[MH] Teddy Ellis

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Theodora Ellis
Hot+3*, Cold+1, Volatile=0, Dark+3*
Current XP: [-] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Current Harm: [-] [-] [-] [ ]

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A girl next door with a doe eyes and an awkward manner.

Teddy's involved with the school's broadcast program, which has been running for just a few years, ever since they got that grant and converted a room for use as a studio. The broadcast club isn't big, but it's pretty dedicated, made up of students who are really serious about music. They also do the school's live sports broadcasts, and that's probably where Alvin would have gotten to know of Teddy, since she's one of the more competent announcers. For the new girls, there's only a couple of radio stations that reach out here on this side of the island, so possibly you'd have heard Teddy's voice during the summer music schedule.

Broadcast aside, Teddy's been a fairly middle-of-the-pack student, too boyish to be popular and too normal (except her name) to attract much abuse. In the classroom, she's an okay back-of-the-room sort of student, with alright grades despite a tendency to be late or drowsy early in the day. She's kind of distractible. She has friends in broadcast and newspaper, and she often hangs out with the stoners. While she's into music, she's not in the music program. She doesn't play music, herself, but she wants to get into producing, she thinks?

On weekend nights, she takes the bus off the island to Ellsworth, where the new biotech industry brought in enough young talent that the town's developing some nightlife. There's a club or two now, and one of them is big with part of the student body. Teddy's into the party scene there, and she rides up to Bangor every weekend or so to find a rave. She buses to Ellsworth on some weeknights, too, which is unusual among the students ... she's trying to get into the music scene, DJing or something, but hasn't yet worked up the nerve to do more than just hang around the clubs.

She has a weekend drug habit that's not obvious to those who don't party with her, since she's good about staying sober during the week. She often crashes during those first couple days of the week, which someone might've noticed, dunno. Mostly it's ecstasy and weed, with a bit of ketamine sometimes.

Teddy's been noticing that if she does something harder than usual, or if she gets high and works herself to exhaustion, she sees really weird ... stuff. Sometimes even, like, she sees things that are going to happen before they happen. And she's been worried lately about these migraines and bloody noses, often accompanied by hallucinations, all of this while she's not using. Just, during the week or whatever. Maybe she's getting something that stays in your system, like LSD's supposed to, or something? She's ordered a pill testing kit from the net, and she's started using it religiously.

She doesn't talk about it, really, but Teddy's home is pretty empty. She lives with just her mom, who holds down two or three jobs and is usually either gone or asleep when Teddy's at home. They're reasonably comfortable, money-wise, but it's pretty lonely. That's probably why Teddy volunteers to do the weeknight evening shift for the broadcast club, going from about 5:00 to 9:00, sometimes later.

Darkest Self

You can’t get what you need, anymore. The world has left you cold and alone, shivering in the wake of your own addictions. The dark power will make some open-ended demands of you, and it’ll promise you some lucrative (and perhaps volatile) things in return. Every demand you fulfill brings you a little closer to feeling whole again, to rekindling the fire in your heart. Whenever you fulfill those demands, remove a String it holds on you. You escape your Darkest Self when the dark power has no more Strings on you, or when you agree to an even worse bargain with an even more dangerous dark power.
Infernal sex move: When you have sex, the Faery King loses a String on you and gains a String on whoever you had sex with.
Soul Debt: You owe a debt to the Faery King, he has made Bargains with you, and he can hold Strings against you. Whenever he collects 5 Strings against you, trigger your Darkest Self.
True Love: You always have exactly one lover. The first is chosen during your backstory. If you ever fall in love with someone else instead, give them a String and they become your new lover. You always carry 1 forward to earning your lover’s heart or fancy.
Beyond The Veil: When you attempt to commune with the Faery King, gaze into the abyss. On a 10 up, add this option to the list: find a hidden String against someone. On a 7-9, add this option to the list: the visions are clear, but the Faery King demands a favor of you.
Can’t Save Myself: When somebody saves you from forces too powerful for you to reckon with, they mark experience, and you gain a String on them.
The Constant Bargain: When someone asks you to do something important for them, and you do it, roll with hot. On a 10 up, they lose a String on you, and you gain one on them. • On a 7-9, choose one or the other. • On a miss, you’ve shown that they can walk all over you, and they take a String on you.
Down the Rabbit Hole: When you go poking your nose in affairs not meant for your kind, someone involved in the situation gains a String on you, and you mark experience.
Downward Spiral: When you gaze into the abyss, you may cause yourself 1 harm. If you do, add 2 to your roll.
Entrenched: If you and another character have a total of 5 or more Strings on one another, gain 1 to all rolls against them.
Guide: If you spend a String on someone willing, you can bring them across the veil, into the faery court. The spell doesn’t last long, though, before you’re both returned to the mundane world.
Hungry Ghost: You find sustenance in sadness. When others dump their emotional problems on you, roll with dark. On a 10 up, they lose all their conditions, and you choose one:
• Mark experience,
• Carry one forward,
• Gain a String on them

