[MH] You look like you saw a ghost. [Nx 2.2][Te 2.3]

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Something’s on your mind this morning, isn’t it. Chad has like this ghost fetish, right? What’s that about? Anyway, he was watching videos on Youtube or whatever and you were passing through (probably on your way outside) when the video catches your attention.

The title is “Aubrey’s ghost sighted”

It’s a hazy smartphone video taken at night. When a figure dressed in white suddenly comes into the frame, walking on the side of the road. You can tell instantly that it’s Myrii. It’s the way she moves, which you’ve been getting pretty familiar with, right? The figure turns, eyes picking up the headlights, then runs into the trees. The face is too blurry to make a positive ID, but you know the hair and the nearly transparent gown.

What do you do?

Oh.. and since Dad’s away how are you dressed? What’s the hair? And what has Chad said about it, if anything?


  • [Nyx]

    "Oh shit!" I unconsciously say as I see Myrii on the screen of Chads new laptop, "when did...." I'm right at Chads ear now, getting close to see the screen. My breath probably tickles his neck.

    I look at the video, the description, the comments... you know, if I can see who posted it or where... but I doubt that's any use. I decide I absolutely need to talk to Myrii this morning, has she broken her promise to me? She's supposed to find me if she needs help with this... but she was just seen in the forest so that's not what happened. Couldn't be. Not Myrii.

    But I realize I may be able to find out something here, "did you hear about what happened to Aubrey? She was in my class you know..."

    Chad loves ghost shit... and he knows all the seniors, a circle I don't really run in very much. Yet.

    With dad away my only behavioral police are Chad... and Mom. My sister probably got pissed at me for using her shit, I took her earrings, her hair spray, her pageant dye, tore up some of her clothes even (She has way too many) to make my shoelaces and this awesome belt. I'm officially not allowed in her room any more. Mom is more subtle, avoiding confrontation but she will go into my room when I'm at school, remove anything she doesn't think I should have (she still searches for drugs, probably even more so now, she must think I'm on something) And it would be even worse if she's heard from school about what happened with Nula. She's probably looking for condoms.

    My hair is as it was in color, bleached with a hint of green left over from Monday, but I've been sticking a leaf up behind one ear and allowing my hair to fall naturally. it curls slightly, giving me a pleasant wild appearance. I've been dressing a little more... revealing. Maybe my middle shows a little, or I leave my shirt unbuttoned or stuff like that. Mostly I just look disheveled like I got dressed in the forest using yesterdays clothes. Well, that's often exactly what I've done but somehow it works for me.
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    The user is "MDI_Ghosthunters." The comments are what you'd expect. Some thinking it's cool, some thinking it's lame, generally descending into flaming with a heaping side of gaybashing.

    But Chad jerks away from you. "Man, don't sneak up on me like that Alveena. I might punch your face in before I know it's you. Not that it would make a difference."

    Then he looks back at the video, hitting the play button again. He seems surprised you're watching. You hadn't taken much of an interest in this stuff before, have you?

    "Of course I heard about it 'tard, the cops've been questioning people at school all week. I mean, they're still saying she might be a runaway or kidnapped or something, but we've got two vids of her ghost, right? And a couple other people have seen her. The ghost I mean." He shakes his head "She's dead, little brother. Kinda too bad I guess. I mean she was hot for a Junior. Not as much as that Ashley Lange girl, but pretty hot. Me and some other guys are gonna look around the woods for her tonight."

    Yeah. You know Chad is totally the type who watches "Ghosthunters." He eats that shit up.
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    He says they're going looking for Aubrey tonight, "oh yeah? You into dead girls, bro?" I tease him, yeah... that is lame really.

    But I can't let this pass, I keep uncomfortably close to Chad holding onto his upper arm and keeping my face close so he can feel my breath, whispering as if I'm sharing the deepest secrets "Ashley Lange is in my homeroom, you know? She is hot... have you seen her in that little dress? Man... she sits there playin' with her hair and crossing her legs this way and that. She's got great tits too, tan skin... doesn't she have one of those studs in her tongue? And you know, they say she likes older guys... maybe a football player."

    Yeah, weird.. but I'm evoking Ashley to turn on my own brother.

    If I can get him all hot for Ashley then I have something on him... he wouldn't want his girlfriend knowing.
  • Turning on Chad: #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    The room is weirdly still. Your brother's breathing changes a little and he shifts uncomfortably in his chair. You've totally given him a hard on.


    Go ahead and take a string against him.

    He kind of tries to laugh it off as he spins the swivel chair so you're not next to his ear. Because man, what you just did kinda creeped him the fuck out.

    "Jesus, Alv, you stalkin' her or something? I mean..." Then softer, "In your homeroom, huh?" You can see his mind racing with the possibilities.
  • [Nyx]

    Yeah this is a little uncomfortable, but it make me smile on the inside to see how I've gotten to Chad. After all the shit I've just taken from him. It was easy, actually. He's just a human after all. And not a very complicated one.

