[Ashen Snow] Defending The Baths [Al 5.1 Bo 5.1 Gr 5.1]

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The pitched battle continues as mortar fire and flames burn away the remains of the floor of the gym, showing the pitted and cracked concrete and bare dirt and rock underneath. Burning ash falls in the holes of the many-patched roof and the place is in complete disarray.
Grekkor:He calls out to the Pryers:"We need to send a message. If you attack the baths we broke no mercy. Eliminate them. All of them. Let everyone know the consequences!"
Grekkor, as your words echo, men charge forward, new and old Pryers spilling out of the double doors while firing on Missed's gang. You hear the brap-brap-brap of return gunfire as Missed has set up a machine gun nest on top of his truck. They were laying in wait for your charge, luring you out by peppering you with mortar-fire. Missed is a tough ganger, but this armament and tactics is beyond him.

But they didn't plan on the ferocity of your Pryers, did they? Omie takes a shot in the arm, Edwards and Seeley are thrown back by the concussive force of a grenade, but overall they charge forward until they reach and overtake the truck, they continue on to the pair of mortar teams.

But Missed and his gang aren't the only ones out there. You realize quickly they're fighting on two fronts, Turk's gang along with a weary-looking Alonzo, are trying to take them down, too.
I yell to the rest of Turk's Gang,"Don't give up yet. Turk is okay, but we need to get him inside the Hold. You and you, watch your back there!"
A look of ecstatic savagery comes over my face.
"Fight for the Hold! Fight for the memory of cool water in your throat and a hot soak in The Baths! Fight for Turk! Spurlock, G-String, to me! Let's get Turk inside the gym. You two cover them!"
I rise up and begin firing on machine gun team.
Alonzo, you take on the machine gunners as Pryers come screaming out of The Gym. They are overwhelmed right as they turn the gun to try and deal with you. You stand there, squared and firing shots on them, hitting them in their flack jackets and keeping them busy, brave and crazy man that you are. Your fingers grow numb from the action of your magnum and you see that your thumb is a dull red, same with your other fingertips.

G-String fires an arrow at the pair flanking your position and Gummer opens up with his two-buck sawed-off. There's no return fire as several Pryers spook them into trying to run, but Tar Pit steps against the doorway of The Gym and fires off a couple shots, hitting them in the neck and the leg, respectively.

EDIT: Then Spurlock and G-String come over and help you carry Turk towards Bones as she appears coming out of The Gym.

The place is a bloodbath. The Pryers end up slagging a mortar and the machine gun nest is fired on, but Grekkor's men and the handful of Turk's broken gang take very few casulaties. There could be a second wave, buut for now, you've taken the truck, one mortar and stopped Missed and his gang from firing on The Baths.

Of course, there's this other smaller gang, Grekkor. You see your Pryers are itching to make everyone pay. Do these gangers get that same treatment? Alonzo, you know him, but the others, they aren't your friends, are they? Spurlock, Gummer, G-String, these three captured you before, right?

What do you do?


You, Manx and Chibi come running into the chaos of The Gym right behind the Pryers. You see the carnage of the place, you see Omie take a shot and fall, then two of Ba's Kin are rolled with a grenade. You rush forward as fast as you can move, but the pack is slowing you down. Its too much weight, too much to carry and run like you did when you ran with gangs just like these. It gets ight about halfway through and before you chalk it up to a second wind, you see Chibi is running behind you, both hand on the pack, trying to pull it up, to lighten your load. Manx stays solidly in front of you, she isn't firing, just making herself your shield.

You come out into the ash and Chibi squeals when the first bit of ash hits a bit of her unprotected skin. Manx stands over Omie and you see he's going to be fine once you remove the bullet and cauterize the wound to stop the bleeding.

