[MH} It's morning again, Holly... [Ho 1.1]

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Good morning, Holly.

You wake up when it's still dark outside. You can see that through the high windows into your little corner of the basement. What do you wear when you sleep?

It's important to get up very early because there are rules and you have chores to do before you go to school. School. How are you feeling about that?

Barbie, Ken and Badtzmaru are with you. You squished Badtzmaru again. You're hungry.

What do you do?


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    Holly's soft brown eyes flutter open and she inhales a deep breath, rolling over to the toys on the mattress beside her. She gasps and picks up the glum looking penguin, "Badtz! I mashed you again? I'm sorry. So sorry..." Her brows knit and she carefully puffs at the penguin gently, adjusting and shaping it back into a penguin form. The penguin has an area with no fuzz on it, the frayed edges have small pink bubblegum remnants. The once white chest is now stained with some reddish color as well. After finishing the penguin doctoring, Holly scoots up and pushes the threadbare Strawberry Shortcake sheet down off her, revealing her worn, yellowed cotton Fruit of the Looms t-shirt that dwarfs her tiny frame, "Good morning, Barbie. Good morning, Ken. I hope you slept well. Do you know what today is?" She smiles without showing teeth then inclines her head to the dolls and waits a second. "No guesses? It's the first day of school! This year is going to be splendid fun!" She picks up Ken and Barbie and flails them around in a mock dance and giggles.

    After giggling, she stops suddenly and cocks her head to listen at the ceiling. She snatches up the dolls and the plush toy and crawls out of bed, the flash of skin showing she wears nothing more than the simple t-shirt to sleep. Then she crawls on the horrid green shag carpet to a corner with a milk crate table and scoots it aside. She puts the dolls on the crate, then reaches to a concrete block in the wall and eases it out. Inside the space is a small pink plastic couch and coffee table and a faded pink Frisbee disc. She takes Ken and Barbie and sets them on the couch, posing them as if they're relaxing and talking. She even puts Ken's feet up on the table. Then she pulls Badtzmaru in, laying the toy on the disc. Underneath is hard-packed earth, slightly damp.

    In a stage whisper, Holly tells them, "You three have fun in there. I have my chores, then I need to get ready for school. What, Ken? No, this year will be different. I read all of the books for English already, I checked them out of the library, this time I will have answers for Miss Haversham. I'm taking advanced trig, it is going to be fun. Mr. Headley told me I might be asked to join the Math Bowl! What? I know, Barbie. I know I won't be able to go, they travel out of town to tournaments and Mr. and Mrs. Bay won't allow it. What Badtz? No. It will be fine. I have different clothes now, they won't make fun of me this time. When I was at the clinic, I read all of their magazines. Black turtlenecks never go out of style. Okay, okay, guys. I have to go. Be safe, I'll see you tonight." She makes kissing noises at the dolls, then carefully replaces the cinderblock and moves the crate back over in front of it.

    Holly pulls on a pair of paint-splotched sweatpants that are three sizes too big for her, takes her toothbrush off the milk crate, heads over to pull twice on the door to her bedroom until it squeaks open. She creeps past the piles of newspapers and broken junk piled along the hallway and tip toes up the stairs. The upstairs is completely different than the basement, much less clutter, functional and lived-in, almost homey. Holly takes a duster from the hall closet and quickly does a thorough dusting of the kitchen, dining room and living room, then returns the duster to head into the kitchen, checking the clock to see it display 5:03. She heads into the bathroom and puts her toothbrush on the counter, picks up all the discarded clothes and towels from the floor, and puts them in the hamper, then grunts with the effort of picking up the hamper. She carries it to the washer-dryer room and starts a load of clothes. Once that's going, she heads back into the bathroom and wipes down the faucets, the sinks, inside of the tub, cleaning hair out of the drain, long blonde hair, which she makes a gross-out face at when she puts it in the trash can. She washes her hands, scrubbing in a vigorous motion, then cups them to splash some water on her face, pads back out to the kitchen, pulling down a plastic bowl with "Holly Hobbie" written in magic marker on the outside in dainty writing with a heart penned in as the dot over the i, with "sucks" scrawled in different hand-writing in blue pen after the name. She pours a bowlful of dollar store cereal and some WIC-approved milk and uses a plastic spoon to munch while standing at the window that looks out onto the dawn. The early rays are just peeking over the ocean. Holly sighs and munches her cereal until she's done. Then she places the spoon in the trash, washes out the bowl, replaces the cereal box and milk and heads in to shower. Her shower is extremely fast, using only cold water. She emerges from the shower to use a ratty towel to wipe down, then combs her hair while staring at herself in the mirror. She admires her hairstyle for a moment, then brushes her teeth.

