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Alvin "Nyx" Foster

Has suffered 2-harm.


Alvin is a disheveled and somewhat girlish boy, small for his age and known only for being quiet and shy. He would spend lunches playing games alone or with his book club friends in the library. But something happened over the break, first day back Alvin has changed.

What nobody knows is that he's been adopted by the fae.

Hot +2, Cold 0, Volatile =0, Dark +1

(X) (X) ( ) ( ) ( )

• Faery Contract
If someone breaks a promise or contract made to you, take a String on them. When spending a String to even out the score and get justice on a broken promise, add these options:
• they fuck up something simple at a crucial moment;
• add 2 to your roll on an act of vengeance;
• they suffer 1 harm, whether the cause is obvious or not.

The Constant Bargain
When someone asks you to do something important for them, and you do it, roll with hot. On a 10 up, they lose a String on you, and you gain one on them. • On a 7-9, choose one or
the other. • On a miss, you’ve shown that they can walk all over you, and they take a String on you.

• Unashamed
You can give someone a String on you to add 3 to your attempt to turn them on.

The Wild Hunt
When you draw upon your most feral manner, echoing the lithe movements
of a cat or the voracity of a wolf, add 1 to your roll to turn someone on.

• Beyond The Veil
When you attempt to commune with the Faery King, gaze into the abyss.
• On a 10 up, add this option to the list: find a hidden String against someone.
• On a 7-9, add this option to the list: the visions are clear, but the Faery King demands a favor of you.

• Short rest for the wicked (Ghoul)
When you die, wait it out. Some hours later, you wake up fully healed.

• Make Others Feel Beautiful (Growing Up)
When you make others feel beautiful roll with hot. On a 10 up, chose two:
• they carry one forward:
• they remove a Condition:
• they mark experience:
• you carry 1 forward.
On a 7-9, you can offer them an experience point to do what you want.

•Call People on their Shit (Growing Up)
When you call people in their shit roll with cold. On a 10 up, chose one:
• they lose a string against someone else
• they freeze up, break down, or bail
On a 7-9, choose one and they give you a condition.

Whenever someone makes a promise to you, they mark experience. Whenever someone breaks a promise to you and you seek vengeance, mark experience.

If you spend a String on someone willing, you can bring them across the veil, into the faery court. The spell doesn’t last long, though, before you’re both returned to the mundane world.

Sex Move
When you lie naked with another, you can ask them for a promise. If they refuse, take 2 Strings on them.

Holly: 2 (I've caught her fancy, from backstory, turned her on after the party)
Nula: 2* (I've stolen her pelt and hidden it away) (She broke her promise to meet me)
Hayden: 3 (Turned her on in class, and at the beach party, and in her parents room)
Teddy: 1 (Poking her nose into Fae affairs, Refused to promise me after laying with me, turned her on at my place)
Chad: 0 (Turned him on (squick) about Ashley)
Ashley: 1* (We didn't have fun together, like she promised)
Brad: 1 (Turned him on near the pool - shameless)
Detective Cross: 1 (I know she wishes she had a child)
Myrii: 0 (She went to Teddy instead of me for help investigating the murder.)
Robbie Benton: 0 (turned him on making out with his mom)
Aubrey: 0 (Turned her on)
Mar: 1 (Kicked his ass a little)

* indicates string(s) from broken promises which can be spent for extra effect.


I have suffered one harm being punched in the face and gut by Joey.

(•) Fae Move
( ) Fae Move
(•) Take a move from another skin
( ) Take a move from another skin
( ) You belong to a Jury of Fae
( ) Add 1 to Hot
(• ) Add 1 to Cold
(•) Add 1 to Volatile
( ) Add 1 to Dark

(•) Two Growing Up Moves

Some more details:

Alvin has an older brother, Chad who is a senior in the same school and being considered fro a football scholarship at several schools. His little sister Angela is a model... well, his mother wishes she were and they go all over the place doing appearances and trying to get commercials and stuff.... Alvin, the easily overlooked middle child is more or less invisible to them, unless he's done something wrong. He's often left alone at home, and more and more frequently sleeps out in the woods where he's always felt more at home.

Alvin has a secret place somewhere in the woods... and that's where he was adopted by his new family. But we can learn about that later.

But now his father is back from the weeks long trip to Notre Dame, UT and some number of other colleges with Chad and now Alvin is expected to return to school.


  • Cool. You and Chad only a year apart, huh? How about your sister? Is she junior high or freshman?
  • She's 8th or 9th grade I guess.. not sure if it's a 4-year or 3-year high school around wherever we end up.
  • It's a 4 year, but we could make it whatever.
  • @Michael - I thought we might open with first day of school and I can just describe it. But he's become alluring and weird and some kind of strangely attractive, yeah.
  • Posted By: trevisWhen you emerge from your hiding place... where is it anyway?
    My secret place is North of the road as it passes Eagle Lake, up near the breakneck ponds. (Eagle lake is the largest lake on the island, easily visible West of Bar Harbor)
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    Something important which I don't believe I've mentioned:


    I don't intend to make the faerie court and its politics an important part of my character. Although I am adopted by the fae, I am still kind of an outsider to that part of the society. I'm very tied to the material world after all. But I think I use my move, Beyond the Veil to commune with the faerie king (or someone on the other side) and ask questions. I don't believe I've been there in body, though I may have been there as if in a dream during those early days... he or his queen probably the one who offered my the chance, right? Important: To commune with the faerie court, Nyx has to look into water, preferably falling or running water like a spring, a stream, or notably, the froggy fountain in my yard. There's no specific rules for this but it's how it works for Nyx. Water is important to him, so meeting Myrii is perfectly aligned with what I already had in mind for him.

    Most fae I've met have been dreamy ethereal things of the forest and I don't expect to meet the faerie king face to face, I don't find that especially interesting (though things might change, if I get the move to go to the fae realm then who knows) I think when I speak to the faery king with the Beyond the Veil move, others will simply see me kind of entranced by the water, maybe speaking in whispers. They wouldn't hear or see what I see, unless also very in tune with the fae realm.

    Make sense MC? Others?
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    Myrii: - Has promised Nyx to go to him if she needs help investigating Aubrey's murder.
    Myrii: - Has promised never to tell a human what she really is. (BROKEN)
    Nula: - Has promised to come meet me by the equipment shed. (BROKEN)
    Holly: - Has promised to see me/walk home after school. (KEPT)
    Ashley: - Promised we would all have fun together after class. (BROKEN)
    Teddy: - Promised not to tell another human being what happened at Myriis pond or that I was there.
    Holly: - Promised to ask me before having sex with any boy.
    Aubrey: - Promised not to tell anyone where my hideout is
    Aubrey: - Promised not to let anyone see her
    Teddy: Promised to take Nulas pelt to her. Kept, thank you.
    Aubrey: Promised we will be together no matter what
    Nula promised not to tell that I was there at Jarrod's house.

    I promised Teddy to listen to whatever she has to say, whatever she needs to say, and to never tell a soul. I think this has kind of expired.
    I promised officer Parr (Described as the blond lady) that I will watch out for Holly at school and to tell her if she (The officer) can do anything to help Holly.

    I promised Nula to return her pelt. Kept, indirectly.
  • Go for it. In probably taking something else but if it turns out the same that's OK too
  • Taking short rest for the wicked from the Ghoul playbook as my advance.
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    Taking season advance: Two Growing up moves.

    Cause Nyx is so fucking mature.

    Make someone feel beautiful


    Intervene against an act of violence
  • Awwww. Holly took those, too
  • I'll switch intervene with something.
  • Next advance. +1 Cold.
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