On a 7-9, they choose one:
• They lose all their conditions,
• They gain a String on you.
Make Others Feel Beautiful: When you make others feel beautiful, roll with hot. On a 10 up, choose two:
• they carry 1 forward;
• they remove a Condition;
• they mark experience;
• you carry 1 forward.
On a 7-9, you can offer them an experience point to do what you want.
Share Your Pain: When you share your pain, roll with dark. On a 10 up, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one:
• remove a Condition (from yourself or someone who listened);
• carry 1 forward toward helping yourself;
• those who listened carry 1 forward toward helping you.
Unknowable: When you lash out physically against someone, on a 10 up, they lose 1 String on you. • On a 7-9, add to your list of options: they lose 1 String on you.
Vengeful: Whenever you lash out physically at someone with the blamed condition, roll using Dark. Add 1 extra harm to whatever harm you deal.
[-] Take another Infernal move (Can't Save Myself).
[-] Take the remaining Bargains.
[ ] Create a new Bargain (MC approval).
[-] Take a move from another Skin (Vengeful).
[-] Take a move from another Skin (Guide).
[ ] You supply for Needy Fiends.
[-] Add 1 to Hot (max 3).
[-] Add 1 to Cold (max 3).
[ ] Add 1 to Volatile (max 3).
[-] Add 1 to Dark (max 3).


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    Elsewise Power: You can give the dark power a String to use a move you don’t have, just this once. This move can come from any playbook.
    Numbing It Out: You can give the dark power a String in order to remove a Condition or up to two harm.
    Strings Attached: You can ask the dark power for something that you really, really want. The MC will attach a price to the thing you want, and hint at an undesired twist in its nature. If you pay the price, you’ll get what you’re after.
    The Power Flows Through You: You can give the dark power a String in order to add 2 to your next roll (choose before rolling).
    Uncanny Voices: You can give the dark power a String in order to realize a secret about someone you’re talking to. The owner of that character will reveal one of their secret fears, secret desires, or secret strengths (they choose).
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    NPC Strings

    [-] [ ] [ ] The Faery King (+1); blamed
    [-] The Faery Queen (+1); petty
    [-] [ ] [ ] Myrii (+1)

    [-] Deputy Cross
    [-] Mrs. Glen; blamed
    [-] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Ashley Lange (+1)
    [-] [ ] Brad Noble; in love with Teddy Ellis
    [-] [-] [ ] Adam Walsh (+1); blamed
    [ ] Eric

    [-] [-] Mom; blamed
    [ ] Dad
  • Image added to the top of this thread. Hopefully everyone can see it - I'm using Dropbox as an image host.
  • I can see it.
  • I want to say that the radio station is set up in rooms 344 and 444 on the school map: "General Receiving", so basically the loading dock. The school has an A/V room (room 122), but the art program didn't want to give over space, so the broadcast program had to beg and borrow, and ended up with the loading dock.

    The walls and doors and everything have quilting hung up for basic soundproofing, and there's a simple array of broadcasting equipment set out. There's a hole drilled through the big loading dock door, and the cables for the roof antenna run outside through there and up the wall to the roof. The normal-sized door outside is locked, but our student IDs work as keycards to swipe in through that door, since we need building access for the late and early shifts. Room 444 is a tiny little soundproofed break room where people can wait while the main room is live. It's all pretty low-rent.

    If we want to do anything fancy with recording and editing, we might have to go over to the A/V room (depending on what it is), but we have what we need to do live broadcasts and to play music off our hard drives.

    The broadcast program is both a class and a club. During the school day, we run the station in short shifts with whoever is in that period's broadcast class. Then there's the early shift, the afternoon shift, and the late shift. Between maybe 9:00pm and 6:00am, the station is usually on autopilot, though the late shift might always stay later and the early shift sometimes shows up earlier. Shifts are usually just one or sometimes two people, since the club is small.

    The station programming is mostly just music, no real talk radio component. There's the occasional news minute, and we broadcast coverage of major school sports, but mostly music. Due to a quirk of geography, we're the only station you can pick up on this side of the island that carries pop and rock music ... everything else is country, oldies, and that one AM station with the crazy revivalist preacher. Oh, and NPR. We're not ad-supported, so there aren't any normal commercials, but there is a peppering of short public service announcements from the Ad Council and guys like that.
  • I have a buddy from college who has the symbol of chaos tattooed on his leg.
  • Good on him.

    I think Teddy has romantic notions about chemically-altered states of consciousness, but she's certainly not into chaos magic. Or magic at all, since that's all nonsense. But shrooms totally do make you telepathic.
  • Is this ... the game's first advancement? First!

