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  • I plan on framing the next scene probably this Saturday. I think I have a pretty good sense of everyone's intentions for their characters, but don't hesitate to give me suggestions on the scene. I'm hoping to have all characters somehow involved.
  • Hey, rugrsi. I've got a question for you, and it's got sort of a convoluted background, but it makes sense in my head. I'd be happy to talk about it if you want.

    Anyway, the long and short is, how do you feel about changing best interests in the midst of the game? I totally understand it can cause some issues because of the way characters are pitted against one another at the start and such.

  • Here are my first thoughts on changing best interests mid-play.

    1. Playing this game we discover the characters, so if it comes to the point during play where you think your character had that interest but not so much any more, then that falls under the rule: play until "most . . . characters' best interests are resolved."

    So by abandoning your best interest, in a way it is resolved. We discovered your character. That's all fair and good, and probably not too surprising.

    2. Best interests are a powerful way to assert your content authority. I feel that calling for new best interest mid game should not include that content authority. It falls under the "if you add content during play anyone can veto it" rule.

    3. The main carrot-on-a-stick for the drafting best interests is to become a recurring character. (Direct your best interest at another's strengths and you get a better chance to show up next chapter). Other characters might have been counting on your character acting a certain way and then suddenly finding no conflict.

    Again, that falls into the conflict resolving itself, which would lead us to ending the chapter. But it might hurt other player's ability to get on the Owe list.

    4. If you simply added a third best interest, (as a suggested possibility in the rules) that could work too. Although, the same content authority restrictions would apply.

    5. Here is my first thought and I think the one that I think points to the spirit of the game system. Go for the immersion. If you just feel your character would and could act a certain way, go for it. Fall into character and I think the game really works well for that type of play. Don't worry about anything but pure immersion. If you've read Keith Johnstone's Impro you might see some of the same things about finding character in that book as what is found in this game.

    Basically, I'd say just play your character, and that might be harder than it sounds because, unlike many other games, you didn't know your character before hand-- you only have what we've established through play.

    If you feel, with what has been established in play, that your character makes the most sense wanting something in particular, just go for it.

    However, if you need some additional content established to do this, then you are at the mercy of the group, in that they could veto the content.

    Sorry for the long post, not much time today to do any editing.
  • I decided to go with two scenes. I see them as happening almost simultaneously. Maybe the Mansion scene starts a bit earlier. If it resolves quickly then maybe I'll be tempted to introduce any or all of the characters into scene 6. (I'm assuming people can see the wayhouse from Kitsune's mansion).

    Also, Paris, I asked a question over on Forge that might interest you, since Mahdi is sort of the sneaky-sneaky type.
  • Just wanted to check in.

    Let me know if I should re-adjust the scenes as framed, or if there is anything I can do to help improve the response rate. I understand if everyone's been just too busy.

    Speaking of being busy, I'll be unlikely to contribute this weekend.
  • I'm here. My weekend face-to-face game abruptly changed games this week - first it looked like I was going to be running, so I was scrambling to put together a game, and then we ended up having someone else run, so I was scrambling to put together a character. /c: Should've said something, here.

    I'll likely post later today.
  • The Judge's Self-Protection should be at (d10, d4), rather than (d8, d6).
  • Checking in again. (I've Been insanely busy). Paris, i'll try to get a response in at least by Saturday.

    Everyone else, please let me know if you want me to change up that scene, or do anything that will help spark your imaginations.
  • Well. Lets wait a few more days for the other guys to chime in. The game certainly has stalled out. I think we can salvage it. But, if the majority of players are not "feeling it" maybe we should abandon ship.
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