[Ashen Snow] People and Places of Note

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Evan Element and nearby area:

* The white cap on the top round building is a dome for a basketball gym. The Baths are where the girl's lockers used to be
* The garden and offices are in the round building just below the white cap



gunna - "All of one’s worldly possessions. In the case of a traveler, it is what he or she carries." (Dark Tower series)


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    A - C:-

    Amy -

    leader of The Mountain, a hold that glows sometimes on the horizon, a few miles away.

    Arizona - male in his thirties, seasoned Pryer, lost an eye in a vicious fight.

    Armory Boys - gang outside the hold and ShantyTown, they wear army fatigues as their uniform. One of their leaders is Major Howar.

    Ba - former head of security for the hold, left in the night just before Madame was assassinated. He now lives with six families of his kin up in the ridges away from folks, suffering in the ashen snow.

    Barker - worker at the hold.

    Bendrix - member of the hold, was closely aligned to Madame. Bendrix is a technical whiz, he has interesting gadgets and is often scouring the dump looking for new treasures.
    Winona: "He was living the high life under Madame, but that kind of graft simply can't continue in a decent society."

    Big Daddy -

    gregarious guy who runs Red House.

    Camaro -

    most trusted lieutenant of Never, slept with Ambrose who saw her in the psychic maelstrom as something else.
    Never: "My favorite is Camaro, who has been with me for years and is almost always by my side. She's over six feet tall and very fit. She's missing a couple of fingers on her right hand, and a long scar running up one cheek. She isn't ugly (she has no problem getting laid), but she could walk through a dangerous part of town without being bothered. I don't think she's much older than I am, but sometimes she looks very tired.
    She doesn't speak. I'm not sure if this is a choice or a disability. I think she's intelligent; her eyes are bright, and she's always observing. She certainly has no problem following orders, and she isn't squeamish when carrying them out."

    Chack -

    teenage Pryer, larger cousin of Omie, raised by his "dad" into the Pryers, was beaten badly by Frost. He's in love with Bones.
    Chibi -

    member of Never's flock, dated Rim for a while, but he beat her. Ambrose stabbed Rim to protect her. She was captured by Domino's horde, her head shaved and she was forced to fight in a pit against Boag. Bones saved her life.

    Chigger -

    Chigger is a gang leader, he was forced by Harridan to kill Domino. He was involved with Raven, but she saw him kill Domino and their relationship is probably over now.

    Chin -

    member of Never's flock. Plain-looking young girl of Asian desecnt with a burn scar on her right forearm. She has held a candle for Camaro for a while, she's needy, gossipy. She's currently trying to get in with Domino's gang by hooking up with Gummer.
    Ambrose: "If women were blooms, Chin would be a clover, more function and spite than glory and impractical delight. She has little time for words and beauty, unless it's gossip, lust, or self-important maneuvering. With little going for her, though, the short, dark-eyed youth would just be pitiful if she wasn't so self-absorbed. Needless to say, she and I haven't shared much as far as pleasantries go, though not for lack of trying. What drives her poor fiery soul to such prodigious if misguided attempts to impress? She's been at it for years now, though it doesn't seem Never ever plans to elevate her, though even I can never quite tell what Never intends."

    Coo-Coo - Smoker guard who works at Red House. He's about Amiette's age, the son of Calendar and Amiette's dad. They know they're related, they aren't terribly close.

    Corbett -

    elder statesman, commonly wears dark suit, tie and bowler. Has a dead wife, was a lover of Amiette's mother, Marcelline . Was controlled by Harridan, but Amiette clipped the puppet strings. He poisoned Madame.

    Crawley -

    big thug who broke Ambrose's jaw for Madame, Madame did it because Ambrose suggested he could help make her a more beautiful soul
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    D - H-

    Easton -

    former member of Domino's resplendent horde, son of Jackabacka, carries around a heavy metal bat, big, muscular guy, sometimes entertains people by hitting food with his bat (preferably fruits and veggies).

