[MH-OOC Thread]Anyone interested in messy teenage monster drama?



  • Looks cool.
  • OH! I just realized I was totally at Bar Harbor two years ago! Haha! It's adorable. Is that a really girl thing to say? I mean....looks cool.
  • As long as us making stuff up doesn't bother you, Kelsey. Otherwise that's cool!
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    Oh I don't mind at all! That's probably something you'll never have to worry about with me. Haha.
  • Personal story:

    I worked at a smallish company of about thirty people owned by a large faceless parent company. In an attempt to reduce cost and shrink our work force we moved the company to Solvang, California. A touristy town reminiscent of a Dutch village. Windmills, candle shops, bakeries... stuff like that.

    Well, the parent company went out of business and dragged us with it, leaving a bunch of tech professionals unemployed in this small town with literally no jobs suitable for any of us. It was like being stranded in an alien place, seeing the happy touristy families arrive every weekend and being unable to enjoy this pastoral and beautiful place we were caught in... it was very odd and the small town setting of MH makes me feel that way. Being an outsider in what should be a paradise is something I can see being a part of these characters.

    Just thought I'd share.
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  • Oooo lots of woods for me. And it looks like everyone is bussed in or driven by parents.... driving around I bet you see these roadside bus stops along the road with nothing more than woods around.
  • Mount Desert Island encompasses four towns on the Northern Coast of Maine. Although the communities' traditions are tied to the sea through boat building and fishing, there is a varied socio-economic, rural population of 10,000, which swells to over 25,000 during the summer tourist season. Mount Desert Island is the home of Acadia National Park, the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, the College of the Atlantic and the Jackson Laboratory, an internationally known center for genetics research.
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  • True enough, characters are much more important than the details of the setting.
    Any school can have any given program of course... there's some high tech stuff on this island, even a remote school could receive a grant for an unusual sponsored program, etc... if there's some detail of the school you need to play what you want to play.
  • Yes, lets do characters, and we'll figure out the setting. Didn't mean to jump the gun, it's just an interesting area. I'm assuming you want your character to be involved in a media program, which is why you mentioned it?

    We could always alter the local population. I don't really know how big a HS has to be to have a broadcast program. My school was fairly good size (600 or 700 in my graduating class) and didn't have one. But that was 20 years ago.

    I did mention Newport, and there are several communities on Cape Cod.
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  • Nearly there with my character, just can't decide a thing or two.
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    Thinking of this for my Hollow:

    Holly Hobbie
    Holly was Renna's best friend. They were inseparable. But Renna was very sick. One night, Renna wished on a falling star that Holly would come to life. And she did. Holly and Renna played together every day. Holly even went to the hospital with Renna. At night when Renna was sad and crying, Holly would read her books. They looked out of the hospital room window at the stars together and wish on falling stars that Renna would get better. But one morning Renna didn't wake up and Holly was left alone.
    Holly had never been without Renna in her whole life and she didn't understand why Renna went somewhere without her. The people at the hospital told her she needed to go, but Holly didn't know where to go. The people at the homeless shelter told Holly she had to go to school, so she did. Now Holly is going to school. She wants to find someone like Renna.
  • I forgot

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    Cool concept. You think maybe you were recently fostered? Given the area, I think that's more likely, esp if you're 15 or 16. Plus it might give you new and confusing 'siblings.' Or someone might have just taken you in, and you aren't in the official system. Who knows why they haven't reported you to the sheriff.

    Or the homeless shelter is cool. It would be a small one. And you would be being put in state DHHS hands pretty quickly.

    How long ago did Renna die?
  • Thanks! Glad you like her.

    A foster family would be pretty wicked, I could go for that, MC.

    I'm thinking Renna died less than a year ago. It's still very fresh and raw for Holly.
  • Hey my last name is foster
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    Holly Hobbie Bay (her foster family name) wears Goodwill clothes (layers of clothes and a big oversized coat, cargo pants and sneakers). She doesn't realize when people ask her about her clothes that she should lie and call them vintage. She's incredible at math and science, anything requiring reading and knowing rules. Even though she is a voracious reader, she is failing English because she has no idea how to interpret poetry or understand what an author "meant" with passages. Holly carries around a couple paperback books at a time along with her school books, which she carries wrapped in a belt instead of a backpack. She doesn't have a cell phone or electronic gadgets of any kind, she doesn't watch TV, she doesn't understand technology at all. She's incredibly gullible and frequently the butt of jokes or pranks, so much so that she rarely talks to strangers. Which to her, is everyone.
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    Holly is a disconnected, child-like emotional punching bag. I am hoping and aching for her to be used and abused in a spiteful uncaring world. I crave the moment when her Darkest Self comes around. But even more, I look forward to seeing what happens when she finally lashes out.

    She's a mix of Edward Scissorhands and Carrie.

    Don't feel bad for mocking her. Give me conditions, I need them, built the character for them. She will wear insults like a badge and even though she's sweet, keep in mind she's lost and desperate; teenagers squash kids like that.
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    Incidentally Michael, you don't have to wait for everyone to do your character. You just have to go last in the backstory/strings/hx portion.

    Rich, all cool. I'll be happy to make her life interesting. For a moment I was wondering if you were fostered with one of the other PC families, but seperate works too. I don't know that Nyx's family would foster anyone. But maybe Michals' mortal would. Or perhaps the selke?

    Speaking of selkies...
  • Ahhh! I'm sorry! I'm working on it! I'll try to get my character post up sometime today, I promise! :)
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