That's when you hear the fight ending. You lower down to your knees and see the fear in Omie's eyes as he looks on you, The Angel, here for what? Reaping? Surely he doesn't think of you that way, right? Then you hear a single shot. A second shot. Slow measured ones. You look up and see that Mungo is "double-pumping". The fight is over, but he's walking around with a pistol and firing a kill shot into each and every one of Missed's gang, making sure they are dead, not playing possum.

EDIT: Also, you see Alonzo with G-String and Spurlock carrying Turk to you. Turk is hurt bad, pale and weak.

What do you do?


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    I look away from the fear in Omie’s eyes. He’s just lookin’ like that cause he got shot, I tell myself. It’s nothin’ to do with me. I saved his life just a few weeks ago. He knows I don’t go around stealin’ people’s souls. Right?

    I snap my head around when the gunshot goes off, but I look away quick when I see what Mungo’s doin. Nothin’ I haven’t seen before, but I don’t like watchin’ people get shot. I hate guns. They end lives so quick, without any way for me to bring 'em back. An' when you spend as much time tryin' to save lives as I do, you start really hatin' weapons that take 'em so easy. Plus I've seen...No. I'm sure as hell not thinkin' about that right now.

    I drop the kit to the ground an’ peel off my leather jacket, thrustin’ it at Chibi. “Put this on.” I say sternly. I still have my hooded sweatshirt on, I’ll be fine. An’ she’s got bare flesh showin, stupid girl.

    I squint up at the sky through my goggles. Damn snow just keeps comin, doesn't it? I look at Manx. “Can we get him inside the gym outta the snow?” I ask. “This stuff is shit to work in.”

    I catch a glimpse of people headin’ our way, and my jaw clenches when I realize it’s Turk they’re carryin. Are they expectin’ me to heal that sonofabitch?
  • Yes, the smaller gang is Turk+Alonzo.
  • So we're clear, I'm waiting to see how Grekkor and the Pryers react to Turk's gang and Alonzo before moving forward.
  • Grekkor,

    Trinkle hangs back, the others are working on getting inside and helping Turk. He's got a wide-brimmed hat on and a beach towel wrapped around his neck, covering his face. He's carrying a six-shooter. He says, "You let us inside, we'll abide, bro. Our man Turk is hurt, we're beat down, but we fought for Evan, that counts for somethin."


    G-String and Spurlock carry Turk in. Spurlock has most of him, G-String is holding his head so it won't loll back and forth. They bring him just inside, past Tar Pit and lay him on a mostly even patch of ground, not far from you and Omie now that Chibi and Manx brought him inside.

    Oh yeah, Scourge is moving inside you, like it sort of woke up.


    You see this, Turk, the man you saved. Bones, the woman he nearly had killed. Is Bones going to help him? Or let him die. You bought him precious moments, but he's lost a lot of blood.

    What do you do?
  • [Bones]

    I ignore Turk. I’ve got my back to him an’ everythin as I kneel next to Omie. I lean over him, pullin’ his shirt back from the wound, trying to look an see if any pieces of his clothing went in with the bullet. I don’t look him in the eyes again, but I just start talking, kinda bussinesslike.

    “You’re gonna be fine. I just have to get this bullet out an’ patch you up. It won’t take too long. It’s not too deep.”

    I can feel Scourge stirring. Somebody here’s got the plague. As I get my instruments ready, I try to hone in on who it is.
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  • Bones,

    It's the old man, Alonzo. He has it. He gave it to Turk just now, too.


    "Good suggestion, brother. We'll do just that. Thanks for saving our lives, you're a big damn hero." Trinkle says, and he does a small bow, then comes up smiling and jogs to the relative safety of The Gym.

    Tar Pit comes out with his boonie hat and starts climbing up the ladder back onto the roof to sit under his umbrella. You notice he does it real slow. He's getting on in age, isn't he?


    You think Bones is ignoring you and Turk at first. Now she's glancing up at you, intense-like.

    What do you do?
  • [Alonzo]
    While I would take it as a kindness, whether Bones saves Turk or not is on her. I assume she has conflicted feelings on that matter. I am actually more worried about my red and numb fingertips than Turk. He can live or die and we'll get along. But my mission here is not even half begun.

