[MH-OOC Thread]Anyone interested in messy teenage monster drama?



  • The point where I'd want to interject would be breakfast but... I think we're almost at a meet point to transition into class. It's up to you.
  • That makes sense. I'd like to see what you want to do with it. I cut right as Holly rushes back up. Take it away!
  • Along the same lines, here's a pretty badass map.
  • Agreed on not using the actual teachers. We'll make up names.
  • hee hee hee, please try and pick up Holly. That would be supreme.
  • Spend my string that I just got? Awww...
  • spend em! We'll make more!
  • keeping track of strings is gonna be rough.
  • You think you have problems...
  • I meant, for you, MC. I covet them and will track them to the ends of the earth for my PC.
  • Move in question states:
    A Blank Canvas
    When you take an action that embodies one of the Conditions that you have, and you allow that Condition to influence your sense of self, cross it off and add 1 to your roll.

    I was attempting the part that says "you allow that Condition to influence your sense of self" to qualify. What do you think, MC?
  • Actions in the fiction are sufficient, I think. You are lying, though it seems like you're capitulating to Teddy's truth, so I think that qualifies.
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  • I think 'Down the Rabbit Hole" kind of implies supernatural. But sure, I think if you poke into a group you really don't belong in, I can see it applying.

    On the first question. I think both work. Whoever thinks the fictional condition is being met can speak up and we'll discuss it if we dont' agree. I'll try to keep track myself.
  • Fae bias!

    just kidding. Rock it, Nyx.

    This morning you claimed to be gay, now you're about to get it on with a water nymph (beside a dead body)
  • The Nula scene is so beautiful. They're such emotive and compelling characters, Nula and DomInic.
  • Thanks Rich! Trevis has really made Dominic into an amazing character. :)
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    Anyone know if you can whisper an entire thread to yourself?

    And the selkie is like drama gold. Not that the rest of you aren't.

    ETA: It looks like you can, indeed.
  • A word about Nyx, now of course nobody would know about this in character, but it might be important just to set expectations:

    I should mention this, but I picture when Nyx was "adopted" over the break there was a lot of faerie sex, genderless, weird, like a dream... this (With Myrii) would be the first time with a "human" girl.. or at least awake and fully aware with a physical being. So it's not really the first time, but it also is the first time.
  • I'm thinking we're about ready for homeroom. Nuls is here, Nyx is on his way. Is there a little more business between Holly and Teddy?
  • There could be, but I'm just as good with declaring that Holly is now following Teddy around until homeroom.
  • Holly's cracking me up.

    If Teddy has a string on her, she could bribe her to go away...
  • Thanks. I was trying to describe her actions without any authorial intent, like calling a smile devious, but it's tough to write and too much of a challenge for me to make interesting to read. So, I'll think on it and try again later.
  • now, stingy Teddy could spend a string to make Holly go away.... but will she?
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