[A Wicked Plague] Best Interests

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Gathas (the Devil of the Lower Air)
#1: Gathas wants to trap Elos Anamed, the Warden Ghost, in the Lower Air. (His good-willed, generous nature ruins all of Gathas’s malicious fun).

#2: Gathas wants Jesper’s Scimitar. With the brightly colored tassel he can most likely order people around with false authority--- and make them do dreadfully funny things, more dreadful than funny, of course.


  • Elos Anamed
    #1: Elos wants to restore the wayhouse to its former wholesome state, unblemeshed by the plague and other recent events.

    #2: Also, he wants to protect Mahdi from harm, seeing as he believes her to be his granddaughter.

  • Jesper (the executioner)

    #1: Jesper wants the deed to the wayhouse, so that he can tear it down and build a house for his family on the very valuable land it occupies.

    #2: He wants Judge Iorris to die or retire so that he is given a free hand in village affairs. The man is far too soft-hearted.
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    Mahdi Shirazi

    #1: It is in Mahdi's best interests to free herself and to confuse, trick, or otherwise render impotent her judge and would-be executioner, delighting in her reputation as a peerless rogue.

    #2: It is in Mahdi's best interests to re-bottle the devil and its attendant plague, having made the somewhat ... imprudent ... error of releasing it in the course of her most recent recent hijinx. Alternately, it is in her best interests to cure herself and leave everyone else to twist, if that's easier.
  • Judge Iorris
    #1: It is his best interest to convert the wayhouse into a morgue for all those dead from plague.
    #2: It is his best interest to keep Mahdi locked up and stall the execution, so he can study the progression of her infection.

    Kitsune (Burglary Victim)
    #1: It is her best interest to blackmail Jesper.
    #2: It is her best interest to prove to the community just how bad Mahdi is.
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