    Exhausted, I slump down to the ground next to Turk. My mouth is suddenly sticky.

    Now I see Bones stare and I look back at her. As always I am an open book: I smile gently and nod.
  • [Bones]

    Dammit. I put my tools back down an' look at Manx. I mouth the word "plague" to her.

    "I'll be right back, Omie." I say calmly. "Chibi, get a bandage out an' put some pressure on that wound for now."

    I stand up an' walk towards Alonzo an' Turk. My eyes are hard. It's already spreadin, so I need to nip it in the bud right now. I try not to think about Spector an' what happened last time, despite my poundin' head remindin' me. I've got the plague contained pretty well in the Hold. I can't have it spreadin' in here again. I crouch down next to 'em an' put one hand on Turk an' one hand on Alonzo. I don't say anythin. Alonzo knows what I'm doin, an' I'm not talkin to Turk. I don't care if he dies from that wound, but I will take the plague. Not for him. For the Hold.
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    You feel that sickness leave you, like it was pulled away. You sense Bones pulling it into herself. For a flicker, you see her eyes heavy with pain and she looks like she's about to retch, but then it passes.


    Take 1 Harm from Scourge. That should put you at 6 o'clock. If you keep doing this, you're going to die. You feel Spector inside, a mix of anger and sorrow. Scourge keeps repeating the words you've given it "Who are you? Did a man named Harridan put you here? Do you hear me? You are Scourge. That’s your name. I’m givin it- " The voice is growing louder, sometimes it is hard to hear others talking. Impossible to tell it to shut up, right?
  • Tar Pit stands at the roof. You catch it, for a second, his face betrays that he'd forgotten, completely forgotten to take the report from Metcalf. He'd never have allowed you to do that before, and here he was, ignoring the the forms. Or forgetting. This isn't the first time, is it? What else has he forgotten lately?

    "Yeah, get im, let's take his words, Grekkor." he says.
  • Bones,
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  • Grekkor,

    Metcalf catches your eye. He was up on the truck, checking to see if it was operational. Sure enough, it started right up. But he sees you and hops out, rushes over and gives his report, calling loud so Tar Pit can hear, too, "Sirs, Luis an I, we scouted round until we foun um. They's holed up atween Nokes an Mattin'li inna big ole buildin. We scouted roun um fer four days, then a patrol spied us an we lit out. They got a hunnert an ten er so able-bodied folks about, mostly carryin scrounged weapons, with three gangs that're armed up..." He looks down at the remains of Missed's gang, "Well, they's not armed like these basturds, but they had automatics an some rifles. They're supplied and eatin good, lotsa jingle flowin in an out, like a movin hold. Four vehicles, two of um trucks, one a Ess You Vee anna hot rod. Thirteen bikes, too. All in all, a lil army, he's got. We foun um easy cuz they wazn't hidin. Harridan's got the word out through the Nine Cities scoutin fer more. We never caught site o' Harridan, though."

    Alonzo and Bones,

    Since Metcalf is yelling loud enough for Tar Pit to hear on the roof, you are privy to this.
  • [Bones]

    This time’s worse. As soon as I know I’ve taken all of Scourge outta them, I abruptly let go an’ stand up, feelin’ weak an’ sick. I stumble a little. Catch myself. Make my way back to Omie. My hands are shakin’ pretty bad now. I can’t keep this up. I can’t. I’m gonna die. I can feel it. Spector can feel it. Scourge...well...Scourge just keeps repeatin’ the words round an’ round an’ round.