    I disengage form him and spin around as I cross the room, grabbing my backpack on the way to the door, "have fun tonight..." I tease at him and head for the woods, careful as always not to be followed. I need to warn Myrii.
  • Right. So over the river and through the woods and all that. I assume you're going right for Myrii's pond right? It's a nice morning in the forest, which always makes you feel good. And the smells are better than in the house, though I know you've done your best on that.

    Do you stop to check the pelt at all? When was the last time you messed with it?

    You arrive at the edge of her pond. Aubrey is still floating without any visible decay in the little nook formed by the log, as if asleep below the water. You call her name, twice. No response.

    Then suddenly there's a soft warmth against your back, one slim hand sliding around your chest the other diving immediately into your pants. "Mmmmm.... hello, Nyx," giggles the voice next to your ear, followed immediately by the warmth of a mouth gently biting the lobe. Then, "You're late."
  • [Nyx]

    The pelt is at my rocks near the stream and I stop there pretty much every day. More often late at night as I prefer to stop by to see Myrri in the morning. I sleep there sometimes, nearly always go out there at night. I don't always open the box with the pelt, though i suppose it is soft and smells nice. I've likely slept on it like a pillow.

    I nuzzle my head into Myrri's playful bite, enjoying the feel of her touch... she's quite hot today and it immediately gets me just as excited and I forget why I hurried here... really no need to hurry. They won't be out till dark. I reach around and trace a finger along her ass, strangely looking at the body of the girl she resembles in the water even as I touch her. But then I pull my gaze away from Aubrey and turn to Myrii, kissing her and lowering to the ground as I snap open my pants for her.

    I'll warn her... after. Yes...
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    So you guys... right...so lounging in the pond in afterglow, both naked, she's on your lap, her head tilted back against your shoulder humming, sort of absorbing the morning sun. Her arms are wrapped around yours which are wrapped around her. What promise are you going to ask of her?

    I know you're something of a natural at this (the fae thing helping of course) but you've learned a bit from these several days, right? About sex, I mean.
  • [Nyx]

    "Myrii..." I hold her, yes, I'm learning. But sex flows natural with the fae, it's nothing embarrassing or wrong like with humans right? It's just part of being alive! Just.. the most wonderful and personal thing you can do with someone. How could it be wrong. I'm learning to appreciate my body, her body... and also to be at ease. I'm learning what makes her feel good, what makes me feel good. She's really the only girl I've had sex with and I really feel close to her. It's hard not to think of her as Aubrey though, sometimes I forget she's not human.

    "We need to talk about something... people are talking, they've seen you... out here at night. They think it's Aubrey. And people are going to come looking for her. Some of them just being jerks about it, too. Not nice people. You need to take care... they won't understand who you are... but..." I've been thinking about this and I want to tell her, "it's a chance, Myrii. If anyone finds you, then you have to become Aubrey, come to school, live as a human you know, like I am..."

    Though it's not really the same thing.

    "You know what I mean, Myrii? You could make everything right again. Aubrey doesn't have to be dead. And we could be together all the time. Aubrey's in my class... you could be in my class. Promise you'll never tell a human what you really are. They won't understand."
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    She straightens, slides off your lap and turns in the water to look at you, all but her shoulders below the waterline.

    "Of course I wouldn't tell a human what I am, Nyx. But, become Aubrey? I don't have her memories, I don't know what she likes, who her friends are, how she responds to things. It's all just hazy pieces. And I couldn't live away from my pond for so long, it would be like you trying to live without an arm or a leg."

    "I only let myself be seen to scare Aubrey's murderers. They might come and try to banish her ghost and then I will eat their heart for what they've done."
  • [Nyx]

    Whoa... Myrii... that actually frightens me a little because I can tell she means it. The fae talk of vengeance but I haven't seen it yet. I haven't been involved. It's also incredibly hot. I understand what she means, though so I drop the idea. Even though it was a wonderful idea.

    I crouch in the water, feet in the mud and knees just touching the surface, I get close to her and lean down to ask, "why does it mean so much to you Myrri? Well, people are going to come looking, even tonight. But they're just curious simple people, my brother even... my human brother... it would be cool if you could scare him a little bit. Maybe I can help. And if the real killer comes then I want to help you... help you catch them, punish them."

    I reach to touch her face, eyes now burning with a beautiful faerie rage.
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    I remember something. My eyes brighten. I can help her! "Myrii, I'm going to try and find out how Aubrey died... who killed her. If I can. If I can I'll bring them to you."

    When I'm done here I have some gazing into the darkness, and some preparation to do, not sure if Myrii is done with me yet.
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    She looks serious, golden eyes burning, Aubrey's face suddenly seeming inhuman. "My water, part of me was used to kill her, Nyx. Though her blood flowed, it was the water that choked out her life. If the killing is unjust then the magic demands vengeance."

    The intensity lowers and the appearance of humanity returns. She smiles, her gold eyes twinkling.

