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Ba Sing Se

This info taken from The Avatar Wiki.

Ba Sing Se is the massive capital of the Earth Kingdom which encompasses nearly all of the nation's northeastern corner. The city is by far the largest in the World of Avatar, essentially being more of a small country than a mere city. Ba Sing Se means "Impenetrable City"; it is so named for its world-famous walls, the gates of which have no hinges or other hardware, and are opened by the use of earthbending. Within the Outer Wall lies a large expanse of farmland, Lake Laogai, and several mountains. The Inner Wall encloses the city itself. The metropolis is also notable for having a unique system of walls dividing the populace into different parts of the city based on social status.


Ba Sing Se is arguably one of the oldest settlements in the world. A five-thousand year old map to Ba Sing Se was found in Wan Shi Tong's spirit library, which suggests the city is at least that old. Early in its history, Ba Sing Se was a small subterranean city carved out of rocks by earthbenders. As the benders excavated further, they came across beautiful illuminated crystals and began to mine them. The crystals currently serve as a common light source for Earth Kingdom inhabitants. Eventually, as the metropolis' expansion reached the surface, the catacombs were abandoned. The city continued to grow and eventually became the capital of the newly-unified Earth Kingdom. Although Ba Sing Se is the largest city in the world, no figures have been given for its population.

Ba Sing Se has been hailed as the greatest fortress in any of the four nations, having remained unconquered for centuries prior to the Hundred Year War. During Chin the Conqueror's largely successful campaign to unify the Earth Kingdom under his control, Ba Sing Se was the only territory to remain unconquered besides the peninsula where Avatar Kyoshi lived. Apparently, Chin would rather face the Avatar herself than try his luck at the Great Wall of Ba Sing Se.

After Chin's death, a peasant uprising erupted against the corrupt and inefficient government of the 46th Earth King. The peasants felt that the Earth King's role was outdated and that he did not represent their interests. Avatar Kyoshi managed to quell the revolt by forcing the King to accept the peasants' demands in exchange for creating the Dai Li to protect the government's interests.

The city's Outer Wall had only been breached on three occasions: The first was by Fire Nation military forces led by General Iroh, the legendary "Dragon of the West". This attack, a part of his 600-day siege of the city, was quickly driven back by the city's guardian forces after he was disheartened by the death of his son, Lu Ten. Years later, the Fire Nation used a great drill to bore through the Outer Wall, but Aang and his friends stopped the machine before the army could take advantage of the hole. By the end of the spring of 100 ASC, however, Ba Sing Se had fallen to the hands of the Fire Nation through an internal coup d'


  • Ba Sing Se Government

    As the capital of the Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se was home to the Earth King, ruler of the Earth Kingdom. However, after the death of the 51st Earth King, true power in the city belonged to the city's Grand Secretariat, Long Feng. As Head of the Dai Li, he enforced strict laws within the city, designed to keep him in power and keep knowledge of the war from the King. It was absolutely forbidden to mention the war with the Fire Nation within the city, and those who did were arrested and re-educated in secret Dai Li facilities to believe that the war did not exist. According to Long Feng, his measures were necessary to maintain Ba Sing Se's cultural heritage and to ensure that the city remained a thriving utopia. In truth, however, they were merely tools used to uphold his totalitarian dictatorship.

    Though the Earth King had Long Feng arrested, Long Feng allied himself with Azula to engineer a coup d'
  • Culture

    Law and order are maintained under the strictest of police forces to ensure that society does not break down into chaos. The people of Ba Sing Se have a variety of recreational activities available to them including spas, poetry houses, shops, restaurants, and the Ba Sing Se Zoo. Tea-drinking is one of the most common ways citizens relax after work, while strolls around the parks and shops of the Middle Ring are also enjoyed. Earthbenders are highly valued, and operate many civic projects, from the monorail system to the city's gates. A higher education can be gathered at the Ba Sing Se University.

    The architecture of Ba Sing Se is slightly different from many other towns. The majority of the buildings are made of stone, with wood supports and plaster covering the outside. The color of roofing tiles on buildings indicate their prestige and vary by ring - Lower Ring buildings have black or dark green tiles, Middle Ring buildings have vibrant green, and the Upper Ring nobility uses yellow tiles as a sign of class. Earth Kingdom symbols are often placed on gates, government buildings, and military sites. Roads in the Middle and Upper rings are made of flagstones, while the Lower Ring has muddy dirt paths for most of its streets and alleys. The citizens of Ba Sing Se sport considerably more color variation in their clothing than citizens from other locations—blues, turquoises, browns, and golds can all be seen among the aristocracy, while the lower class usually wears browns and off-whites.