    Who are you? Did a man named Harridan put you here? Do you hear me? You are Scourge. That’s your name. I’m givin it-Who are you? Did a man named Harridan put you here? Do you hear me? You are Scourge. That’s your name. I’m givin it-Who are you? Did a man named Harridan put you here? Do you hear me? You are Scourge. That’s your name. I’m givin it-Who are you? Did a man named Harridan put you here? Do you hear me? You are Scourge. That’s your name. I’m givin it-

    Do I want to die? Is this what this is? Am I lookin’ to end it? Be done? I’m standin’ next to Omie now without even realizin’ I’m there. All I can hear is Scourge babblin’ my words in my head. I shake my head, blink, focus on Omie. I get on the ground next to him, crackin’ my knees a little on the floor. I reach for my tools again. Scowl at my shakin’ hand. Stop it. I try to will it to be still, but it’s like I have no control over my own body. I tuck both my shakin’ hands in my lap an’ take a breath. It’s weird, havin’ Scourge drownin’ everyone out. It’s like I’m in my own world. Alone. Except I can see faces, peerin’ at me, so I close my eyes to block them out too.

    Do I want to die?

    No. No I don’t. The answer comes unbidden from my own mind. In my own voice. Not Spector. Not Scourge. Mine. I don’t want to die. I can’t die. Dune died. Dune is dead. An’ me dyin’ would be a coward’s way out. I can’t give up now. I have to keep goin. I have to keep tryin’ to atone for Dune’s life. If I don’t....then he died for nothin. That’s my purpose. That’s my goal. I can’t die. Not yet.

    So I open my eyes, try to force Scourge’s voice into the back of my head so I can hear what’s goin’ on, an’ reach for my tools again. My fingers are still tremblin’ but they’re a little steadier. I’m not gonna die. I tell myself fiercely. I’m gonna find a way to fix this.
  • "Bones, my joy, thank you. If there is any way I can help you, please let me know."
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    Bones and Alonzo,

    After that moment of healing, followed by eavesdropping on Metcalf's report, you see a dark-skinned woman come from The Baths to walk directly towards you. You both know her as Ula, a woman who often stays in the steam of the baths, but isn't a Pryer or part of the staff. She sings and sometimes she talks, but rarely to anyone. She's wearing a terrycloth robe and she's barefoot, looks as if she just stepped out of one of the pools.

    She comes to stand by you, Bones, placing a wet hand on your shoulder, you can feel it through your long-sleeved shirt. She gives you a gentle squeeze, almost motherly. "Come with me after you have helped the boy," she says directly to you, Bones. Then she walks slowly back to The Baths.

    What do you do?
  • [Bones]

    I glance sideways at Alonzo from where I’m kneelin’ at Omie’s side. I have to fight Scourge to hear what he says, but I catch the gist of it. Help? I don't know how anyone can help me. But he can help the others. “Bring any injured up here.” I say through dry lips. My head pounds viciously.

    I catch sight of Ula as I turn back to Omie, an’ I watch her approach curiously. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her outside of The Baths. I’ve certainly never spoken to her. But she’s comin’ this way, an’ I...she squeezes my shoulder an’ her voice is low and smooth and....directed at me? When she tells me to come with her....I just kinda stare up at her silently. Then she turns away, an’ I watch her walk back towards The Baths. I don’t really know what a mother’s touch feels like. Mine died with my entrance into this damn world. But I would imagine it’d be...well....like that. It makes my eyes prickle again. I quick look at Manx an' Chibi to see if they're lookin.

    Then I turn back to Omie, tryin’ to focus on him. Tryin’ to ignore both Scourge an’ Ula’s words echoin’ in my head. I take the forceps, an' rinse ‘em well with some alcohol. I hand him a smooth piece of wood from my kit. "You might want to bite down on this. It's gonna hurt. I glance at his eyes once, just once to see what's there. "I'm gonna dig the bullet out now, ok?"
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  • Bones,

    Tears in his eyes, his knuckles white and groaning, you put the stick in Omie's mouth. Then you catch his eyes. He's so scared, pupils dilated, sweating buckets. He's beyond pain right now, you think, he's got to be washed over with endorphins, but he's scared. You realize he's scared of death, betraying his entire existence as a Pryer, the men who are already dead. He's lying to them all and you see through. Hell, anyone who watches will see it. But you're right there, front row. You know his dark secret, maybe you knew it from before when you patched him up after Frost.

