PBF-Skype Game Hybrid

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I've been wondering about how one could run/orchestrate a mainly PBF campaign where the playgroup met biweekly or monthly to have sessions over Skype. I realize that marrying the two methods of play have some pitfalls (scheduling being the big one, timezones also a factor), but I think the idea is interesting.

How would you structure a game like that?
How do you find stopping points for the PBF and how does that asynchronous play bleed into the live play?
Would you have the players use the same characters and system or just have them connected to tell the same over-arching story and/or in the same setting?
Any game systems that seem most suited for this style of play?


  • Random thoughts on the subject.
    - Need a mechanism to documenting "live" stuff. Chat logs? Might be a lot of work. Otherwise, gaps in play content might be strange.
    - Possibly use Skype just for OOC discussions. A weekly "vibe" check that you can get more non-verbal communications.
    - Skype for tight focuses fights, Duel of Wits type of things. Like say Mouseguard PBP as per usual until conflict goes to the sub-systems, then schedule skype time. Even some combats in AW might be more fun in Skype then drawn out in series of posts.
    - Microscope, cut to Skype when group needs to play out a scene. Documentation built in.
  • Don't Rest Your Head - everyone plays solo with the GM, whenever two PCs meet up you schedule a skype session.
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