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JD: A wayhouse in which plague-victims have recently stayed.
10C: A devil of the lower air, malicious and full of pranks.
QC: The warden ghost of the place, generous to the good-willed.
KS: A village executioner, practicing his trade on a caught burglar.

Devil of Lower Air
Ghost Warden
The Executioner
The Burglar
A plague victim


  • Possibly the proprietor of the way house. That's all that comes to my mind.

    I'd be interested in the burglar.
  • I'd be interested in the executioner!

    Implied characters I can think of: the wayhouse's innkeeper and his wife, the burglar's victim, somebody else who stayed at the wayhouse and might have gotten infected, the judge who sentenced the burglar to death (or to be tortured)
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    Devil of Lower Air
    Ghost Warden
    Plague Victim
    House Proprietor
    Burglar's victim
    Newly infected Person
    Man investigating the Plague-- trying to find its source.
    Burglar's partner in Crime (who got away).
  • I'd be interested in the burglar.
    Maybe an infected burglar.
  • The plague would make an interesting particular strength.

    Another thought -- it doesn't say what kind of plague it is, it might be vampirism or demonic possession. The plague might even be a character!
  • I think the rules would get funny if you made the plague a character in and of itself - there'd probably be situations where it was too unclear whether or not someone could affect the plague in a conflict without a far-reaching particular strength. But I could see the devil being an incarnation of the plague, for similar effect ... 'lower air' might be a reference to an airborne disease.

    I was thinking being infected would be an interesting strength, myself.

    What about the alternate rules on the last page? I like the first one (you lose what you use), though I don't have a problem with the base rules.
  • Let's start with the base rules. I'd prefer to give them a workout before making any changes.

    I think I'd like to play the Ghost Warden.

  • I'm bored at work tonight, so I'm going to go right on ahead to the next step of things. Hopefully, that's fine. I'm fully willing to step back and make changes if necessary.

    Name: Elos Anamed; the warden ghost of the wayhouse, generous to the good-willed.
    Covertly: d8
    Directly: d4
    For myself: d6
    For others: d10
    With love: d12
    With violence: d6
    Best interests: None yet.
    Particular strength: None.

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    I was just about to ask if we can start statting up PC's! Here's my executioner:

    Name: Jesper Haddeen; A village executioner, practicing his trade on a caught burglar.
    Covertly: d4
    Directly: d12
    For myself: d6
    For others: d10
    With love: d6
    With violence: d8
    Best interests: None yet.
    Particular strength:

    Hadd, the scimitar of righteousness.

    Description: This is the executioner's tool and his badge of office. It's been in his family for generations, and they are in fact named for it. It is an unremarkable weapon except for a brightly colored tassel on the hilt, showing that it is used on a royal warrant. It is well cared for and razor sharp.

    Special effects: None, really. It's just a sword, although he can hold it up hilt-first to remind people of his status.

    Form(s): For Others and With Violence (it's Broad) For NPC's, it's good for action.

    Significance: 1: it's Broad.

    Die size is d8.
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    There might as well be a female PC:

    Mahdi Shirazi
    a caught burglar

    d10 - covertly
    d6 - directly

    d12 - for myself
    d6 - for others

    d8 - with love
    d4 - with violence

    She is ...

    infected by the plague, warm to the touch

    d8 - directly / manuevering
    • consequential (vs directly / self-protection)

    FX: cough, bleed, spit, have sex
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    The wayhouse is empty, boarded up, and marked with warnings of plague, as all within are dead from the disease. The ghost that wards the house is the ghost of the wayhouse's proprietor, and the burglar was infected when she broke into the sealed house. She's being executed as much for the fact that she's infected (and thus dangerous to the community) as for her crimes.
  • This looks cool and I will be reading it!
  • Let's make sure that's cool with Daniel, as the wayhouse is his character's turf.
  • Naturally. I suggest it because

    (A) it might trim the NPC list a bit and tie the characters together a little more intimately,
    (B) it sets up some potential interests for and related to the ghost (making him a recent death that's related to the present goings-on makes it easier for other characters to already have intentions related to him, ghosts being naturally difficult to have relationships with), and
    (C) I like the idea of the wayhouse being all boarded up and spooky.

    I'm not bound to the idea.
  • Hey, guys. I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. I think yellowparis' suggestion is cool and all, but remember that we're not supposed to be creating backstory and such. We're supposed to be going into this with a blank slate; the best interests and all that are supposed to create the backstory as we go.

  • [align=Center]Wicked Plague NPC’s[/align]

    Gathas, Devil of the “Lower Air.”
    Maneuvering d12 d8
    Action d10d6
    Self Protection d6 d4

    Particular Strength: Access to the “Lower Air” realm (it just underneath the upper air((that’s just the stuff you’re breathing right now—the Lower Air is a place not a thing)), but you have to know where to look to find it).
    Form: Maneuvering. d8
    Significance: 1
    Far-Reaching: Entering the lower air, you can disappear or move great distances in just a few steps. If you’re in the lower air, you can be almost anywhere.

    Judge Iorris (Also the man trying to find the source of the Plague).
    Action d12 d8
    Maneuvering d6 d4
    Self-protection d10 d6

    Particular Strength: None
    Best Interests: None, yet.

    Kitsune, the Burglar’s victim
    Action d6 d4
    Self Protection d12 d8
    Maneuvering d10 d6

    Particular Strength: Cryptic Library
    It requires hours of study in the old moldy books found in her basement.
    It has to be used for Action.
    Significance: 1
    It is consequential. You can use it to research added, cryptic advantage to your future actions. Damage Covertly for PC’s and Self-Protection for NPC’s.
    No best interests, yet.
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    I'm just going to start with 3NPC's for now.
    Lets continue our best interests Here

    Also, Seedwiki has been running unbearably slow this evening. Any suggestions on a different place to house the Wiki?
  • Seedwiki is working fine now. If you have an image you want linked to your PC let me know.
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