[AW] Never - The Hocus

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    Tattered vestments. Innocent face. Mesmerizing eyes. Bony body.

    Cool +1
    Hard -1
    Hot +1
    Sharp =0
    Weird +3


    Fortunes: fortune, surplus and want all depend on your followers.
    At the beginning of the session, roll+fortune. On a 10+, your
    followers have surplus. On a 7–9, they have surplus, but choose
    1 want. On a miss, they are in want. If their surplus lists barter,
    like 1-barter or 2-barter, that’s your personal share.

    Charismatic: when you try to manipulate someone, roll+weird
    instead of roll+hot.

    Fucking wacknut: you get +1weird (weird+3).

    Never's Cult

    Your followers are dedicated to you. Surplus: +1barter, and replace want: desertion with want: hunger.
    Your followers, taken as a body, constitute a powerful psychic antenna. Surplus: +augury.
    Your followers disdain law, peace, reason and society. Surplus: +violence.
    Your followers are decadent and perverse. Want: +savagery.


    Whenever you roll a highlighted stat, and whenever you reset your Hx with someone, mark an experience circle. When you mark the 5th, improve and erase.
    Each time you improve, choose one of the following. Check it off; you can’t choose it again.

    ( ) get +1cool (max cool+2)
    ( ) get +1hard (max hard+2)
    ( ) get +1sharp (max sharp+2)
    ( ) get a new hocus move
    ( ) get a new hocus move
    ( ) choose a new option for your followers
    ( ) choose a new option for your followers
    ( ) get a holding (detail) and wealth
    ( ) get a move from another playbook
    ( ) get a move from another playbook
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    Winona +2
    Ambrose +3
    Bones +2
    Amiette 0
    Grekkor +3 (I've seen Grekkor's soul)
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