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  • You're fine. It was just a gentle electric prod.
  • Bahaha! I'm being typical me and had to research everything there is to know about selkies first. So don't worry, I haven't been slacking!
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    I'm not opposed to her being a foster kid in another PC's family, but I do like the hand-me-down clothes, so we would need to figure that out.

    K (red) is totally being a slacker. Prod the crap out of her, MC!
  • Oooooooh SNAP. You just wait. I'm going to be so well informed!
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  • hey Michael, I didn't want to clutter Scott's PC thread with a reply, but I think we can't introduce characters fully yet. Well, not exactly. I agree that I want to know more about this mysterious selkie I've heard might magically appear after years of extensive research before I assign my paltry strings. But, the strings will shape who Holly is as much as any of her backstory, right?
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    We're still making our characters. I don't know nearly everything about my character yet. We won't know everything until well into the game, likely. But if something's important for you to know, just ask. That's what the game set up is all about to me, questions. From the MC, yes, but also from other players.
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  • I'm assuming we'll start the game like on the first day of school or after a break (Winter break? Summer vacation?) And I thought it would be interesting to learn about each other as we go.

    What you might know about Alvin? Well, he's been a quiet kid, likes books, computers (has a portable, PSP or something) not many friends, bad at sports.... probably the subject of bullies and assholes. Wealthy family, siblings and parents very involved in community stuff and their own worlds of sports and/or beauty.

    If you'd been following Alvin around in the woods you would know a different kid... but I don't know if any of the PC's have that knowledge of what's gone on out there in the woods. Well, returning to school Alvin definitely looks different, mysterious, yes, alluring, oddly attractive, hair is wild and likely colored brightly. Probably more willing to engage with others (I won't really know how this goes until we play, how the relationships turn is something I'm interested in finding out)
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  • "Backstory" in this game refers to a specific thing, by the way, similar to Apocalypse World's Hx. It's right there on the character sheet. It doesn't mean you sit and watch while we all make our characters. Just means you pick your lover (your single very important backstory option) after we pick ours.

    Also, at least I expect much detail to come out of the MC asking questions about the characters after we quickly get the mechanical stuff "on paper" not just writing up paragraphs-long narratives.

    So what do we know about your character, Michael? And Red, looking forward to learning about yours, too.
  • Ok fine. Here's a novel. :)

    There is a story that the selkies use as a grave warning for their young. It is a story of a selkie who yearned for the surface world until she finally left her watery home, shed her seal skin, and set foot on the ground. When a young man fell in love with the beautiful selkie woman, she foolishly told him what she was. In return, he stole her pelt, taking away her ability to return to the sea that called to her. She bore him a child, who she loved dearly, but she could not ignore the call of the sea, and she was never truly happy. So years later when she stumbled upon her hidden pelt, she was overcome with longing to return to her selkie family. She abandoned her human one, returning to the ocean, only to realize that she could never return to her human husband and child. She was forever cursed to be torn between two worlds, belonging to neither. She became a shadow of her former self, fading quietly like a ghost, until she died.

    Except for Nula, it was more than just a story. That selkie was her grandmother, and while it frightened the rest of the young selkies, Nula couldn’t stop wondering about the surface world. What had called so strongly to her grandmother and would her own curiosity about the surface fade away like the others said it would?

    When the waves whispered to her that her grandmother’s human child still lived, she followed them to the harbor of (insert town name here). The waves told her how the child, now an old man, often came down to the shore to watch the waves. She waited with the waves until she saw him, tall and sad. He looked longingly at the sea as she looked longingly at the surface.

    A year went by before the surface coaxed her from the sea to to follow her grandmother’s doomed footsteps. When the old man came to the shore one summer morning, he was greeted by a girl, a young, haunting version of his lost mother, wrapped in tangled hair and seaweed.

    He took Nula home, listened to her story and his mother’s story, silent trembling tears dripping off his wrinkled cheeks. His name was Dominic Volkov. He lived alone, his wife had died years ago. His children and grandchildren had moved far away. He agreed to let Nula live with him, for as long as she wanted. He enrolled her in school and tried to explain the mysteries of his world as she tried to explain the mysteries of hers.

    Nula is bright and curious, eager to learn about this new world and the people who live in it. The sea calls plaintively to her and at times the homesickness is almost more than she can bear. But she is determined to see for herself what exists outside the ocean and to comfort a lonely old man who has suffered enough at the hand of the sea. She is excited for school to start, to learn and to meet new people. Although she hasn’t totally disregarded the warning in her grandmother’s story. She is keeping her true identity a secret (except for Dominic of course), calling Dominic her grandpa (as he insisted) and adopting his last name to appear as his granddaughter.
  • Cool, Red. New to school this year then?
  • Nula is an awesome name!
  • Sorry Michael. Game terminology confusion. My fault.
    Your Backstory

    Once the characters are completed, it's time to introduce them to the rest of the players, and establish the backstories that connect these characters.

    First, go around the table, and have each player describe their character briefly. Take between half a minute and two minutes each, and mention their name, their look, their origin, their personality, and their family life. Feel free to ask other players questions about what they describe, to make sure you understand what their character is like.

    Once the characters have been introduced, it's time to complete the Your Backstory section of each Skin. The backstories serve to connect the characters in interesting ways, and to give people Strings to start play with.

    If The Mortal is in play, then the player to the left of The Mortal should go first, with backstories being established clockwise. This way The Mortal will be the last to establish their backstory. If The Mortal isn't in play, it doesn't matter who goes first, and anyone can volunteer.

    When it's your turn, read out the text for Your Backstory and assign Strings as per the instructions. If Your Backstory says “Someone once saved your life. Give them 1 String on you,” you should discuss with that person how they saved your life. Don't go into exhaustive detail, but do take the time to sketch in some details of your shared history. If there are few PCs, Your Backstory can give Strings to NPCs.
  • I will likely change a thing or two now that I've seen all the character concepts, but nothing huge.
  • Michael, Holly is actually potentially very aggressive, or at least quite good at it. She started with Dark +1, so that was the skin.
  • So... who has seen through Holly's invented past? I'm thinking Nyx or Teddy.

    I'm thinking Holly studied either Nyx or Teddy (whichever one didn't see through her lies), since studying the Selkie for cues seems too hilarious.
  • Michael (And everyone)

    I want Alvin returning to school to be a thing, the first time people see him changed, how he treats his few old friends, how the bullies and the girls react to his new thing... I want to experience that, and I won't know exactly how he will react until it happens, which is why I'm focusing on the before. How everyone knows him until this moment.

    So everyone will know him as Alvin, Nyx would be a new name he received, or chose for himself, depending on how you look at it when he was adopted. It remains to be seen who will accept that identity and who will not. Nobody in class should know what happened as we start unless something we discuss reveals it (Like someone was watching, or something)
  • Alvins home life will certainly be chaos as his straight-laced (I think ) father and mother react to his changes as well.
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  • Posted By: Michael Loy"he's totally different and that's so hot: declare Lover."
    That could be.
  • Posted By: Michael LoyWe're really leaning toward Dark, so far. Two people with Dark+2, and aren't Hollow and Selkie both Dark skins, as well?
    I'm going to flip my extra point around to HOT instead of DARK.
  • Let's have Teddy see through Holly. Feel free to be antagonistic to her with Teddy, that works for me. She needs to start low and condition-ifed.

    And Holly studied Alvin BEFORE. So, still strings, but wow, he's not like this.

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