    Exit -

    very young girl urchin who plays with jacks, often seen near Ambrose's flat Waterberth


    Member of the Pryers, formerly one of Ba's Kin. Was hit by shrapnel when Missed attacked The Gym.

    Fleece -

    young girl, doesn't tense verbs correctly, has a few goats and sheep, provides wool to the hold.

    Flite - young pre-teen boy who works at The Baths
    Grekkor: "Flite carves the soap for Grekkor. Flite has visions. Once Grekkor learned of him and saw him for what he was he plucked him out of Shanty town and got him set up in the hold proper. One day Grekkor hopes Flite and Never can meet. But he hasn't arranged it yet. Flite just does not seem ready for it. Anyhow, Flites' soaps are little messages to Grekkor."

    Fries- biker about Emmy's age, she healed his broken leg when they were both younger; Fries' dad, Erstwhile, brokered him as a husband for Emmy in exchange for a gang, she accepted; Fries has an older brother named Shakeybat, too.

    Fuse - former member of Never's flock, spotted by Grekkor near the murdered Isle, was accused and spared by Grekkor, now serves with the Pryers

    Ghost -

    a little boy that Bones often uses for relaying messages. About 7 years old, pale hair, dark eyes, never smiles. He's good at moving around unnoticed by others. No one knows where he came from or who his parents are, if they're alive. He just wanders the hold like a, well, like a ghost, which is how he got his name. He is often found around the infirmary because Bones gives him the most work.

    Gossamer - guard at Red House, knows Bones.

    Grip -

    Butcher and coroner, Grip lives on the edge of the hold. He handles meat for the Market and also disposes of dead people.
    Bones: "Grip is the man I go to when I've a dead body to take care of. He's not much for conversation which suits me just fine. His nose is all bent out of shape and there's not much life in his dark eyes. I've heard he used to get in fights a lot when he was younger and took quite a few blows to the head. But he's strong as an ox and has a special sort of cart he's created to haul bodies from my infirmary to the Pit.
    There's not much ceremony for the dead. People usually say their goodbyes before Grip comes. The Pit is a blackened, rocky area a ways outside of the hold. Ambrose has told me that people used to build giant wooden platforms to burn their dead. Grip just uses big flat rocks.
    I have several methods of getting ahold of Grip if I need to. You can always find a kid that can be bribed to take a message. I have a couple of ‘em that I know and use often. It’s more expensive to bribe adults, so I usually don't bother with them. If I can’t find a messenger or I’m really busy, I can climb up into my loft and hoist a piece of black cloth up a makeshift flagpole that’s on my roof. It makes the infirmary look kinda like pictures of pirate ships I’ve seen in books. But Grip knows what it means, and he usually shows up a while later. It's faster to use a messenger, but the dead aren't goin' anywhere."

    Female ganger, hates Brainers with a passion (for good reason), sort of irritable. She is carrying Easton's baby. She is considered dead, but really Amiette set her free and has told Bones.

    Gummer -
    ganger who worked for Turk, has no teeth, slept with Chin, now serves Alonzo as a Gray.

    Harridan - Brainer.

    Holder - Pryer, was knocked out by Frost.

    Honk - Ganger who used to watch Domino's trailer while she slept and was her driver, too. Now he's part of Jackabacka's gang in ShantyTown.

    Honest- 10 year old boy, apprentice to Barker. No one is sure where Barker found him or if they're related. Barker doesn't like to talk about it. The rumor is that Honest is Barker's nephew, and that his mother was a snow slave who died. Honest, despite his name, is quite the troublemaker.

