[Ashen Snow] HX, Highlights and Harm

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Session Three Highlights and Stats:
with Ambrosewith Amiettewith Boneswith Grekkorwith Neverwith Winona
Ambrose has---2+1+1+3+2
Amiette has+3--+3+3+3+2
Bones has+1+1---3-1=0
Grekkor has+2-1-2--=0+2
Never has=0=0=0=0--=0
Winona has=0=0=0+1-1--


  • [Grekkor-Gunlugger]
    Bones once left him bleeding and did nothing for him. Bones, Hx -2
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    I want simply EVERYONE to know about my bountiful treasure trove. It's full of the most fabulous things. Everyone takes +1 from me.

    Judgments (for my Hx with you:)
    Ambrose - Rich (+1)
    Amiette - Rich (+1)
    Bones - Poor (-1)
    Grekkor - Fought shoulder to shoulder (+2) + Poor (-1) = +1
    Never - Poor (-1)
  • [Grekkor- Gunlugger]
    Winona, you fought shoulder to shoulder with Grekkor, Hx+2.

    Amiette, Grekkor thinks you are the prettiest, Hx +2.
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    I keep myself secret. Everyone Hx -1 with me. What can I say... I'm shy.

    For my Hx with you, my darlings:

    Oh, Never.... never never never....my but that's fun to say. You quite evidently dislike and distrust me. I'm sure I don't know why, you seem to be a lovely girl. (I have +3 with you) ETA: Perhaps its that I follow you around so much? I want to see if your underwear is as intersting as Ambrose. Follow Never Follow Never Follow! I like that too... (I just keep the +3 because technically I would have chosen to be your follower on your turn and done the adjustment to it.)

    Ambrose: Ah, when the poet sleeps. All his secrets does he keep? Did you know that I was there? What fascinating underwear! (I have +3).

    Bones, a hard and brittle name for someone so soft. Your stuggles with your gift are fascinating and beautiful. I've been watching you secretly for some time. (I have +3)
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    Ambrose and Amiette, you are my followers. I guess that explains a lot. Hx +2.

    Everyone else, Hx =0.
  • It should probably be their choice if they want to be followers.
  • @octoscott: Ah. Did I misunderstand the playbook?
  • @Brennen:

    It read "Any of them who are your followers, tell their players Hx+2." Basically you discuss with the other players whether it makes sense for any of them to be your follower, and I hope at least one or two will be, cause that's awesome. But that's not the sort of thing you just get to tell someone. If any of them are, they get the +2Hx with you.

    And to the others, being a follower is cool, it's not mind control, and you may not even like that you're a follower... maybe you regret it, maybe you love her... maybe you did it to get in her pants. I think it's a potentially cool choice.
  • In that case:

    @Ambrose & Amiette: If any of the other player characters would be my followers, I think it's you two. I'd be honored it you'd accept, but don't mind if you don't.

    Anyone else who would like to be my follower is welcome. I won't turn anyone away.

    Apologies for transgressing.
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    [Ambrose - Skinner]

    I'm only a kid in my soul, but yeah, I appreciate Never so I'm in. Love and passion rule, not hardholders, warlords, or rich bitches. Though that loyalty may exceed my respect for Never, so heaven forfend the twain should ever come to odds.

    [Can choosing to be a follower change through play?]
  • Posted By: Brennen ReeceApologies for transgressing.
    Never is a boy?
  • Posted By: Paulos[Amrbose - Skinner]
    [Can choosing to be a follower change through play?]
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    Speaking of transgressing: Can I just declare that someone loves me for Skinner Hx?

    EDIT: If not, Winona "Napoleon" Rockefeller Morgan-Chase, would you be so kind as to be in love with me? Or is anyone else interested in being in love with me?
  • Oooh Ambrose, gonna choose a lover and a freind too? Yummy Yummy!
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    I guess I'll just put my ideas out there. Critique and counter-suggest as you like. I love drama.

    [Ambrose - Skinner]

    Winona is in love with me [pending approval - seems Amiette could fill in here instead]. You have Hx -1 with me. Sorry miss. Your heart is as hollow as your hoard is overfull. Everybody needs something they can’t have.
    Bones is my lover. You have Hx+1 with me. How long I've wished you’d open up more than your body to me.
    Never is my friend. You have Hx+2 with me. I hope you listen to me and grow.

    But what do these attributions honestly mean? (EDIT: this is meant philosophically and existentially, in character)

    Everyone else. Hx=0

    Judgments (for my Hx with you:)
    Winona - +2 (I chose +1)
    Amiette - -2 (I chose -1) - I can't wrap my head around you.
    Bones - +1 (I chose +1)
    Grekkor - +1 (I chose +1)
    Never - I follow my friend. +3 (I chose +1)
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    Hx is the score to help or hinder somone. If you want to help or hinder the action of another PC you roll +Hx with them. The Hx represents how well you understand the person you're helping or hindering.

    Hx changes too, of course. Every "session" we choose somone to understand us more or less well (+ or - hx)

    when your hx with someone would go to +4, you instead reset it to +1 and take an experience point. (or reset to -1 if you were adjusting from -4)
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    Thanks trevis. I was wondering the specifics of the negatives in that regard.

    EDIT: Ah, just realized you were responding to my question "What do these attributions really mean?" - edited above.
  • [Bones - Angel]

    Grekkor, despite what I did to you, you gave me a hand when it mattered and helped me save a life (Hx+2).
    Ambrose, I don't know why you've stayed, but you've always been beside me, and you've seen everything I've seen (Hx+2).
    Never, you've let too many people get close to you. Don't you understand how dangerous that is? I'm certain you're doomed for self-destruction (Hx-1).

    I might keep to myself, but my traitorous face is an open book (everyone else Hx+1).

    [I'm not sure if I need to get approval for any of the people I picked? I can always rearrange!]
  • [Also, I'm fine with Bones being Ambrose's lover. Oh the drama!]
  • [Winona - Hoarder]

    Oh, my dear, you're simply divine. If I could wrap you up and take you home, I would in an instant.

    Hx-1 (in love with) +1 (rich in gaudy luxury) =0
  • Oh good. Thanks for playing along Max. :) Gaudy luxury eh?
  • Yep. :) Tattered gaudy luxury. Also, to be clear, I give everyone Hx+1 to start. The rich/poor thing is for my Hx with you.
  • Holy cats, we still need to highlight stats, right?
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    Erp. Yep. Good call. Who does it. MC and highest Hx on our sheets?

    For Ambrose, Bones and Never are tied at +3. Do I just pick one?
  • There is a bb code for grids that works really well for Highlights and Hx.

    Yes, I think that is true-- if tied you pick who assigns your highlighted stat.
  • Grekkor should highlight Winona.
  • dangit, yes. Highlight stats.

    Ambrose should pick between Bones or Never for who Highlights, you're right.

    Once we have the Highlights done, I'll put it in the original post on this thread.
  • Never picks Ambrose's first highlight.
  • Ambrose can pick Amiette's highlight.
  • Winona can pick Bones' highlight.
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