    You reach into his body for the bullet and it squibs out of your grasp, he shifts and the bullet goes deeper. With no other choice, you have to shoulder him back down and dig for it. You're as careful as you can be, but quick is more important. That breaks down his resistance and he screams out in agony and the blood flows out of his wound, drip dripping onto the broken floor, pooling under him, deep red blood. But finally, you grasp it and snatch that little bullet out of him. You didn't nick anything vital. He'll be out of it for a week maybe. As soon as the forceps leave his skin, you feel him collapse to the ground, passed out.

    There you are, holding that silvery bullet in your forceps, Alonzo standing nearby, the unconscious and dying Turk by his feet.

    What do you do?
  • [Bones]

    I toss the bullet an' hand the forceps to Chibi. "Wash these off with the alcohol, carefully." I say wearily.

    Bandaging him up doesn't take too long. I have to cauterize a couple places that are bleedin' too much. It's good that he's out, cause the smell of that often puts people over the edge. An' now I don't have to see the pain an' the fear in his face. I kinda glance furtively around around. I hope for his sake no other Pryers were payin' too close of attention. There's a couple other people hurt I know, I look over at Turk briefly. He's hurt bad. Too bad for him. I'm not wastin' my supplies on his sorry life. I keep glancin' over at The Baths as I finish up with Omie. Ula did tell me to come when I was done with Omie. Maybe somebody's hurt inside?

    I tie off the bandage an' look at Manx. "I'll be right back. I'm gonna see what Ula wants. Try to get any hurt people laid out up here for me, will you?" I say, tryin' to wipe off my bloody hands as best as I can. I glance at Turk again. "That one's past savin." I say flatly.

    I stand up an' the world spins. I catch myself before I fall, suckin' in a breath as my head feels like it might split open. Scourge's voice sounds like it's screamin' in my ear suddenly. "Shut up, dammit." I mutter quietly. I point myself in the direction of The Baths an' follow after Ula, tryin' to take confident strides like I'm not about to fall over at any second.
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    Scourge drowns out the sound of Grekkor’s footsteps so I don’t know he’s next to me until he speaks. I startle, jumpin’ sideways a little as I take in the form next to me. Grekkor. Great. I try to recover like I tripped, no big deal. I look warily at his face an’ realize he’s still talkin. I try to dampen Scourge, but he’s just so damn loud now. I catch Ula’s name, something about bein’ invited an’ rules. I bristle a little, rememberin' our last argument about The Baths and the rules, but I’m too tired to fight with him right now.

    I keep movin' forward, but I'm tense. "Yeah, I know. Rules. Got it." It comes out a little sharper than I mean for it to. My head is pounding so bad that I feel like I might be sick.
  • Grekkor and Bones, go here.


    Bones casually declared Turk a dead man and has gone to take a bath. Turk's gang is standing around, not really sure what to do. They're looking to you for guidance, since you know, you look wise and you just helped them survive a big firefight.

    What do you do?
  • [Alonzo]
    I kneel at Turk's head and motion his gang to close in. I look at each one of them, square in the face for a moment, trying to get a sense of these horrible wretches.

    "Look here, my joys. He slips beyond us in peace. We bought him that. He might have died in agony covered in ash with bullets flying overhead. Instead he slips away in quietness. Think on that. I pause just long enough to let my words sink in, then continue.
    "You all heard what Metcalf had to say, right? Time for civil war is over. You've been fighting for control of your home, but that time has passed. Now it is time to fight for the very existence of our home.
    "I don't know exactly how things will settle for leadership of Evan Element, but I am going to war against those what would destroy it. "
    I pause for effect again.
    "Now, If you got a problem with any of that, leave now in peace and do not return. But, if you can stay and help my joys, I will make sure there's a place for you."
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