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One of the things that I'd really like to promote here, should it take off, is the idea of a gaming community, rather than just a gaming space. Rather than just a place in which games happen, I'd like to see feedback, encouragement, suggestions and kibbitzing. SOmetimes it's easy to let a PBP game fall by the wayside, and knowing that other people are reading and appreciating it can be really helpful. On the other hand, I appreciate people wanting to play their games in peace, and the fact that some people might not want an audience for their games. I think the connections we've all got from Story Games and Knife Fight go a long way towards establishing a community, which is cool. But I wonder if there are any protocols, and especially any applications of Vanilla that can be used to encourage this idea.

If people want to play privately, I'm more than happy to set up a specific role and category for your game, to make it private. Two player games can always be whispered to each other.

Encouraging feedback and support is more difficult though. Any thoughts?


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    You could do an audience category. I think a simple protocol would be that audience threads should only be started by one of the game participants. This would make it an opt-in thing for those groups that aren't so inclined.
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    On the Something Awful Traditional Games forum, there's a 'Rate GMs/players' thread that's sometimes handy. I don't think rating people is an especially good idea, but after a game is done, you can post feedback, saying you played this game with these people and it went well/poorly. It's often helpful in learning about styles and hearing what players have to say, but sometimes devolves into silly generalizations ("best/worst game EVER"). It might be helpful to take some of the Forge's Actual Play forum rules and use them in a thread like that.
  • I'm liking the idea of the Audience category, to more explicitly welcome this kinda thing. Shall I go for it?
  • Sure! Let's do it.
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