    HR Support-
    ganger who serves Alonzo

    Hugo the Weaver -

    sells finely woven goods in the hold's market
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    I - L:

    Ik -

    member of Crackle's gang, a guard in the hold. Sturdy, wears heavy leathers and armor, carries a rifle.
    Bones: "Last time he was in the infirmary was about a year ago, and he got dragged in by Lala and Mice. He was half drunk which was the only reason they managed to haul him in. He’d taken a knife to the leg and had tried to bandage it up himself. By the time they brought him to me, it was pretty infected. He kept tryin' to insist he was fine, gettin' madder and madder. Mice started gettin' mad back until Ik lost his temper and started throwin' punches. I didn't duck fast enough an' got knocked clean off my feet, which cooled them all down pretty quick. I made Lala and Mice leave, an' I told Ik that if he didn't sit his sorry ass down I was gonna let his leg rot off. He was pretty sullen, but I think he felt bad for hittin' me when he was aimin' for Mice. As it turns out Ik can face a gang of screaming cannibals without flinchin’, but he can’t stand the sight of a needle. He bolted out pretty fast as soon as I let him leave after cleaning the wound and stitching him up, an' he hasn't been back since. I never told anyone about The Great Ik’s weakness, but I can tell it bugs him that I know. Don’t blame him. He’s a smart man for keeping those things secret."

    Imam - worker at the hold

    Jackabacka -

    older ganger, lost an ear, lieutenant for Domino

    Jean - ShantyTown ganger who attacked Never with his jacked-up jeep and van with knobby tires, barely survived Grekkor's retribution.

    Joansie - former member of Crackle's gang, close friend of Lala, was accused of stealing meat and exiled by Madame.

    Kettle -

    member of Never's flock, has a nasal voice, acts nervous.
    Never: "Something has changed in Kettle. He's been rattled pretty bad lately. Used to be he could hold it together."

    Lala -

    One of Crackle's gang, a guard for the hold, smokes hand-rolled cigs. His best friend was Joansie, but Joansie got in trouble with Madame and with Bones' help, Joansie left the hold with a traveling caravan. Lala had sex with Amiette
    "...this guy is really tall, probably six four. Broad-chested with dark brown skin, he wears braids down his back. Lala is the kind of guy who could be a warlord if he had the drive. But he doesn't. He works for Crackle. Before Crackle, he served Bill. Before Bill, he worked with his brothers, who are dead or gone now. He's older, he's seen it all."

    Lane - older lady in ShantyTown, was embarrassed by Grekkor, plots against him. Tried to get Domino to buy in, but she mocked her.

    Lick - male ShantyTowner, suspected of contracting the plague.

    Logic -

    Domino's brother, member of Never's flock.
    Ambrose: Haven't seen him since one of his meditation trances. That was after our little talk about the sanctity of love in contrast to his strange excessive and undiscriminating profligacy. That's when he stated his famous quote that I've defined him by since: the message of the universe is never as clear as when it's splayed across the pleasure-wracked body of one beside themselves with ecstasy.
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    M - P:

    Manx -

    female biker (Korean descent, mohawk, carries sawed-off shotgun with pistol grip, wears leathers), was second-in-command to Stripes, but left to work with Bones. She names her stuff (liquor bottle=Holtsclaw, motorcycle=Keeler, shotgun=Tandy)
    Ambrose: "She was (Stripes) second, tough as corrugated steel but mouthy as hell. She couldn't ride for months after that and while missing out on the gang's raids, she doped herself to oblivion, nearly gambling herself away as a snow slave to get a fix. Stripes dragged her back and sat her down with me for a private session, said if I couldn't make her see some value in her sorry life then good riddance to the bitch. Not sure what I did, but she's kept coming back on her own since. It's a challenge being wild as she is, yet gentle with that hip. Stripes brought me a book of dirty limericks from somewhere for my trouble. I hadn't asked for anything."

    Mayday - was the first female Pryer, a tomboy cousin of Mungo in her late twenties, jokingly mistaken for a boy (short hair, thick body, wears men's clothing).

    Melody -

    sister of Ba, was Grekkor's lover, reserved, not a fan of Brainers.