    Wrapped in the towel, picks up her clothes and heads to the washer-dryer room to change over the clothes, then runs downstairs to dress. The sounds of people waking up can be heard and Holly quickly opens her lopsided dresser and eases open an ill-fitting drawer to pull out her turtleneck, putting it on over top of her nude form. She opens a second drawer and with wide, expectant eyes, she pulls a plastic package out of it. Inside are three brand new pairs of dainty underwear. Holly carefully pulls out a yellow pair and unrolls them. Consternation crosses her face and she looks at the panties, which have very deliberate holes cut into them, making them useless. Tears well up and drop down her cheeks, which she quickly wipes away. She unrolls the other pairs to find them in the same state. She begins sobbing for a few minutes until she hears conversation upstairs. Her eyes grow wide and she begins to rush to finish dressing.

    She quickly digs in the third drawer to pull out some ripped cargo pants and pulls them on, then steps into her red Addidas knock-off sneakers and ties them. She runs upstairs to start the eyes on the stove, grabbing eggs and bacon from the yellow refrigerator, bread from the counter and pans from the drawers beside the stove, making a large breakfast in a few minutes as a pair of boys come out of rooms past the living room and sleepily take seats at the dinner table.
  • So you're standing there cooking all this food. The smells must be hard to take, it all smells so good and you have to make that cereal last. And you hear the snickering start behind you at the table between Liam and Nolan.

    "Hey Hole-eeee..." Liam says while Nolan giggles. "How the are the new undies? Give us a look, yeah?"

    There's a creak behind you. Liam must be out of his chair.

    What do you do?
  • Holly stops stirring the eggs, which were nearly scrambled, but she doesn't lift her head or look at them. She says through clenched teeth in clipped words, "They're ruined, Liam. You know that. Eat your breakfast."
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    "Let's check 'em out!" Liam says, suddenly behind you. In the same moment you feel him grab hold of your cargos and he's pulling on them. It's not like they're a tight fit, right? Nolan has gone into full on laughing.

    What do you do?
  • Holly turns around suddenly, trying to work free of Liam's grasp, still holding the spatula, a flimsy plastic one. Her eyes are desperate,"Liam! Please! Just go Away!"
  • He's 15, right, and taller than you. Your twist just works in his favor as he pulls them down and suddenly the big cargos are around your shins and the cool air is on your legs. Your attempt to pull away combined with the cargos binding your shins sends you down and your bare ass hits the floor.

    Liam is standing over you, staring at you, a weird look on his face. Nolan is laughing his ass off.

    What do you do?
  • Holly immediately scoots back away from Liam until she hits the cabinet by the sink. She squeals in surprise, tears already starting to fall, with one hand she pulls the turtleneck down, while also trying to trying to cover herself up by pulling her cargos back on with her left, "Liam! You... how could you? I didn't have anything else. You... you ruined it all!"
  • A 15 year old boy seeing a half-naked and pretty sixteen year old girl, this could turn him on, I think:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )

    (+1 XP)
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    Liam keeps looking at you all weird, a strange a half-grin on his face.

    You're all exposed and vulnerable, he gets a string on you.

    A new voice booms down the hall, getting his attention. "What the hell is going on out there?!!"

    "Nothing!" Both Liam and Nolan shout back automatically.

    The eggs are burning.

    What do you do?
  • The tears are coming down hard now, Holly begins to sob until she smells the burning. Hitching up her cargo pants, she rolls over and pushes herself up, then rushes past the gawking Liam to the stove, still holding the spatula. She digs at the eggs, trying to save what she can, then tries to get plates down clumsily and working on flipping the bacon. Her voice cracking and sniffling the whole time, Holly says, "Please, just please go eat. I have to go soon, I don't want to be late!"
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    Liam sits and digs in, but you feel him looking at you .

    The eggs... well there isn't much to do about them. You save a little, but all of it is going to taste burned.

    Trish walks in sniffing the air, nose wrinkling. "Oh my god, what happened in here? What did you do?" The boys start giggling again. You hear the showers go on down the hallway.

    What do you do?
  • Holly takes the pan to the sink, turning on the water and scraping at the burned spots with the plastic spatula pitifully, crying while she does so. Then she answers Trish, "I-I-I... I messed them up," she stammers, then takes a shuddering breath, still pushing at the scored parts of the pan, finally grabbing at a worn scouring pad.
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    Trish looks between you and the laughing boys at the table.

    "Whatever." She sighs. And goes to get a glass of juice from the fridge. You've noticed that Trish has pretty much stopped eating much of anything the past month or so.

    So the grown up Bays are going to be out here any minute, right? What do you do?
  • Holly drops the pan in the sink and rushes back to the stove, turning off the eyes, gathering up the remaining food onto two plates and placing them on the table. Then she leaves them to eat and heads back downstairs to fetch several schoolbooks latched together with a big leather belt and a small brown paper bag. She walks into the hall and picks up a couple yellowed books and stuffs them into her cargo pants pockets, then heads upstairs to go out the door and walk the five miles to school
  • So you're on your way, walking steadily, when a small car slows down next to you and the window rolls down. Go here.
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