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Please discuss Out of Character stuff during the first mission here.


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    Michael, at this point in time, does Penny know that Dr. Eaton is her relative? Is this new scene their first interaction since the mysterious visit in the asylum that happened a while ago? Or has he visited her during training and told her? I'm assuming that he didn't tell her who he was during the asylum visit....mostly just because I was playing Penny in the Prelude like she didn't know any of her relatives....ghosts or living. What do you think?
  • No, I certainly didn't tell you in the asylum visit. Let's say I haven't mentioned it yet, maybe not to anyone. If someone at the B.P.R.D. cared to check into it, they could fairly easily determine your connection to me, but all I've done so far was bring you to their attention as a possible asset.

    Right now, I think I might be trying to see you in action, and thus determine how much control you have over your powers. It's easier to observe you if I maintain a certain professional distance.
  • That sounds perfect! :)
  • That was some amusing editing, Michael. :) It was like you had to have the last word when actually you were trying to insert your stuff earlier...
  • I was going for the first word, but settled for the last. Except Penny might rob me of even that. (c;
  • I've had a bunch of new work thrown at me this morning and will not be posting until the afternoon.
  • Busy morning again for me, finishing up a critical report at work. Won't be able to reply fully until the afternoon.
  • In the current situation, I could see Penny making her own investigation roll, since she'd be looking for different things than Blake and I. With her psychic senses, you know. Though it might not necessarily be worth doing that this early.

    (The book does give an example of different hunters investigating the same scene with separate rolls.)
  • If that's ok, I would totally be up for doing that!
  • That's cool with me. Two folks helping a third seems clunky anyways. Good suggestion, Michael. Go for it Kels.
  • Finally caught up. I hope the answers to your investigations are satisfactory. I'm still working through how to present a "mystery" in an AW style of game.

    The MotW book has some... gaps on this, at least from my reading. I'm hoping to get to the action soon, this is a monster fighting game moreso than a horror mystery game.
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    Yeah, I'm not sure it really is a mystery at all. I mean, give us a little bit of a hook, and we can just roll to investigate and ask "What happened?" and "What is it?" and "What can hurt it?" and "Where did it go?", and then bang, mystery solved. If it was supposed to be a heavy focus of the game, I doubt it'd be that easy.

    So despite it calling this a "mystery", I think you're probably on the right page to make things pretty direct to action.
  • Not knowing the Hellboy stuff, how secret is BPRD? Does the FBI understand who we are?
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    It's not a secret organization. Probably most people haven't heard of it, but our FBI liaison probably should have a pretty good idea of what we're about, though he may or may not buy into the idea.
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    Addendum: That would be assuming a status quo along the lines of the Hellboy issues and the early issues of BPRD.

    Later on in continuity, there's a war against frog monsters across the US and Canada, culminating in a huge Lovecraftian monster the size of a mountain making its way across the Midwest, slaughtering thousands as it goes. After that, the BPRD didn't exactly, uh, have problems with credibility.

    I assume that's not what we're going with, though.
  • I added more details to the Info on the BPRD thread, but here is the FBI details:

    "The Bureau's relationship with the FBI is similar to its interaction with most law-enforcement agencies. The FBI is very territorial about its cases, but it also recognizes the expertise the Bureau can provide. In most situations where both the FBI and the BPRD are on the scene, the FBI will take charge, and then allow the Bureau's agents a great deal of latitude, as long as they share data."
  • Posted By: Michael LoyIt's not a secret organization. Probably most people haven't heard of it, but our FBI liaison probably should have a pretty good idea of what we're about, though he may or may not buy into the idea.

    I'm thinking Blake has dealt with FBI agents before. Maybe not one this fresh out of training, though.
  • Elgin's Marbles... wow. That was an engrossing story! Just wow. So happy you joined the game, Michael.
  • Funny note: I said, when writing him up, that Eaton had been a curator at the British Museum. I only had a vague idea of what the British Museum was, though, so I looked it up on Wikipedia, happened on a link to the Elgin marbles, kind of thought, huh, that's interesting, a significant chunk of the Parthenon's statuary was looted by a British aristocrat at the beginning of the 19th century, I should do something with that.

    Fast forward, and you're all: representative altar to the Greek gods, Dionysus, magical rites.
  • That's a neat bit of symmetry.

    So, if we're being a bit revealing, I took a plot thread from the back of the Hellboy RPG and cooked up this mission. The Greek stuff wasn't in the plot thread, it was a demon. I altered it to Greek because I thought it felt more BPRD-ish to have folklore/mythology involved.
  • For the next day or so, I probably won't be doing any during-the-day posting, due to work.
  • The Use Magic move strikes me as odd, which I wanted to mention. It has a sort of back-and-forth deal where I say what I want to do (and describe what that'll look like), and then you have the option of jumping in and adding complications, and then maybe I modify my description or maybe I back out of doing it. That kind of at-the-table collaboration might be a little clumsy in PbP, though. Do you have any particular comments / imperial directives?

    I do want to do some magic soon, to try to determine who's been here playing at rituals (by "observing another place or time").
  • I'll probably trust you guys not to "wish for 3 more wishes" with your magic. So declare what you want, make your roll. If I read your description and think "hells no" then I can object or introduce something and you can have takebacks.

    Is that fair?
  • I would like to reserve the right for an imperial directive at a later date. If I do exercise this power, I insist everyone hum the Imperial March from Star Wars in their head while reading aforementioned directive.
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    If I'm planning something biggish, I'll probably do a little in-character chin-stroking whilst contemplating what I need to do, so you can step in and suggest stuff. That should minimize takebacksies, and I think that Dr. Eaton is big on chin-stroking anyway.
  • Sounds like a plan.

    His chin is most likely quite smooth from the strokination.
  • Oh, Rich, was Beau's suggestion to peek into Mr. Giffen's mind using a dark side tag? In which case xp would be involved? :)
  • yes, it was. I forgot to tell you. Please take an XP.
  • FYI - I haven't slept yet, working on work projects for three presentations today. I will probably not be posting during the day today.
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    I'll be out most of tomorrow (well, until the evening), so it might be best if Dr. Eaton isn't there quite all that "directly" after all. Perhaps he pauses to shelve a book. Or maybe he is there, just lurking in the shadows for a moment to see how Penny handles stressful situations. I'll just write myself into the scene when I get a chance tomorrow, and I'll be sure to describe how Angel Wings works for him.
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