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What it says. Starting it as controller in case others need to edit.


  • Good one Rustin...

    I admit I've been haveing trouble with the faction. Some of the conditions seem hard to apply. I'm probably overthinking it.
  • I wonder if the number of PCons and NCons are significant.
    I could see just tagging with an aspect like phrase would be the same?
    If the count mattered then you'd just say --replacing dangerous with "plasma fuel access" or any good aspect tag ala fate.
  • I think the count does matter because you exchange the tags for other things in the game. If you mean whether the total number of available conditions matters, I don't think so. As long as they're clearly positive or negative.

    So Rustin. I want to set up a scene for the Collective but I'm not sure what to do with them. Do you have any ideas? Or you Rich? Also their NCon is Humilated. What were you thinking there?

    It looks to me like RT requires some banter outside the actual scenes so we need to bounce stuff off each other over here I guess.
  • Yeah, total number available. Just a curiosity.

    There are three characters, but they need not all be in the scene.
    I'm seeing them as torn-- they hate the black-ops type divisions within the corp, but they also want to be a black-ops type division in the corp.
    I see them ultimately as dogooders, though. I'll ponder some more.
  • I see you mentioned collective. My brain swapped that for the Consulate.

    I could see the collective acting as a strange Herbertesque god -- (e.g., Lazerus Effect, Dosadai Experiment).
    Humans are dominant-- but also the creators. How does a god worship? Master/slave upside down themes.

    Are we each running a scene simultaneously? Should I fire up a Face-off scene, too? I think I might just want to do another Introduction scene or building scene. . .

    I think I'll only use RT_Controller in the factions thread-- then have a GM tag or something for the other Episodic posts? I'm just not quickly grasping who is posting what in the the episode thread. Though we could chalk that up to lack of caffeine.
  • Rustin,

    I'm pretty sure Trevis meant your trio of PCs, so yes, the Consulate, what are they after? I don't know where to take them.

    Throw up some scene that works for you, we needn't have three Face Offs.

    As far as who is posted as GM, maybe we use a sig?
  • Ok, how about . . .
    Consulate is more than just an auditing group, they are a part of Antaeus' internal affairs. They are the cops to the cops. But their boss tells them who to investigate and who not to. Some obvious corruption in the upper reaches. Not sure what the corporate structure of Antaeus would look like, but I'm sure the IA would report to the board, rather than executives.
  • Actually I'm thinking we all should do more intro of stuff. There's a point in the rules where he says for 2 players to make up another NPC (though don't worry about introing them.) I know we have mor than two players but it seems like a thing that would help.

    Also remember that you get the edge die if you oppose others with a faction OR a non-held PC. So don't be trapped into thinking that Factions are the only way to go. Not every opponent has to be a Faction. At this point turn taking is less important. We have a base. So if you want to make up and intro things, I'd say go for it.


    Sure on the internal Sec thing, but being auditors is okay too, but either way. You gave them a NCon of Humiliated. It seems like something to work with. How? By What or Whom? Also, their goal is to seperate from Antaeus, and I'm not sure how they intend to do that. Accumulate money?

    My intention originally was just to use regular old login for everything except the stuff that needed to be edited by others. maybe we do need seperate per scene threads if a single is too hard to follow?
  • More intro sounds cool, we need more characters. I like Yazz a buttload already.
  • Humiliated--
    Thorn. A shadow group, with various agents and unknown agendas, but with a brash willingness to corrupt, bribe and exploit others. Since their organization, the Consolate has had the task to learn who this Thorn group is, what they are about and and how far they have infiltrated Antaeus Corp.

    Finally, the have some solid evidence on some upper eschlon executive-- Lorren Petraius. Recordings, video, documents. She was on the take and an agent of Thorn. But when they presented the evidence to the board it was a bushwack. The recordings were shown as fakes, the video expertly edited, etc . . . They hadn't done due diligence in authenticating before presenting.

    Or was it?

    Either way-- reprimanded, humiliated and taken off the job. Is Lorren an enemy that covered her tracks, or was she the target?
  • Sorry for taking it there, guys. I couldn't resist the temptation to make Bancroft a little clueless.
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