[Apocalypse Coast] table talk and suggestions

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Use this thread for any general off-topic (or metagame) shizz you care to do.


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    I checked with Hallmark and apparently they don't do GM's Day cards. This was the best I could do.

  • You're welcome... not actually done much GMing (MCing?) in this game yet, though.
  • I think I saw somewhere that one of our players was going to be gone for a bit. Am I mistaken? I guess I'll have to look around some more.
  • I'll be out of town for eight days starting tomorrow. I might check in enough to play a low-impact game that's just getting under way, like this, but no promises.
  • Cool - we'll try and keep it ticking over so we're ready for when you get back.
  • Before I answer my post, how old is Randall supposed to be? I assume he's a kid, but we haven't specified.
  • Randall is 'older' and thus marriageable, whatever that means to you. If I haven't said it, you're free to define it.
  • So.... Where were we...
  • I did my post!
  • So at what point do we consider the game dead? Two weeks? Three?
  • Hi Sam,

    Sometimes that's hard to say. In my experience, PBF's tend to fade away unless someone makes a clean end of it.

    That being said, there is a lull in ALL the games on the site at the moment. Partially because of Chris and Michael's schedules recently. I expect things will pick up again, so I'd hold out for a while longer, at least a couple more weeks.
  • I'll be around if things pick up.
  • I figure this one's dead.
  • That's too bad. We barely got anywhere. I wanted to learn the secrets of the sea and stuff.

    Oh, well.
  • You know, it occurs to me that something bad could have happened to Millsy. He hasn't even logged in since the 14th of last month. That seems somewhat unusual. For all we know, he dropped dead three weeks ago.
  • It is possible, but not likely. He's been a member for five years and his visit count is only 50. He may have just gotten caught up in real life. It happens.
  • That is a paltry number of visits. I'm over 600 and that's without even playing anything until now.
  • Hi guys - sorry, you are right, real life has sort of caught up with me over this game. Sorry for stringing you all along - thanks for the work you put into characters etc while it was going.
  • I'm still game if you are, Millsy, once life cuts you a little slack.
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