[MH] Backstory Strings and Stat highlights

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Lets do the backstory strings and highlights here. Just in case the title wasn't obvious. I'll put the table in this post.


  • Okie dokie.
  • Let's have Teddy see through Holly. Feel free to be antagonistic to her with Teddy, that works for me. She needs to start low and condition-ifed.

    And Holly studied Alvin BEFORE. So, still strings, but wow, he's not like this.
    So I have 2 Strings on Holly, is that right?
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    So I have 2 Strings on Holly, is that right?
    uh huh
  • [Nyx]


    I wear my heart on my sleve, everyone gets 1 string on me.
    I have captured someone's fancy... any volunteers? It doesn't sound like anyone would capture Hollys fancy, what about the Selkie?
  • On the other hand, Holly is very impressionable. Maybe you turned on the sex appeal and it just stuck.
  • Holly can be easily fascinated. She did follow him around for a while. But if K (red) wants it, take it.
  • I could see Nula being fascinated by Nyx!
  • Consider it done, Nyx takes 2 strings on Nula.
  • There's a little bug in the table where Teddy meets Teddy.
  • So in the Selkie's backstory, someone has stolen her pelt knowing full well what it does to her. So even though she's new in town, someone's figured out what she is already...any takers on that?
  • I don't know how I'd know something that specific. I'd generally rather not, in any case. I've already detected that something wrong with Holly, so identifying a second supernatural sounds like a stretch.
  • Nyx could have the pelt but I don't want us only to connect to each other.
  • Well we could always go back to Holly being fascinated with Nyx if that's easier. Something tricky like stealing her pelt does seem very fae-like.
  • Maybe Holly should be fascinated and Nyx could have the pelt?
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    Nyx could have the pelt but I don't want us only to connect to each other.
    I'll connect to one of you, at least. Actually, yeah, I think I have a hook for each of you (though only one Backstory connection, obviously). And a relationship where Nula fancies Nyx even though he stole her pelt would be neat, I think. *shrug*

    It does really sound like Nyx would be the one with the pelt, though. Dunno why he would, but it's far less plausible for the rest of us.
  • I have one more, Nula saw someone swimming, but they either didn't see her or didn't recognize her (what with the whole seal thing)....I'm thinking Teddy? Would Teddy swim in the ocean?
  • Oh, sure. I grew up here, so surely I swim sometimes. I imagine the Maine ocean is pretty cold, but it's apparently right at the end of summer right now.

    You saw me swimming at night. I was coming back from Ellsworth, and I was still high ... I couldn't cool off, felt feverish, swam for a while until I came down.
  • red
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    Sweet! Nula has one string on Teddy then.

    If Nyx decides to take Nula's pelt, he has 2 strings on her. And he can also demand she do something to get it back.
  • the table right now assumes that Nyx has the Pelt and that Holly is fascinated with Nyx.
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    I'll be busy at work all day tomorrow, so I'm just going to do my go now, even with that unresolved. You'll be able to get into the stat highlights, that way.

    With Holly, I've "seen through your invented past, and realized it’s all lies". I want to say I've already done that, before school starts. I've been in and out of school all summer (at the radio station), so probably I ran into you when you had to come in and register with your foster parents. Or possibly we just live right next to one another. Either way, I talked to you, and then just a bit later I got this rediculous migraine, unintentionally gazing into the abyss, and the abyss totally spilled the beans on you (as it does).

    I don't know what's up with you, but your story is all lies, and I know there's something really wrong with you even beyond that.

    Now Nyx, me and you don't have a particular Strings tie, but I think I'm going to try to take your Beyond the Veil move as a cross-skin move, if that's alright. And I'll do it sooner than later, because I want to see the PC-NPC-PC triangle that that would set up.

    Also, hey, you're totally my type all of a sudden, which is weird. There's totally a "oh, who's the cute new ... wait, is that Alvin" moment there, not that any of that's happened yet. Still, when it does happen, you'll probably see me sit up and take notice, and I invite you to take that opportunity to turn me on, 'cause you're already basically there I guess.

    But the even weirder thing is that even though you are my type and everything, you aren't my lover. No, the new girl (not the freaky one, the other one: Nula), she's my lover, even if she doesn't know it yet. And even if that is, even to me, really deeply confusing. I mean, look, I'm straight, so don't get me wrong but ... I don't even know. I think I'm in love. I wonder if she likes to dance?

    So, uh, Nula, I think that means you get 3 more Strings on me. And I get 1 String on you.
  • Posted By: Michael LoyAnd I'll do it sooner than later, because I want to see the PC-NPC-PC triangle that that would set up.
    I don't mind you taking the move but I'd like to see it make sense fictionally. There's obviously many ways that could happen. :-)
  • Hmm, If I have your pelt then I know what you are right? It does seem like a fae thing to do. Let's say I have it then.
    I think it's cool if Holly fancies Nyx, I mean, I guess I'm different than the other boys right. I wonder if she likes who I was or who I've become. I think the chart is set up this way now? Does that work for you Rich?

    Where do Holly's strings on Nyx come from? I don't see it. I know everyone should have 1, but the other two? (three total)
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    Holly was watching you for social cues.

    As to Beyond the Veil, I think that that's natural. I'm very, very good at gazing into the abyss (Dark+4 if I self-inflict harm!), and there's clearly a fey interest here. Either Nyx is evidence of that, or Nyx is the reason for it. So it might just be a matter of time before I gaze into the abyss and someone looks back.
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    Yeah, Holly was watching Nyx for social cues, causing her to learn about him.

    And the chart is set up so that Holly is fascinated with Nyx, and Nyx has Nula's pelt.

    Let us know if that isn't good for you, Rich, you seemed good with it earlier.
  • I'm good with this.
  • Okay, so the person with the most strings on you highlights a stat for you. And I highlight the other. Holly you have to choose between Nyx or Teddy.

    Nyx highlights Nula, Holly highlights Nyx, Nula highlights Teddy.

    Everyone check and make sure that the strings are distributed correctly. I'm pretty sure I have them right, but let me know if they're not.
  • Teddy, highlight Holly.

    I'll highlight Hot for you, Nyx.
  • Nula highlight Cold.
  • Teddy highlight Dark.
  • Posted By: octoscottHmm, If I have your pelt then I know what you are right? It does seem like a fae thing to do. Let's say I have it then.
    Sweet! In the backstory, I know who took it, so here's what I came up with:

    Nula buried her pelt in a hand carved wooden box that Dominic gave her. It had been a wedding gift from Dominic's father to her Grandmother. Nula settled her pelt gently inside and then, in the darkest part of the dawn, she buried it in the cove where the laughing waves could keep watch. She felt safe. No selkies had set foot here since her Grandmother, so many years before. Dominic had made a big deal about the fact that the box didn't have any metal on it. He tried to explain how people would go to the beach with strange looking devices that could find metal underground. Nula didn't really understand, but she was glad that Dominic also thought it would be safe.

    It was right before school started that she woke with a start in the middle of the night. She slipped out of the house and ran all the way to the cove, the sea urging her to hurry. But when she got there, it was too late. A gaping hole in the sand was all she found. Her pelt was gone. The waves whispered that it had been a boy, a strange boy, and as she knelt in the water, angry and afraid, she saw him in her mind, a fleeting picture from the sea. As she walked slowly home, she made three decisions. She would not tell Dominic, not yet. She would find the boy. And she would get her pelt back.
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