reason that her arm should be failing.

    Brick, that group of cops that you saw was heading for Thimble's too, so they sort of meet you here. Nutmeg and Powder, Quarter and Roxie are here with Venom. They're obviously wary about you and Powder steps up, asking "What's your business here? You or yours attack these people?" Behind him, Venom's hissing for them to leave you and come inside. Roxie goes on in with her.

    So Gabe, there are more people on the scene. You've tended to a Venom and the other one is here, leading Roxie through the door and everyone stops with the two of you seeing each other. Roxie's smiling like it's funny. But Venom's just coming up to you, kind of getting in your face. "Is she OK?"
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    When Gabe uses Healing Touch, he has a conversation with his patient. He talks to them, encouraging them to give him some energy, some effort. Then he redirects it to pour into them. He thinks about how he told Venom to fight through the pain and he does it again, telling her, "C'mon girl, you're tougher than this. I know you've been hurt by lots of guys, but remember how we got through it before? Push that pain out and help me help you again. C'mon now." He holds her head, his hand over the wound, willing the gash closed, willing blood back into her veins. He says a little prayer to God to help her.

    Once he's done with that, it's crowd control time. Gabe puts his hands on Venom's shoulders, softly, trying to calm her, not control her, "Venom, she'll be fine, just fine. I don't know what happened to her, but I helped her. She'll be okay, just watch her for now, alright? Rox, can you help with her?" pointing to Barbecue Lady. Gabe loses himself in this for a bit. At least, until Brick gets here. Then he'll immediately try to get Brick alone to talk to him.
  • Merry, you see Brick sassing the cops and then head into Thimble's place. Rhyme, you too. Gabe, you see Brick's entrance from two angles...cool!

    Anyway, Gabe, you want to get Brick alone? Do it. He's just walked in. And obviously, you know that Rhyme and Merry are less than a minute behind him.

    Brick, you see one Venom up and one down -- do you know there's two of them? And another lady is down, being treated for a concussion or something. Thimble's here, scowling but impotent. The cops are coming in with you, though Nutmeg's headed back to the barracks.

    Who's doing what?

    Pity, you doing anything special or just going with the flow?
  • Gabe pulls Brick aside, leans over to talk quietly with him, "Brick, Pandora has been taken by some jack-booted thugs I've never seen before. Before they took her away, Pan had beaten up Clove and now he's strapped to a table down there" Gabe gestures with his head towards Pan's, ""If the cops see, she's going to be in trouble with a capital T because she gouged out one of his eyes. The guy tried to rape her... he's been raping both of the Venoms and they're his sister. We need to haul him down to the ocean and make him one of the lost or he will come back after Pan and we can't have that. Can you help me?"
  • So the cops are questioning Gabe and Venoms and Thimble and checking out Barbecue Lady and seeing what Roxy says, but they're not going to stay cooperative for long if you mean that Popeye's supposed to keep them out of the basement. You brought five men, but surely you know this is going to turn to violence -- keeping the cops out of a crime scene, right?
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    I make my way smoothly through the people gathered 'round and head for Thimble's door. Another glance back at the others to make sure they know where I'm heading and are following then I duck inside the door. People are talking, way so much and there's cops here, Georgies of course, and hell what is Brick doing here in town? And Gabe and everyone!

    I head straight for Brick, he's the man who knows what needs doin' right? But he's down the back way and I'm not following just now.

    "Somethin' needs doin' right here," I say quietly to myself, just casually slipping about the room. I make sure to take in the room, look at all the faces, especially the cops, the gangers.
  • And reading the Sitch.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Sitch:
    - Who is the biggest threat?
    - Who is most vulnerable to me?
    - What should I be looking out for?
  • Merry, let's say that you saw Brick go in but once you got there, he was already heading down into Pan's crypt. You following down there after looking around the room?

    So, with that understanding, as the last of Brick's guys are heading out of the room, I guess the biggest threat here is Quarter. He's the cop who's taken the lead, asking questions and talking to Roxie. He's not really a threat at all, but you figure he's the most likely to become one. Barbecue Lady and downed Venom are both very vulnerable to you. Why you'd want to hurt them is anyone's guess, but you could just do it. For what should you be looking out? This isn't yet an explosive situation. But it could be! You should avoid being the spark.
  • Brick, his head comes right off. He's chained to Pan's table, ankles and wrists and his rag-stuffed mouth is covered with this silver tape that apparently used to be common as dirt. Before you swing down, you're not really even sure he's alive. But now you're sure.

    Now what?
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    Once Brick takes off, Gabe goes back to checking on the patients. The Gabe who is just arriving will stay near Merry.

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    I notice Gabe kind of awkwardly following me around, that' different for a change and I can't help smile and laugh a little inside. He probably catches me looking back at him with a hint of a giggle on my face. Totally inappropriate in this tense atmosphere but hey, it's funny and funny isn't afraid.

    I quickly stop and take a step the other way, bringing myself face to face with Gabe, "so you bringin' us here all shoutin' so now what needs doin?"

    Gabe brought us here all hurrying and shouting and stuff, so I assume he knows. He must know.

    If he doesn't know I'll be very disappointed in him. He can probably tell.
  • "We need to keep the cops busy while Brick takes care of something important. Honestly, I'm not sure why we came into town, I told Rhyme we should go up north to the beach. Maybe we need to borrow a truck or something, I don't know. I'm really worried about Pandora, Merry." Gabe says quickly and earnestly. He's worried sick about her, its obvious that he's struggling with following the guy who has the people with guns or just taking off to help Pandora by himself.
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    I pull him super close to speak into his ear so nobody can hear us, "Pandora not here? She's living in Georgietown, gone where? I was thinkin' we come here to find her..."

    I do cast a long glance at the cops, if we need to keep cops busy I can probably do that.
  • Gabe stays close, trying not to stare or be obvious, "Pandora got in some trouble right before she was taken. Brick is fixing that now... I think. Pan was taken from here up north to the beach. I know Rhyme was gathering up forces to help Pandora, I'm assuming he came here either to get more people or a vehicle or something, or he flat out thinks I'm lying." Gabe can't hide the disappointment with the second option. "If he thinks I'm wrong, then I need to just go now. We're losing time!"

    Gabe with Merry is looking for Rhyme. He wants to know if they're going to head north or if he has a different goal in mind.
  • [Merry]

    Sure, Gabe can drag me along, I understand what he wants to do and that goes a long way... save someone, on the beach? Yeah.
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  • "If we don't have some safer way of getting to her, we can build a tracking system out of her connection to the maelstrom. But let's see what evidence there is." That's Fraze.

    MB thinks that Gabe already knows where they took her, "so we should go there. I mean, Gabe's high-strung, but he's not going to be looking to get Pan in trouble."

    And Cassa's not really answering. She's almost keeping up with you guys but it looks like she's somewhere else in her head and kind of scanning the beach visually.

    Gabe, are you taking Rhyme down to Pandora's dock where her captors took her?
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