    The city is divided into various levels based on social class, with the poor and refugees living in ghettos walled off from the rest of the city. Aang once mentioned that the fact that people were separated by class was why the monks did not want to visit Ba Sing Se. Society is heavily controlled, and the war is not allowed to be mentioned inside the walls. This is meant to maintain order and the cultural heritage of the city, making it the only remaining "Utopian" society in the world. The people of the city consider it impenetrable, and thus they often delude themselves into pretending all is fine in the rest of the Kingdom. Those who attempt to disrupt this fantasy are promptly brainwashed by the Dai Li into believing that the war does not exist.
  • Ba Sing Se City Layout

    Ba Sing Se is a divided city, with inhabitants sorted in various walled "rings" based on economic and social class. These range from the Lower Ring, a place of ghettos inhabited by refugees and the poor, to the Upper Ring, home of the Kingdom's ruling classes and the rich. Travel throughout the city, in addition to entering and exiting it, is provided by large, earthbending powered monorails, constructed during the reign of Earth King Yi Ming. The monorails meet in large transit stations, are free to the general public, and are able to greatly shorten the two full days it would take to travel on foot from one end of the city to the other. Citizens are free to travel between the Agrarian Zone, the Lower Ring, and the Middle Ring. The Upper Ring is restricted to citizens with the personal invitation of a citizen of the Upper Ring, the government, or the Earth King himself.

    Outer Walls

    At one hundred meters tall, Ba Sing Se's Outer Wall is the city's thickest layer of protection. This makes it the largest man-made structure in the world. The wall encircles all of Ba Sing Se, along with the vast agrarian zone and a medium-sized lake. It is considered indestructible and is commonly drawn on maps as a terrain feature. In fact, it has only been breached three times: twice by General Iroh, and once by the Fire Nation drill. The Dai Li mandates that soldiers and sentries be placed on the wall at all times, with many of them living in built-in homes inside the wall. After the Coup of Ba Sing Se, Dai Li agents tore a hole in the wall to allow Fire Nation soldiers through. The tear had not been repaired by the time the Order of the White Lotus attacked, and apparently the wall was not being monitored at the time.

    Agrarian Zone

    Just outside the Lower Ring, between the Outer Wall and the Inner Wall of the city is the agrarian zone, a large underdeveloped area that holds wide open plains of land, used mainly for agricultural purposes. Along with its vital wildlife and crop resources, the agrarian zone functions as a massive land buffer between the Outer Wall and the Inner Wall, where all of the Ba Sing Se residents dwell, widening the gap between invaders and citizens if perchance the Outer Wall was ever breached This area in the city houses many farms belonging to citizens, mostly of the Lower Ring, who live behind the Inner Wall and travel outside to tend to the land every day.

    The Agrarian Zone served as a station for earthbender rebellions following Ba Sing Se's capture. The Order of the White Lotus had a camp here prior to the arrival of Sozin's Comet. The Agrarian Zone is also the location of the new Ba Sing Se Zoo.

    Inner Wall

    The Inner Wall is a massive earthen barrier that serves as the primary protector of the actual city of Ba Sing Se after the Outer Wall and the vast Agrarian Zone. During the war, it was constantly guarded by earthbenders who could create an opening in it to allow incoming and exiting traffic. Due to the limited space the wall allowed for the expanding city, some of the Lower Ring houses were built directly against the wall. When the city fell during the Hundred Year War, dozens of Dai Li agents brought this wall down along with the Outer Wall to grant the Fire Nation Army access to the entire city.

    Lower Ring

    The Lower Ring is home to the poor classes of Ba Sing Se's society and the majority of its population. These consist of newcomers to the city, including its multitude of refugees, and people who work with their hands' such as artisans, laborers, and craftsman. Due to the impoverished state of the citizens of the Lower Ring, as well as the influx of refugees, it is implied that the crime rate is significantly higher. The Lower Ring is also the most densely populated area of Ba Sing Se. Buildings in the Lower Ring are generally small, because the Lower Ring houses the majority of the populace, and many people need to be crammed into the space available. The roofs of most buildings here are brown tiled, indicating the poor status of the owners.