    Mice -

    One of Crackle's gang, a guard for the hold. Oldest of Crackle's men, salt-of-the-earth type. He has a secret hookup with Winona that few know about.
    Bones: "(I) realize Mice staring at me again. I’m about to ignore him, when I notice the funny look on his face. Damnit that’s not good. Last week he got dumped on my doorstep with a knife in his gut. I hauled him inside, but the wound was real bad. He was barely conscious and losing blood pretty fast. It was late, no one else was around, and I just couldn’t help myself. I opened my mind and his, and before I knew it I was cradling his face and sobbing and his eyes were wide open staring straight into mine. I stabbed him real quick with some chillstabs, probably more than I needed to, and soon he was snoring. He was pretty out of it, and I'm sure he can't remember much."
    Amiette: "Mice requires a regular supply of a certain delicacy to which I alone have access: Caswell-Massey's Number Six. I think it's used more as an inhalant than for actual personal grooming, but I look the other way in the interest of maintaining my hold."

    Mimi and Monk-

    old couple often seen at The Baths. Monk saw Ba leaving the hold, told Grekkor about it.

    Mungo- big, brawny member of the Pryers.
    Winona: "it was during a sojourn in the baths, with nobody else around, that Mungo let slip that he'd once gotten a bit, sauced I suppose, and attempted a move on Holder's young sister. The poor thing fled, and was found murdered by bandits the next day. I'd hate to think of what would happen if that information reached Holder's ears, but it's not just the threats that keep Mungo in line. I think he genuinely needs someone to tell him that it was just a mistake, he's not (solely) responsible for her death, and that he's still human. "Friend" might be too strong a word. "Advocate" might be better."
    Bones: "Things haven’t been good with me an’ Mungo. He had a little tiny animal, a monkey. He loved that thing, called it Ringo. Well it got sick one day an’ he brought it to me, beggin’ me to save it’s little life. I’d never even seen a monkey before. I didn’t know what kinda medicine it’d need, so I tried usin’ Spector. As it turns out, Spector doesn’t like animals much at all. It screamed as Spector killed it, a horrible noise that still haunts me, an’ I didn’t even hear it long cause Mungo came burstin’ in through the door where I made him wait outside an’ punched me hard enough to knock me out cold. I woke up alone on the floor with an achin’ head a while later. Mungo hasn’t talked to me since that day. I know he thinks I killed his monkey, but I also know he wouldn’t understand or believe the truth, so I just stay quiet about it an’ avoid him. "

    Norvell -

    A hard-working laborer, plain speaker who is looked at as a leader by most folks in the hold. He has a hole in his face from an animal attack. He doesn't care for finery, but relies upon Winona's hoard for backing and Corbett's political experience as well.
    Winona: "he's so coarse, always moving among the common folk and demeaning himself with their shared duties. A proper king should rule his loyal subjects from on high, not from the same dirt heaps they spend their days in. He is a fine physical specimen, however, the picture of unrefined masculinity, just aching for finery. Sadly, there's nothing to be done for his face."

    Omie -

    young kid, member of Pryers. Frost knocked out a few of his teeth, broke a few of his ribs. His dad taught him to fight, he doesn't bathe often.

    One Thumb - Bald bartender at Red House, lost his thumb a couple years ago, wears a fake one, he's sensitive about it.

    Payboy - member of the gang that attacked Never's flock. Hunted down by Wolf and the pack.
    Grekkor: "Payboy's information is pretty good. He's a ganger but not entirely stupid. If there is going to be a smart ganger, Grekkor makes an effort to have them as a friend. He'd never say he is Grekkor's spy. Nothing like that. He just rats out the more idiotic gangers on occasion. "culling the herd," he calls it."

    Peppering - ganger in Jean's gang, drove the van

    Pretzel -

    a female Pryer, recently returned from a supply haul, came back from Mesovin with new soap and lye.
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    R - S:

    Rim - worker in the hold, lives in ShantyTown
    Ambrose: "Rum, and many others, were witness when I skewered Rim through the thigh for chasing down and roughing up Chibi, another of Never's gang, when she finally got the balls to leave him a week or two ago. I tend to get protective of those kids—though she's hardly a kid anymore—even though they tend play accomplice in choosing rotten Shanty Town lovers, or in foolishly defying violent and wildly insecure authorities for no reason but pride and the idealism of youth. Regardless, I made sure Rim wouldn't be chasing down anyone anytime soon."

