[Lady Blackbird] Epilogues

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Feel free to narrate an epilogue for your character. There are no conflicts, no dice to be rolled, just a bow to tie on the end of this awesome story we've told together.


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    Naomi needs a leader. She's a living weapon, but what good is a weapon with no one to wield it? She'll follow whoever gives her more chance to destroy the bastard Pigeons and all they hold dear. Did I ever mention why she called them that? It's because every time somebody finds or builds something nice and tall, to stand against the blue, the pigeons flock to it, darkening the skies with their dirty wings, and not leaving until it's covered in shit. She'll bring down the empire, one troll at a time.

    But maybe she doesn't need to bring down everybody else. Certainly some of the people she fights will be just pawns, like she was, and she can help them instead of destroying them, the way the Lady helped her. She'll try to make the world a better place with open hands as well as fists.

    Except for lizardmen. It's all fists for them.
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