    Middle Ring

    The Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se contains the city's middle-class populace. Inside this ring are a vast assortment of shops and restaurants as well as the financial district and Town Hall, one of the oldest buildings in the Middle Ring. Ba Sing Se University, a great repository of knowledge and a key landmark of the city, is also located in this area. The buildings of this Ring are larger than those of the Lower Ring, and the roofs are tiled green. It is generally wealthier and has a more peaceful atmosphere than the Lower Ring, and there are many flowers and trees. Citizens of the Middle Ring are free to enter the Agrarian Zone, Lower Ring, Middle Ring and the Upper Ring without needing permission.

    Upper Ring

    The richest of the three rings, the Upper Ring contains the city's upper class population, as well as military and government officials. The most important citizens of the city reside here, protected against criminal activity by the presence of the Dai Li. The Royal Palace is located in the center of the Upper Ring, within its own walls. Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph received a home positioned in the Upper Ring. The buildings of the Upper Ring are generally huge walled compounds, much like small versions of the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace itself, and the roofs are done with yellow tiles to symbolize the richness of the building and its owners. Upper Ring Citizens are free to go wherever they please within Ba Sing Se.
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    Ba Sing Se Locations

    Royal Palace

    The royal palace, located in the Upper Ring of the city, houses the seat of government of the Earth Kingdom, including the Earth King himself. It has been the seat of power for every known Earth King and is most likely just as old as the surrounding city. The palace is large and houses not only the Earth King and his family, but several hundred guards and servants as well.

    Palace grounds

    Located within the Upper Ring, at the center of Ba Sing Se, the Earth King's palace and surrounding grounds are the spiritual and military center of the entire Earth Kingdom. Here is where the Earth King spends all his days. The palace is structured around a meridian line that cuts through the center of the city, from west to east. The meridian line leads directly to the Earth King's throne. The grounds consist of numerous ceremonial temples, quarters to house the King's servants, elaborate gardens, and the King's menagerie of exotic animals.

    Common citizens are forbidden from entering the Earth King's walled domain unless they have a personal invitation from the king.

    Fighting Cliffs

    South of Ba Sing Se, the fighting cliffs, one white and the other red, face each other with a wide ravine between them. Early Earth Kingdom natives noticed that the ground of the ravine was charred and black, and legend holds that the cliffs were created in an ancient battle between earthbenders and firebenders, the conflict being so awesome that the very ground they fought on soaked up their power and animosity. The cliffs are currently mined for spark rocks, small stones used by Earth Kingdom citizens to start fires.

    Ba Sing Se University

    This university is a prominent feature of the Middle Ring and a great center of learning. Although it was somewhat tainted by the interference of the Dai Li and Long Feng, it is still one of the greatest centers of learning in the world. Music, zoology, architecture, anthropology, art, geography, history, political science, astrology, science, engineering, mathematics, and drama are just some of the classes taught here.

    Council's War Room

    The Council's War Room is a large room located in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se where the Council of Five meets to discuss war plans before sending them to the Earth King for final approval. Prior to the Earth King's revelation regarding the war, the Generals would send their plans to Grand Secretariat Long Feng for approval. On the floor of the room is a large map of the world, with colored stone tokens spread across it to represent military units. The Generals move these tokens around with earthbending to deduce the most effective battle strategies. It is here where General How and the others made the decision to use General Fong's base as the launching point for the Fire Nation invasion.

    Crystal Catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se

    Underneath the palace, and possibly much of the city, lies Old Ba Sing Se, an ancient underground city deep within the earth. These catacombs are the remnants of the first settlement in the area, carved underground by earthbenders. As the old city spread to the surface, the caverns were abandoned and eventually buried beneath the new city. Inside the interior of Old Ba Sing Se still lie ancient stone structures, a waterfall and pool, and the luminescent green crystals that gave Ba Sing Se its fame.

    Firelight Fountain

    Located in the Lower Ring, the Firelight Fountain is popular with citizens who come to feed the turtle ducks in the day, and considered by Jin to be the most romantic spot in town at night. Jin's mom and dad snuck out to meet here as teenagers, and Jin took Zuko here at the end of their date.

    The fountain is encircled by lanterns that brighten the entire area. There is a stone structure in the middle with a top center lamp and a lower level of lamps, and lanterns floating in the water.