    Taking +1cold, because the 5th mark of xp was a bribe to go give Nyx a talking to.
  • You always have exactly one lover. The first is chosen during your backstory. If you ever fall in love with someone else instead, give them a String and they become your new lover. You always carry 1 forward to earning your lover’s heart or fancy.
    Do I carry +1forward to rolls tangential (but related) to earning my lover's fancy? For instance, if I'm coming down hard on Nyx because I think Nula will appreciate it, do I take the +1forward on my Shut Someone Down roll? Or just for direct stuff, when I'm actually rolling to Turn Nula On, or something like that?
  • I think if its clear that you're doing something for Nula to help earn her fancy that you get the +1
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    With the fey stuff flying around, I'm going to take Beyond the Veil from the Fae playbook. Also because I've thus far felt only loosely tied to Nyx.

    The move says "when you attempt to commune with the Faery King", but I don't presently know that a Faery King exists, so I'm unlikely to attempt such a thing. So, either the King could reveal himself to me (or to me/Nyx/Myrii), or it could be that the next time I gaze into the abyss, he intervenes and contacts me for his own reasons (possibly because I'm involved with Nyx or something, possibly because I'm just psychically sensitive, possibly a little of both). Or whatever, as long as he gets that hook in on me.

    Also, it's not particularly important to me that I be communing with the King, per se. That could make an interesting triangle with Nyx, but if it'd be more interesting to have Nyx and I communing with different fey entities, that's fine. Of course, depending on the circumstances, I might not know who I'm communing with at all. Unlike Nyx, I don't have even a vague understanding of fey matters.
  • I could read "the faery king" as "the fae realm" or whatever. I don't really want a face to face with the fae king, for instance... though yeah it could happen.
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    I'm pretty sure the move is meant to put you in touch with a specific NPC. I mean, it's all "the Faery King demands a favor of you", and that.

    Not necessarily a face to face, but "communing", for sure. That much is explicit.
  • Granted, wtf is "communing"? I imagine a lot of that would be dreamlike impressions sent to you by the King, though it certainly could be some kind of telepathic conversation. I suppose wouldn't mind either way.
  • I think it's a little like opening your brain... it's different for each of us.
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    New MC question:

    Do you think Teddy's sex move triggers when she has sex with an NPC? They don't have Darkest Selves, per se, but I could see something along those lines happening anyway. If it doesn't work on NPCs, that might affect my behavior a little, since it would mean that NPC-sex is safer, but PC-sex is more interesting.
  • I don't really see it, to be honest. The mortal sex move is really specifically designed to trigger the supers. Maybe if there were an NPC supernatural I would consider it.
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    Oh, that's fine. I just wanted to check. PC-sex was already going to be more interesting, just because they're PCs. This just means that if I want to create a monster, I need to focus on only three candidates.
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    3rd improvement. Since I'm digging in my heels with Nula right now, this seems like a good time to take another mortal move:
    Entrenched: If you and another character have a total of 5 or more Strings on one another, gain 1 to all rolls against them.
    Currently, it only applies to Nula, but I'm pretty close on both Holly and Nyx (4 total for each). Nowhere near close for any NPCs, though.
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    4th improvement. I'm taking The Constant Bargain from the fae playbook. It rewards me for doing things for people (important things, anyway), so please! Ask me to do stuff.
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    5th improvement. Since everyone keeps dumping their emotional problems on me anyway, I'm taking the Hungry Ghost move, from the Ghost skin. It would've been especially nice to take that right after getting shot by Cross, but I guess the timing just didn't work out.

    See the move documented above, but basically, you should tell me all your troubles! If you do, I might be able to erase all of your conditions, or you might gain a String on me. Good deal!

    I'm a good listener.
  • MC question. I'm looking at season improvements, and I'm thinking the one I take might be a skin change. I don't think I want to go Fae, though. I don't really like the skin that much, and Nyx has it sewn up already anyway (and I'm stepping on his toes enough).

    So I was thinking that Teddy might instead start in the shallow end of the pool by switching to Infernal, using the Faery King as her dark power. She'll keep digging herself deeper into fey affairs, and in a couple of advancements maybe she'll be ready to reach for a pact.

    The question is, do you agree that the Faery King can serve as a dark power? It doesn't seem like the power has to be outright evil, just big and scary and dark, which I think works okay for the King.
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    I think the King can be your Power if you like, no problem. I don't think he's evil, just powerful and utterly inhuman. That ought to work. Remember you can only take one season advance. If we do another season, they're locked again I think.
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    Yup. One season advance, then you start over. A couple of the growing up moves are kind of interesting, but I'm not sure Teddy's really ready for those yet. And the other season options are the fiddly rewrite advances, and I don't have any particular ideas along those lines.

    I could retire her, but ... not really. I like her.
  • Is Nicole De Boer okay for Teddy's mom?

    And I like Teddy too, I'd be interested to see a whole other season with her.
  • ^ Looks good.
  • 6th improvement. Just a simple +1volatile.
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