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hi there, let's talk about the PCs in this lil game. So far we have a Spooky and a Professional.

Kelsey (red), you want to have a prelude type of scene where we have some of the BPRD come recruit you from the asylum where you're... convalescing?

Trevis, what if you professional is sent along with a member of the Psychics Department to recruit her?

I'm thinking this could be a simple scene, a type of Prelude we can use to set up relationships and kick start us into the game pre-Mystery. Thoughts?


  • I think that sounds awesome! Let's do it! I'm going to add a little more info in Penny's thread as to her background and stuff.
  • Trevis, I don't think we'll go to dice in this prelude scene. Give me a heads up when you have enough to go on.
  • Question. I took the Spooky move "Telepathy," and I'm kind of realizing that the way it's written is not as awesome as I thought. Basically it just allows you to do the Investigate a Mystery, Read a Bad Situation, or Manipulate Someone basic moves without talking out loud. Which is cool. But that's kind of it. In the description it says "you can read people's thoughts and put words in their mind," but as it turns out you can only do that if you're doing it through one of those moves which are really focused on the monsters. So it's great for finding monsters, but not great for sneakily reading fellow team members thoughts or making them think things like a real telepath would. So I was wondering if it'd be possible to add the ability to Read a Person to the Telepathy move? We could just take that move straight from AW. The questions under that move would be good mind reading questions I think, and more applicable to people instead of just monsters. That would make the move feel more like being a real telepath, and create great opportunities for Penny to know stuff she shouldn't (aka drama!). Thoughts? :)
  • I love the Read a Person move in AW. If I were to include it, I would have it as a Custom Move available to all, just let the Telepathy Move give you the ability to Read without interacting whereas all other PCs would need to interact with the person being read.

    I wonder what ramifications this could have. I wonder why the designer excluded it. I think I'll ask him.
  • I'd be ok for having the Read a Person move available for everyone! I think that totally makes sense.
  • I drug my Arkham Sanitarium Player Aids out of storage this afternoon...

    (there might be a cute present in there for Penny)
  • Ooooh what??
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  • Michael, sorry to just get back to you. I did email the LE playbooks.

    I'm worried about you playing Dr. "Broom". Honestly, my knowledge of BPRD isn't that deep and I was thinking of the game being more of an "inspired by" that a "existing within the living breathing world" tale. Your playstyle is very well researched and deep. I'm really concerned that you will quickly outpace my knowledge of BPRD and Hellboy (it won't be hard) and may find yourself dissatisfied with the game because I'm making gaffes or gaps in knowledge.

    Also, I don't plan on having Hellboy involved in the game and I cannot see a story where Dr. Bruttenholm appeared where he wouldn't immediately come running back to at least try to talk to him.

    That said, you playing a monstrous, a ghost, really is interesting. But I'd rather you consider other options before deciding on Dr. Bruttenholm.
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  • Let's cook up an analogue character who was either there from the beginning (maybe another scholar that Bruttenholm brought in) or the director after Broom left office. I like Broom dead and gone, it sort of messes with my head in relation to Hellboy.
  • Oh sweet! I'm glad you joined, Michael!
  • Once you guys have Highlights, I'll kick off the first official session.
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