    Fancy Lady Day Spa

    This is an Upper Ring establishment for pampering noblewomen. It even has a university attached to it where students can experiment with new ideas on actual customers who, in return, receive a discount on their spa day. It's notoriety attracted Katara and Toph during their day off. Toph and Katara both enjoyed their experience there despite the former's early misgivings.

    Ba Sing Se Zoo

    The Ba Sing Se Zoo was originally located in the city, but was moved by Aang to the Agrarian Zone during the final months of the Hundred Year War. It is managed and maintained by Kenji.

    When Aang was traveling through Ba Sing Se, he saw a variety of animals who seemed miserable in their cages. When Aang saw Kenji, the zookeeper, Kenji said the zoo was no longer receiving funds from the Dai Li because it was no longer popular with children, and it was no longer popular with children because he could not get any funding. After some degree of chaos, the animals were relocated to the zoo's new location. Several domesticated animals were caught up in the chaos of the move, winding up enclosed with the zoo animals.[13]

    Middle Ring restaurant

    Located in the Middle Ring, this "hidden jewel" may never rise above its "B" rating to attract the oval-ring set, but is considered a "charming", "reasonably priced" place with "real bistro atmosphere", and a "rare find" popular with the Ba Sing Se and Spa University sets. The Middle Ring restaurant offers a "Tourist Menu" and an "unbelievably complex" fried appetizer sampler platter.

    Pao Family Tea House

    This Lower Ring establishment is where Zuko and Iroh were able to find work when they first came to Ba Sing Se. Soon after joining, Iroh greatly improved the quality of the tea and became the official tea maker of Pao's restaurant. Pao would later lose Iroh to the wealthy merchant Quon, who offered Iroh and Zuko their own tea shop and house in the Upper Ring. Despite Iroh leaving and the quality of tea declining, Pao's tea shop would survive and would later serve as a hiding spot for Pao, Jin, and several of Pao's customers when the Fire Nation took Ba Sing Se.

    The Jasmine Dragon

    An Upper Ring tea shop created, funded, and stocked by Quon for Iroh after Quon managed to poach Iroh from his original employer under whom Iroh gained notoriety as the best tea maker in Ba Sing Se. Staffed by several hostesses and waiters in addition to Zuko and Iroh, it gained huge popularity under Iroh's management and flourished until the fall of Ba Sing Se when Iroh was forced back to the Fire Nation as a prisoner. After Iroh reopened his shop it regained its former popularity and served as a meeting place for Team Avatar after the War's end.

    Ba Sing Se Monorail

    The Ba Sing Se Monorail system has many stations around the city that have served as the backdrop to several events. Team Avatar first met Joo Dee at a monorail station and Jet realized that Iroh and Zuko were firebenders at a monorail station. Monorail stations are also located in near every part of Ba Sing Se, ranging from the Outer Wall to the heart of the city.
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    Lady Firebender Cast of Characters

    The "Adopted Family"

    At a very young age, Keela was sent from her Fire Nation home to live with Jun Da Zau, an Earth Kingdom noble, and his family. At that time, his family had left his estate in Upper Ring to live in other parts of the city and kingdom. Now Jun Da is dying and they have all come back to live here, waiting for him to die so they can inherit everythign he worked so hard to build.

    Grandfather - widower named Jun Da Zau, or "Jun Da". His wife, Dancing Bao, died before Keela arrived, but her specter is everywhere, pictures of her on tapestries, pottery with her featured. She had an inner light, a kind of beauty that inspired people. Dancing Bao was died from a viper's poison from their own garden. Since that day, the garden has grown fallow and untended. It's a shame, too, the servants say, the ground is fertile, it has just enough shade and just enough late. The ponfar fruits grown there and the orchids that bloomed were legendary. The pictures of her and Jun Da when they were younger show Jun Da as a gallant man, tall and strong. But now he is bent over with age, rasping with cough and withered as the plants in their garden. Jun Da was also a powerful bender and the earthen home Keela lives in was built by his powers. It is stout and sparse and serene, but it is also cold.

    Father (deceased) - Bo Chun was an officer and proud member of the Terra Team. He died fighting Fire Nation invaders. He was one of the casualties during the Fall of Ba Sing Se, burned alive by Princess Azula herself. There are small statues of Bo Chun near Hua Tsin's section of the house, but all of them appear to be new, to show him in poses as a hero, a warrior.

