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This is a 1-on-1 game using the One-Hour Burning Wheel rules, with the anticipation of rolling it over to BWG rules if it sustains itself.

Genre: The end of a chivalric, spartan, samurai warrior class. 300, Seven Samurai, Dune, King Arthur, Troy

Situation: The Council of Eight, city-state rulers, corrupted by new wealth, have abandoned citizen militias in favor of foreign mercenaries. Letholdus, once a warrior within the chivalric Order of Three, now a sell-sword commanding a tight knit crew of mercenaries learns of an assassination plot. One Council of Eight member, Leuis, intends on killing Galene, a leader sympathetic to the Order of Three's plight.

1. Tell us your name and what you are known for.

Letholdus, I am known for effective leadership through personality and grit, primarily with military units. My men follow me because I inspire them. It doesn't hurt that they think I'm blessed by the gods. I was an excellent leader as a knight, carried this with me when the order lost status and knights were mustered out. Now I am a merc company leader, using several former pages and squires as the nucleus of my tight knit band.

2. Tell us about the Order of the Three, what are its principles?

The Three are the deities for land, sea and sky. They are seen as benevolent beings who are very removed from day-to-day existence. The Order was established to illustrate their idealized selves in public.

To fear the Three and maintain their honor.
At all times to speak the truth
To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
To protect the weak and defenceless
To give succour to widows and orphans
To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
To live by honour and for glory
To despise pecuniary reward
To fight for the welfare of all
To obey those placed in authority
To guard the honour of fellow knights
To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
To respect the honour of women
Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
Never to turn the back upon a foe

3. You recently fell short of your Order's principles or maybe even failed them. Tell us about that.

Letholdus has come to realize his company is excellent and won't stay that way if he continues to despise pecuniary reward. He now charges slightly higher than the going rate for his services and is seeking to establish a foundation for the company. He still lives spartan, but his clients often involve him in social activities that are lavish and ostentatious.

Letholdus also recently ended a relationship with Anastasoula, a woman who was married to Kleitos a fellow former member of the Order of the Three, one of his brothers. When Kleitos found out about their affair, he challenged Letholdus to a fight. Letholdus apologized, begged for his forgiveness and swore he would never dishonor them again, but Kleitos attacked him. Letholdus killed him in self defense and felt he had to honor his word to avoid Anastasoula, so he dishonored a knight, disrespected a woman and now refuses to aid a widow. So yeah, big black mark on him.

Violence: 5
Orange Tokens: 2 (Spend for Extra Dice)
Blue Tokens: 1 (Spend to roll extra dice for any sixes)


  • There's another post on the 1-hour Game topic

    I think it highlights what we already do in PbP.
    But this game I really do want to emphasize

    Easy to handle (replace fast with fewest posts required)
    Narrowing in on things that matter
    Produce enough change to significantly advance plot/situation/conflict.

    Those three principles will be at the back of my mind for every post, i think.
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    1.0 - Tested Persuasion at Ob3 (failed)
    1.2 - Tested Circles at Ob4 (failed)
    2.1 - Tested Persuasion using 6 dice at Ob3 (passed routine test)
  • That is 6 dice at Ob3, making it a routine test.
    Started an Experience tracker Here
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    Wow, just fiddling with this first fight I think I'm getting a better grasp of the rules already. Any suggestions on the dice would help.

    I was thinking of factoring in his armor and your exhaustion, if Letholdus is unarmored. Together that could make a +1D for him.
  • I enjoyed that first scene.
    We have some key information about a new mine and the Ducades somehow involved in that.
    Extor makes for a good antagonist, I might whip him up some beliefs and instincts, give him some artha-- though I think mystery guy in the tavern might be more nemesis worthy.

    The female in the bar, she struck me as interesting too-- as if maybe there is a bureaucratic class, mostly women-- sort of like barristers but not quite. Maybe a touch of the Bene Gesserit type faction going on there.

    What will Letholdus do next? Any preference on a Scene? Time is quite flexible at this point. Days or weeks could pass.
    I could see maybe a Circles test for information or the best way to use this information about the new mine?

    Do you feel the 1-hour rules are sophisticated enough?
  • Me, too, Rustin. I am digging this so far. Thanks for starting it up!

    I like Extor, especially since he is a good example of what Letholdus *could* become, too long in the field. In some ways, what he should become, being more open to the future.

    The female is very interesting and unexpected. I like that you brought her in, gave the scene some levels. Nice position of power for her.

    I hope my play of Letholdus being a little hesitant to throw down wasn't off-putting. I did want a fight, I'm happy it went there.

    Letholdus would settle his men in, then go see his patron for payment. I'd like a scene there, because Letholdus wants to find out who hired Extor.
  • I think this scene has come to a close, but I want to make sure.

    The way I'm imagining it, it is now very late, maybe midnight or after.