    River- 12 year old girl who helps in the kitchen. Likes to sing, but isn't really all there, so to say. She does have a talent for cooking, however. She is Old Mimi's granddaughter.

    Roark -

    worker in the hold, Norvell's good friend. Gave Amiette a secret message.

    Rothschild -

    gang leader who works for Amy in The Mountain. He carries Jurk's old Colt Revolver, about Wolf's age.

    Rum -

    musician in the hold, plays a diggeridoo. Lost his leg to gangrene, Bones saved his life.
    Bones: "It’s odd to me that Rum still always greets me after I had to cut off his leg. Most people aren’t too keen on being friendly after something like that. Rum seems to be a good person, though I guess I don’t know for sure. I try to avoid talking to him unless he has a question about his injury."

    Spurlock -

    male ganger, once second-in-command to Turk in his gang, was part of Domino's Resplendent Horde, now serves Alonzo

    Stirrup - female ShantyTowner, suspected of contracting the plague
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    T - Z:

    Takeback -
    ganger who serves Alonzo.

    Tar Pit - elder Pryer, father of Mungo, too old to stand watch, he sits under a metal umbrella on the roof of the hold with a sniper rifle.

    Thatch -

    pretty blonde drug pusher who was exiled from the hold.
    Ambrose: "I moved out of there and claimed Waterberth when Madame confiscated the whole opiate operation that gorgeous-haired blonde Thatch had been funneling through there.
    Thatch was pissed enough at Madame—and at the time I could relate—that she was glad enough to have something pleasant fill the space that she let me take over it’s care without fuss... Well a little fuss, but the good kind. She operates out of various holds far afield, so all she demands is that I keep it a safe, clean, pleasant place where she can always stay or stow gear for a night, or a week when she’s working some gig in the area.
    I gladly marry my open hospitality with a modicum of privacy, the hold understands me, and it’s worked out well for all of us. But damn, I can’t get over her hair. I don’t know how she keeps the wide-curled volume and golden lustre with all that travel through the snow, but I gotta get her to share her secret one of these days, maybe when I get her to also teach me to be so damn slick on gasoline and wheels... Heh. Well a guy can dream."

    Trinkle -

    male half-brother of Grekkor, currently serving warlord Domino as a manservant.
    Grekkor: "Trinkle is unpredictable, but his art is also fascinating because of it."

    Trix - scarred person in ShantyTown, normally hangs out at a seedy bar, helped Never once.


    Member of Chigger's gang, formerly of Domino's horde. Carries a frickin claymore sword. Now he follows Amiette

    Ula -

    long-haired, dark-skinned woman at The Baths. She hums wordless tunes that gain meaning in the psychic maelstrom somehow.
    Grekkor: "Ula can get terribly meditative. Sometimes she forgets to eat. The fact that she is combing her hair is a good sign. Only when catatonic does Grekkor worry."

    Whey Slacks - Savvyhead who started off in Stripes gang, but left with Domino when she was exiled by Madame. He ended up working with Jackabacka.
    Ambrose: "When Domino left, she hauled away Whey Slacks with her. She had been Stripes' gang's primo Savvyhead and one of the original reasons they kept cycling back here and making a regular pseuso-home of it rather than flowing on like the wind as most Chopper gangs do."

    Winkle - Pryer, older, been around a while. Asked Bones for some meds for his pain, got his knee busted up bad by Frost.

    Wisher -

    member of Never's flock, she was close with Crine, torn up about his death. Now she follows Amiette

    Wolf -

    brother of Bones, tall and lean. Blamed Bones for Dune, their youngest brother's, death

    Yoyo - ganger who rides a four-wheeler, wears a helmet. He chickened out of a face off with Grekkor.
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    Members of the Hold:
    Barker (m)
    Bendrix (m)
    Corbett (m)
    Exit (f)
    Fleece (f)
    Ghost (m)
    Grip (m)
    Honest (m)
    Hugo the Weaver (m)
    Imam (m)
    Norvell (m)
    Rim (m)
    River (f)
    Roark (m)
    Rum (m)
    Shazza (f)
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    Grekkor's Gang:

    The New Pryers (formerly Ba's Kin):
    Unca Jess (m)
    Trivette (m)
    Metcalf (m) (scouted Harridan)
    Tipton (m)
    Shelton (m)
    Hensley (m)
    Bailey (m)
    Seeley (m):
    Sullivan (m):image
    Tilson (m)
    Edwards (m)
    Fitteen (f)
    Melody? (f)

    The Old Pryers:
    Chack (m)
    Holder (m)
    Omie (m)

    Winkle (m)
    Mungo (m)
    Tar Pit (m)
    Arizona (m)
    Mayday (f)
    Pretzel (f)
    Fuse (m)

    Bath denizens:
    Flite (m)
    Jeanette (f)
    Mimi (f)
    Monk (m)
    Ula (f)
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    Crackle's Boys:
    Crackle (m)
    Ik (m)
    Lala (m)
    Mice (m)
    Crawley (m)
    Riddle (m)
    Luis (m)
    Day (f)
    Joe's Girl (f)

    Stripes Excellent Cyclists:
    Stripes (m)
    Manx (f)
    Keeler (m)
    Dong (m)
    Glaze (m)
    Knuckleface (m)
    Dogboy (m)
    Rambler (m)
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    Domino's Resplendent Horde:
    Domino (f) (dead)
    Frost (m) (dead)

    Gang 1:
    Jackabacka (m)
    Easton (m)

    Honk (m)
    Yoyo (m)
    Tse Tse (f)
    Zip Zip (m)
    Chime ("m")
    J-Bay (m)
    (3 others)

    Chigger's Gang:
    Chigger (m)

    Trundlerock (aka "Rock") (m)
    Schooner (m)
    Cleaver (m)
    Popcorn (m)
    Suitcase (m)
    Blacktop (m) (dead)
    Dambi (f)
    Sark (f)
    (7 others)
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    Wolf's Pack

    Wolf -




    Jersey (died attacking Harridan's convoy)

    Scar (died attacking Harridan's convoy)


    The Dune Buggy

    The Ponchos
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    Vulture's Gang:
    Vulture (m)
    Swoozie (f)

    Cheesewhiz (m)
    Nedder (m) - has big bushy blonde eyebrows
    Algonquin (m)
    Tangerine (m)
    Draino (m)
    Poot (f)
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    The Grays
    Alonzo's Gang:

    Alonzo (m)

    Sails (m)

    Jeff (f)

    Pace (m)

    Trinkle (m)

    Spurlock (m)

    Gummer (m)
    Takeback (m) (died defending the Springs)
    HR Support (m)
    Jupiter (m)
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    Red House:

    Big Daddy (m)
    One Thumb (m)
    Gossamer (m)
    Coo-Coo (m)
    Merry (f) - Big Daddy's star whore, she was the plague-carrier, bu Bones cured her.

