[MH] Smells like Team Spirit... [Nu 2.2]

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Hi Nula.

It’s morning and you’ve come down for breakfast. What are you wearing today? What does Dominic make for you? I mean do you eat raw fish all the time or have you developed any taste for human food?

In any case, he’s almost done preparing it, and you know that, if you’re gonna discuss this swim-team thing, now’s the time. The tryout is today after school.

What do you do?


  • [Nula]

    Dominic is making eggs. I don’t mind eggs. They taste real, as long as they aren’t cooked too long. I don’t like bread or cereal or muffins or donuts. Milk has a funny taste. I like juice if Dominic makes it from actual fruit. I think Dominic thought it was a fun experiment for a while to have me try all sorts of human foods to see what I liked. He wrote it all down in a little notebook, which I found amusing. Are my food preferences really that strange?

    I sit down at the table in my spot. Dominic hasn’t turned around yet. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I was pacing around on the widow’s walk for a long time. I’m not positive, but I think Dominic might have stayed up until after I finally fell asleep. I thought I heard his quiet footsteps in the hallway a few times. I watch his back, chewing on my lip.

    I’m wearing jeans today. I don’t like them, but I wanted to give them another try. These ones are tight and more thin than other pairs I’ve tried to wear. They feel a little bit more like a second skin. The shirt I’m wearing is an old blouse of my Grandmother’s.

    “Dominic...” I start out hesitantly. “...today are the swim team tryouts. I would like to try. I think...I think if I can just be in water often....I think it would help.” I trail off, watching him. I don't want to start an argument, but I want to do this. It's like being allowed to be myself, a tiny bit.
  • Dominic hesitates a moment prepping then eggs then finishes up. He doesn't say anything, then he turns around with the pan and divides the eggs between your plate and his. There's already a small bowl full of cut fruit next to your plate. He sets the pan aside, pours you a glass of juice (you can see the pile of squeezed oranges on the counter) and himself a cup of coffee. Have you ever tried the coffee? I mean, have you noticed how many of your peers drink it over the last couple of days?

    Finally he sits, takes a sip of the coffee. "Swim team, eh? I's wondering when you were gonna bring that up again." He sighs. I don't know, Lovey. Thing is, you're a sight better swimmer than most of us, even when you look like us. I'm thinkin it would draw attention." You can tell that's not all of it, but he falls silent.
  • [Nula]

    I tried Dominic’s coffee once, and it was all I could do to not spit it into the sink. It’s so...bitter and strong. I like some kinds of tea, but not coffee. Even the smell of it makes me wrinkle my nose a little.

    “I’ll be really careful.” I say quickly, earnestly. “I won’t swim too fast. I won’t draw attention. I promise!” I’m leaning over the table a little, my eyes fixed pleadingly on his face. “Please, Dominic, why are you really worried?”
  • He looks at you, thoughtfully, with his pale, sea-blue eyes.

    Go ahead and roll to manipulate, Nula. I mean on the swim team thing. Remember you have a string on him to spend if you want after the roll (adds +3) but we have to know how that emotional leverage is coming into play.
  • Manipulate Dominic

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )

    Highlighted for 1XP
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    He shakes his head, shrugging off your question. "Just an old man being protective, girl. All right, Lovey, if you think it'll help you can try out. And yeh shouldn't hold back too much, just... after seeing yeh swim the past couple nights... just slow down enough to be human, okay? Be careful. And speaking of that." He takes a sip of coffee.

    "Wouldn't you be feeling better if you took a swim in your... other... urm... shape?" Dominic's never figured out a way to gracefully talk about your dual forms. I'm curious, though Nula, do you consider this form, the human one, to be temporary, like a costume? Or do selkies spend time easily in either shape, with both of them part of you?
  • [Nula]

    A huge grin flashes over my face when he finally gives me permission, but that promptly fades when he mentions my pelt. Luckily I’d been thinking about what to say if he brought it up again.

    “I’m not going to use my pelt for a while.” I try to speak easily, but my heart aches both from lying to Dominic more and from the reminder that I still don’t have my pelt back. “I’m afraid that if I put it on, I might not be able to stop from...from leaving.”

    It’s a dirty lie, playing on his emotions, but I’m hoping that it will keep him from asking again. I know he doesn’t want me to leave.

    Explaining my two forms to humans is hard. Humans do not have the right words to understand what a selkie is. Both my forms are a part of me, as much as a human's skin or eyes or heart are a part of them. I am not two separate beings, I am one with two forms. Having one of those forms stolen from me, it's an unthinkable crime. It’s a part of me that’s now gone, and I feel it’s loss every single day. The only thing that a human can experience that even comes close to that loss would be something like losing both their legs and arms.

    Selkies switch inbetween their forms often, some even daily, sunning and playing on deserted beaches or hidden coves. What’s less common is what my Grandmother did, what I’ve done, coming up onto land and staying there. While it’s not forbidden, all selkies are gravely warned about the danger to discourage them from doing so. Living on land gives humans opportunities to steal your pelt and trap you there....as I very well know. And creatures of the sea will always long for the sea. They will never truly be happy on land.
  • So...you're scaring him. Y'know, just a little.

    I think you need to roll to shut him down.
  • Shutting Dominic Down

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    Highlighted for 1XP
  • You want to give him a condition or take a string?
  • I'll take a string on him.
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    You see it hit home, and he looks down at his breakfast, avoiding your eyes so that you don't see how that shook him. But you can see it.

    "Ach, well. You know best on that, I expect, Lovey. Long as everything is okay with yeh."

    He looks around, changes the subject.

    "That girl, Terry, who called yeh? She seems like a nice young lady. I'm glad yer making friends. Yeh can invite her over, sometime, if yeh like."
  • [Nula]

    I let out a little sigh of relief and start eating the eggs he set down in front of me.

    “You mean Teddy? She is nice.” I agree, my voice thoughtful as I think about her. She’s also very pretty, but I’m not totally sure yet how Dominic would feel about me saying that. “Maybe I’ll ask her if she wants to come over this weekend.” I manage a smile. “I think you would like her.”
  • End Scene.
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