[A Wicked Plague] Chapter 1, Scene 2

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Five large torches, arranged to surround the house, burn brightly; signifying plague; warning all to stay away. None of the villagers are near. One of the torches burns less bright than the others, its energy dampened by the man standing near. Not a man though, but a devil, GATHAS has take the form of a man.

His clothes are the finest cut, though in the style of court from last season. His face is soft and friendly, though his teeth are more grey than ivory. ELOS has returned home from the constabulary. He gazes at Gathas from one of the wayhouse's many beautiful windows.

Gathas leans closely to the torch and lights a long cigarette of the finest Damqan tobacco. He notices the presence of Elos but does not look in his direction. "Come out into the fine evening air Elos. I can see you watching me, may as well be civil about it, good friend."


  • Elos steps through the wayhouse wall as though it were no more than a reflection on the surface of a pond. He regards the devil critically.

    "For all the years we have known one another, Gathas, we have never been good friends. Not when you plagued my house, not when I bound you within the jar of clay and bone, and not now, when you are free.

    Yet, now our positions have changed. I am no longer the vital, living man I was. And you are no longer tethered by any chains of mine. We are as two new men, and I feel we have reason to join together in a like cause - this home we have fought over.

    There is a woman who seeks to burn it to the ground. She poisons the ears of others in hopes of making them accomplices to this, including the executioner. Tormenting the living is your area of expertise, not mine. Will you help me?"
  • "Funny how devils always get blamed for plagues. I didn't plague your house did I? I always thought your family enjoyed my company." Gathas took a deep breath of his tabacoo smoke. The smoke did not escape when he released his breath. He had consumed it.

    "Did you know what kind of bones those were in that jar? I bet you, you didn't. Did you ever think maybe those bones are responsible for this new plague?" Gathas circled the torch and let its orange light play on his face as the sun began to set.

    "I love this house as much as you do, Elos. But, seriously, you need to offer more than that. How about, I take care of the woman and executioner, and you take up residence in the Lower Air. "

    With a slice of his finger a pocket of space formed. A shriek of air echoed as though it was going in and out at the same time.

    "When I tire of the wayhouse, I'll leave, and let you have it to haunt. Please, just step this way if you agree."
  • Elos Anamed sighs at the demon. "Do you think I'm a child that I'd enter into such an agreement with a demon blindly? Your kind have a talent for deceit as well as a vast patience. I do not accept your offer.

    Put your vengeance aside for a moment, Gathas! The two of us will still be here to torment one another when the mortal world is ash and dust. We have more pressing matters, tonight.

    If you will not help me, I will find another that will. And then, I promise you, the future will see you spending an eternity in a jar. As it stands, perhaps the future has room for the both of us in it.

    What do you say, demon?"
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    "Ah, Elos. As pragmatic and unimaginative as ever."
    Gathas pulls his arm back along its path and the window to the Lower Air closes.

    "I believe I know the woman you talk about. I think she is this way."
    Gathas leaves the light of the torches and enters the heart of the village. Few of its citizens realize a devil walks amongst them. He heads toward the home of Kitsune.

    As he turns a corner, a small girl sits quietly petting a cat.

    "Little girl," says Gathas. "I think your father's looking for you-- your mother just died of the plague."

    The little girl tears up and runs away. Gathas smiles. He looks at Elos.

    "Children. Why do they believe everything you tell them?"

    Gathas picks up his pace. "Come along Elos. I must meet this woman you are so eager to see tormented, before I make up my mind."

    END SCENE (unless you want to conflict with any stated action) (see Scene 4 )
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