    Chin (f)
    Calendar (f) - a retired whore who now works as the "den mother". She trains in new girls and plays piano in the common room at Red House. She was the mistress of Amiette's father years ago.
    Raven (f)
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    The Dead:
    Baby - member of Turk's gang, was executed by Grekkor after he tried to shake down Bones and was shot
    Balls - aka Pelo; member of Never's flock, said he was good at fixing engines, ran around with Chin sometimes. He was a simple guy. Beaten to death by Boag.
    Boag - Beast of a man who serves Domino's horde as a gladiator. Bones cut him deep when he killed the young man known as Balls. Boag was wounded by Bones, then Ambrose and later killed by a psychic blast from Amiette.
    Crackle - he was Madame's majordomo, has his own small gang. He's trying to hold onto his power base with Domino taking over. Crackle considers himself a sharp fellow, he likes figuring things out and revealing them to people; he was assassinated by Winter
    Crine - member of Never's flock, was killed by Peppering and Jean's gang.
    Domino - was leader of a large gang, was Frost's lover, exiled by Madame, returned after being promised she could be head of security for the hold by Winona. Killed by Chigger, choked to death.
    Duke -ganger who came into Market and shot Putrid. Bones killed him with a well-thrown knife.
    Dazz - shotgun wielding ganger, was part of Turk's gang, tried to shake down Bones, got shot by Joe's Girl and Manx and died
    Frost -big, tough ganger who was Domino's lover and second-in-command, killed by Grekkor in front of The Baths.
    G-String (f) - half-sister of Spurlock, pregnant, thought to be dead, but Amiette sent her away. Bones knows, too.
    H -girl who was part of Never's flock until she OD'd on some bad smack from ShantyTown. Peppering was her brother.
    Howar -was one of three leaders of the Armory Boys, was killed by Grekkor's hand after he fell to Harridan's puppet plague.
    Jeanette - she runs The Baths, has some engineering skills, also a trained masseuse. She was murdered by Crawley.
    Joe's Girl - One of Crackle's gang, a guard for the hold. Female, young, infatuated with Amiette. She was shot by Turk's gang in front of Amiette's flat.
    Keeler- member of Stripes gang. Taken down by Sable's sniping.
    Marcelline -Amiette's mother, lover of Corbett, she loved him very much.
    Putrid -merchant at the Market, killed by Duke the ganger. Died in Bones' arms when she was trying to heal him.
    Shan - member of Never's flock, has too large eyes and green hair. She has a deep accent where she adds "yuh" to words. She admitted to murdering Isle in ShantyTown with Fuse. Grekkor executed her at Grip's shack.
    Shazza -

    gardener of the hold, in her thirties, almost always covered in dirt, speaks oddly, her words seem to run together. Her mother's name was Shazza,as was her mother's mother.
    Shutout - asian ganger with a cool baton, part of Turk's gang, he killed Joe's Girl but got shot down in the fight
    Stripes - male Chopper alpha, biggest fan of Ambrose; was killed in a fight with Wolf and the pack
    Turk - a lanky guy with dragon tattoos on his arms, served under Domino, had a wife and kid, led about a dozen folks and worked briefly under Crackle's. Turk was responsible for setting up the Pit Fight where Boag killed Balls and nearly killed Chibi and Bones. He died a week later from a neck wound that Bones refused to heal.
    Veils -man from Mesovin who met Grekkor.
    Grekkor: "The man, Veils, said he had heard of a woman, someone by the name of Never. When Grekkor said he knew her, this man, Veils, got very excited. That he "had a plan" for her. That he heard of her and wanted to learn more from her, but then he would titter and laugh-- as though keeper of some private joke. But beyond that the man was dignified, clean (as clean as one could be in the ash). He would say quiet, reflective thoughts that made Grekkor pause and relish his life. At that point, the man, Veils, was still worthy. So Grekkor lead the way.
    It wasn't until the man attacked the dogs. He pulled, from his pack, Veils did-- he pulled out a blade with poison on it. He was whispering to himself that it was "the gift" and "part of the plan" but he "had to test it first." And then he lunged at the dogs.
    They snarled and darted. The chains held them, though. It was close, but Grekkor had two knives in him, the man, Veils, before the poison could touch the hounds."

    A younger ganger from Domino's Resplendent Horde, ran a group of smash and grabbers, used to know Bones. Was assassinated while having sex with Thatch by Winter.
    Wainscott -handsome teen, was member of Never's flock, was eviscerated for a reading of entrails after he died.
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  • ShantyTown
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    The first pic is a general layout of the place. the "ceiling" was originally glass, but has since been replaced with colored fabrics, so the sunlight dapples through like stained glass windows.

    The second pic here, that's a recess that would have the circle bed that Ambrose uses.

    This last bit is some inspiration for the structure.

    Never's Kids are either sleeping on pallets on the floor or up in beams on hammocks.
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    Bones Infirmary

    A small house built in a courtyard within the hold, Bones took this over as her place to crash and see patients. She sleeps in the loft, patients are seen in the floor on the ground level. The second floor window is slightly broken.
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    Thanks to Rustin, we have a super sweet map for Ashen Snow!
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