[Pitch] In a Wicked Age

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Would anyone be interested in playing In A Wicked Age? I'm looking for about four players, and I expect a fairly well-paced, make-a-few-posts-a-day sort of game.

In a Wicked Age is a sword and sorcery game by Vincent Baker in which you use these oracles to generate situation, tying the characters together in webs of conflicting interests, then resolving the situation scene by scene by a combination of a fairly simple dice system and a certain amount of negotiation over narrative. It's intended that a given story be played out in full over the course of a single session, but there is a system in place that makes a series of sessions play out like an anthology series connected by recurring characters.

I don't think I'll be able to run this as a long, ongoing sort of thing. I have a fair amount of free time right now, but eventually I'll get swamped with work again and won't be able to continue. However, I can run at least one session, maybe more, and the game explicitly supports rotating GMs. So if someone else is interested in picking it up when I have to stop, we could do that. Failing that, even single sessions IaWA make for solid stories, so there'd still be fun to be had.


  • It's a fun game, played about three times. I'm not going to commit to any new games until after the holidays (crunchy overtime at work until then) but I'd encourage Vincent fans to give it a try.
  • I'll give it a shot, Michael. I wanted to respond earlier, but I'm lucky enough to be in a few games and didn't wanna be a game hog.
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    Well, if there's anyone else interested ...

    Maybe IaWA's time has passed. It was pretty popular, uh, five or six years ago, but that was when it was the new D. Vincent Baker game, and maybe the shine's worn off.
  • I like the game, but I think I've got enough on my plate post wise right now. So I think I'll pass for the moment.
  • Maybe give it a try in a few months. Holidays coming... game killers!
  • I am dying to play IAWA, but right now, my PbP commitment is maxed.
  • Sigh! I'm a month late to play IaWA and a week late to play DW. ;)
  • Hi Rich! *waves*
  • So I know this hasn't been posted in since last year but I'd really love to play IaWA if anybody that expressed interest in here is still keen. I've never played or run the game before but I'm willing to give it a go. However, my pace won't be quite so brisk but it should still be reasonable, a post a day type thing if that's ok.
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