    "You wish me to trick them? I can lure them into the pond and make them think they will drown. Or make them chase me off a rock. They will be frightened when they fall." She nods to herself. "This will be fun."
    Posted By: octoscottI remember something. My eyes brighten. I can help her! "Myrii, I'm going to try and find out how Aubrey died... who killed her. If I can. If I can I'll bring them to you."
    She nods. "Thank you, Nyx. If you help me you can have part of the heart as a reward. Well..." She rises out of the water, water dripping from firm nubile, well, everything, and fixes you with a hot look and a saucy grin. "One of your rewards."
  • [Nyx]

    Wow... I am the luckiest... She's stunning. I can't help wondering what her true form is. I saw a glimpse of it there, she's even more beautiful to me now that I've seen. The intensity, the anger. The passion. I understand now why she's so angry. She was made to kill, Aubrey drowned here or was drowned.

    I grin up at her from her water and I nearly lose control of myself but I resist the urge to lay with her again and concentrate for a moment on Aubrey.

    Slowly, I wade out to the body of Aubrey so as not to disturb anything. I'm up to my waist in the water here as I look down at this poor naked beautiful girl. I look back at Myrii and smile a melancholy smile at my mirror-image lover. I scan over the body for something... ah! There's a chain around her neck with a small silver pendant is in the shape of a cannabis leaf with the number "420" etched into a flat area at the bottom.

    Ok, I take a deep breath and then lower myself fully into the water, only opening my eyes after a few seconds have passed and all is calm. She's floating there just an arms reach away. I move to her and put my arms gently around her, pressing my temple against her cheek as I gently remove the chain from her neck.
  • [Nyx]

    And I gaze into the abyss of Aubrey Benton.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Probably shouldn't have done that....
  • You gaze, Nyx,

    You can feel things spreading out from Aubrey. Connections maybe, threads of fate? You don't know. When you touch one it begins to pull. The magic is pulling something here.

    The trance breaks.

    You're looking up from the water, still cradling Aubrey's corpse against you, her cheek against your temple.

    Teddy is standing there, looking down at you. Eyes quite wide and moving as if she's trying to translate what's in front of her a this moment.


    Um...well, you seem to have found Aubrey. You're in a clearing at the edge of a pond shaded by a small grove. How did you get so far? Right now Alvin is holding her. They're both naked, and something is definitely not right about Aubrey.
  • [Nyx]

    For a second I can't really believe what I'm seeing, I hover under the water. Wasn't Myrii just... here... did she?

    Then I realize, this is Teddy, from my class... the real... a human whom I've brought here, I didn't mean to. I rise from the water swiftly with a breath, standing in the waist deep water next to Aubrey. How can I explain this. How can I possibly explain this.

    "It's Aubrey..." I say... as if that's an important revelation. The water streams down my face and my body, Aubrey floats motionless just below the surface at my side.

    "Just wait, Teddy... please."
  • How am I supposed to react to this, really? Well, it's only Alvin ...

    "No! You ... you get her up out of there! What the hell are you doing? Get her -"

    I'm splashing down into the water, intent on hauling Aubrey up out of the water. What do you do, Nyx? If I get so far as to touch her, it'll probably hit home that she's dead.
  • [Nyx]

    I step towards Teddy, getting in her way, raising my hands to hold her back, pushing on her hands or shoulders or whatever if necessary to keep her from getting too close to Aubrey.

    "Wait.. wait.. you don't understand..." I try to just stop her, make her stop and listen to me, this is a disaster in so many ways, I shout at her, trying to get in her face, "I'm trying to help her!"

    Worth mentioning that I'm holding Aubrey's chain and pendant in my hand.
  • Get away from me, you naked freak! I'm tempted to, like, knee you in the groin or something, but instead I'm kind of splashing away from you, slow in the hip-deep water, and I'm looking over at Aubrey. She's not moving at all, is she?

    "Oh, Jesus, Jesus Christ! You killed her! What the fuck! You killed her!"

    But you're still just Alvin, so now I'm shoving past you. I don't really remember about CPR, from health ed, but it looks like you only just drowned her, so maybe I can still do something.
  • I'm pretty sure you need to hold steady, here, Teddy
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    What am I holding steady against?
  • [Nyx]

    I don't let her pass, I may just be Alvin to you but I'm stronger than you now. Nyx is stronger than any human...

    "No! I told you you don't understand! Why did you come here? Tell me.... huh? How did you come here. Do you even know where you are? You're here because you're connected to Aubrey. She wants you to see... I asked her... and pulled the strings and you came... you have to be here for a reason! I'm trying to help! Damn it! Leave her alone.... she's been here for days Teddy, I didn't do this!"

    I'm desperately trying to stop her from disturbing poor Aubrey, from disturbing the pond, mostly trying to get in her way but if I need to I grab her, throw her... push her away from the place.

    I think I'm shutting Teddy down, getting dangerously close to lashing out.
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    After some thought, I think I'll wait on that.

    And no... she isn't moving at all.

    ETA: Okay Nyx, you can try it.
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    Hold on. What am I holding steady against? I don't think I can be holding steady against Alvin's interference, because I think he has to spend a String for that. If I'm holding steady against the situation in general to go over to Aubrey, cool, but then I'm there because I succeeded at the roll (or not), and your post there has the wrong positioning.


    Okay. So, are you shutting me down?
  • Shut down? Agree?
  • Yes. Nyx, give it a shot. Teddy if you have any strings on Nyx, you might be able to stop this (or force him to hold steady to do what he wants.)
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