    What is Letholdus' intent by going to the House of Plenty? I'm thinking maybe this might become a circles test? You seeking witnesses?
  • Letholdus wants to gather info to prove or disprove Extor's actions. He desperately wants it to not be true, but he is honorbound to find the truth. Yes, a Circles test is excellent.
  • From which lifepath or setting do you think Letholdus would try to circle up this person?
    Any other special considerations? Describe it and I'll set the Ob.
  • Let's make it uncomfortable and use his Knight lifepath for this Circles test. He's looking for people who would be aware of the court dealings with Lyra.
  • Should we have some kind of tracking for the sequence of threads? Over time, it may be confusing to follow the timeline, I'm thinking.
  • We could try a duel of wits, just to see how the scripting works over pbp.
    With the simple skill system we have here-- where you roll base 4 for essentially everything might be a bit boring ( no ForKs and what not).

    We could do a simple persuade, but the obs going to be pretty high. That base 4, once again, makes it a bit rough.

    I'm going to ponder his intent for his side of the argument. He wants you to protect him, but that seems like something you already are willing to do. I'm thinking some sort of penance for killing his brother. . . or maybe really helping him get out of town, like Rolando's crew are a bunch of scary dudes, and he needs to get out of town-- where you would be willing to escort him across the sea, to the mystic east-- or something. Though, I hesitate to put far in the future action as part of a consequence from a DOW. Unless we just say, yep, you go away for a week, getting him settled.

    This is very much me brain storming and thinking ahead-- nothing set in stone.

    Mechanically, any ideas on how to handle scripting in pbp?
  • maybe we whisper it to ourselves then reveal once you give the go ahead?

    so it would be me whispering my intent to myself. Then you whisper your intent to yourself. Then I post public that I'm ready. Then you post public that you're ready. I then edit my whisper post to public and add the die roller and you edit your whisper to public and add your die roller and we're done?
  • Gonna test it now.
  • RusRus
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  • Cool, that should work.
  • Just eyeballing the numbers in my head, I think this might be frustrating if you're limited to just base 4's and then 1 for help (which I don't see you getting) and 1 for descriptors. Plus no bonuses for any traits floating around. As Tylos has +d2 going into body of argument as part from enmity clause.

  • Well, I could take the weekend and try to finish my official BW character and we could play it full out.

    Otherwise it is one hour Burning Wheel, warts and all.

    Its not like I mind losing this one since it leads to adventure. Either way leads to something neat.
  • seems a whisper with a dice roller can't be unwhispered.
  • After the argument seems like a good place to pause, wrap the session and review Artha.
  • That works for me.
  • RusRus
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    Let's go to page 71.
    From that list on earning we will just go back and forth, picking from the list things I think Letholdus earned and why. That way it is not totally me just lording down XP from above. :)

    Here are the beliefs prior to doing 1-hour


    The Council of Eight is corrupt because their greed overpowers their nobility. They have sold their titles for comfort and no longer protect the people and use them as slaves and chattel. I will convince Galene to unite us under one banner by first unseating her usurping brother Leuis.

    I refuse to forsake the Order of the Three even though it has been broken and cast aside. I will restore its honor by finding the lost diadem, the very symbol of our first failure.

    I strive to follow all the tenets of the Order of the Three, but I shall never waver from its founding tenet. At all times, I shall keep faith and shall speak the truth at all times, for this is the strongest path to our redemption in the eyes of the people and the gods.

    We have no explicit traits or Instincts (though that last belief is pretty close), but I think I get a sense of some from play.

    My turn:

    1 Persona: Embodiment The Circles test followed up by the reaction to Tylos really put a scene where I got a sense of Letholdus.

    Your turn
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    I think Letholdus pursued his belief about Leuis and his treachery pretty hard. Unfortunately, I don't have the book with me and the BW website is blocked from work, so I'll need to look up what artha reward I'm suggesting.

    EDIT - this would be one Fate.
  • RusRus
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    1 Fate: Belief
    1 Persona: Workhorse. I punted so many times- the NPC LIST is mostly your work. I particularly like Lyra and Thettalos.
  • I cannot find where I picked Instincts for Letholdus, so no rewards there. I think that covers it.
  • RusRus
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    We have quite a few story lines out there. Any particular elements you want for this next scene?
    Do you want a plot scene, a character scene?

    I think I would want to start Letholdus right in the middle of a charged situation. Like the start of a TV episode, right to the action.
    Also, we could even fast forward in time. I was thinking even starting you in a scene with Lyra-- then we fill in the back story of how you got to her as we go along, but that might be too aggressive and free formed.

    FYI: As a back burner game I don't think I'll work on this until I have my RT character up and going.
  • No, I like your instincts. Lyra it is, with some Anast. along for the ride to add some pain, give them context and screen time.

    RT first sounds cool to me.
  • I put several balls in the air here with that opening scene. I'm not sure what type of scene or major scene goals I have for it. Let me know if something resonates.
  • yay! New scene! I'm poring over it, referencing NPC list and loving it.
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