    Mother - Hua Tsin, widow of Bo Chun, mother of all three children. Her beauty was one that existed only in youth, she has plumped up and her face has fallen. She carries herself as if she is still attractive and the servants have learned to play along for their own continued work. Hua Tsin is fickle, she wants things just so, but really she just wants to be in charge of things and she thinks correcting people is how you stay in control.

    The three children:
    Ning - Ning is the eldest of the three, in her late twenties. She is married, but her husband is away with the Earth Kingdom army. She is distant and quiet, she is an acclaimed poet, given to dark humor. She is not happy. Ning is not a bender.

    Haidong - Haidong is in his mid-twenties, he is an official with the Ba Sing Se goverment, he is responsible for signing things and ordering things. He has many many items, he loves stuff. He has not married. He has a hawkish nose and he doesn't want Keela here. Haidong is a very unskilled bender.

    Ah Ru Huang - The youngest, Ah Ru Huang is a dangerous girl. She is a couple years younger than Keela and she thinks Keela is interesting. Ah Ru can bend, but she hasn't told her family.

    Cousin Shui-An - He recently "came home" when grandfather became ill. He seems to be angling for handouts and an inheritance, he is a pitiful suck-up, granfather's right hand man and Jun Da seems oblivious to how grotesque he is.

    Clay Street Bunch

    The Clay Street Bunch are street kids that Keela has spent most of her young life with. They are the closest thing she has to family.

    Dash - (18 yr old male) erstwhile leader, I'm thinking he's a bit like Jet, the rebel leader that Katara liked for a while. By saying he's like him, I mean tall, handsome, agile and athletic, pragmatic and quick thinking. He doesn't bend, he isn't a killer. Dash has been thinking about joining the Earth Kingdom army lately, something he laughed at until recently.

    Mud Min - This girl is thirteen, she just "became a woman" and that's been really weird for her. She's the only bender and she's not that great. Canlid once joked all she could do was make Mud, and the name stuck. Before that, her name was Min. She knew her parents until they were killed by robbers when she was ten. She had no other family and ended up in an orphanage, but ran away with Dash when he saw her and told her to escape with the gang. Just recently, Mud declared herself Min again with Keela's help. She also did some powerful earth bending when she thought Keela was in trouble.

    Boot - Boot is Keela's age. Boot is the strongest member of the gang, also the slowest. Boot's brother Chopsticks died in a fall a couple years ago, Keela saw him fall off a tall roof to his death. Boot is the only one in the gang who is actually, a bit violent if he feels threatened. Boot is completely loyal to the gang, he recently hunted down a bear-dog that bit Mud and killed it. The gang ended up finding a way to cook and eat it. This just happened recently, so Keela didn't see the bite or the cooking and eating, she only heard about it.

    Canlid - Canlid is fifteen and he is fearless. He's also lost several teeth proving it. He got his name by escaping the guard one night by grabbing a stone lid from a refuse can and riding it down the mail chutes. It nearly killed him. He got away. Ever since, he's been looking for more exciting ways to prove how brave he is. He's also a bit of an artist and he leaves markings in different areas in the city, marks of his conquests.

    Mew Mew -

    is a year older than Keela. She was named after the sound a cat makes, nobody remembers why. She's rail thin, dresses like a boy, but she's still quite pretty. Well, once she cleans up, which she tries hard not to do. She's afraid of being captured and forced to either be someone's servant or worse. She uses Boot and Dash for protection and she's always wherever they are. You think her and Boot might have something going on. Dash is clueless.

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    Middle Ring Prison

    Hornet -
    is in her late twenties, lean, composed, her hair cut short, a myriad of colorful tattoos peeking out from under the sleeves of her shirt, claims she's the greatest archer in the entire Earth Kingdom. She took a beating to help Keela escape to find Dash, told Keela that she owes her and to find her at the Broken Drum near the sand docks.

    Lian Ninching - is in her forties with very, very long hair. She is an earth bending guard at Middle Ring Prison. She was assigned to watch Keela after her "attempted escape".

    Niu-Lang - is in his twenties, says he's Dash's older brother. He works as a guard in the Middle Ring Prison. He knew the Clay Street Bunch whistle, said he made it up. He also told Keela that Dash talks about her all the time.

    Talon - is a woman, maybe thirty or so, with a shaved head, broad thick body, brown henna-styled drawings across her left eye and the left side of her skull. Yue said she was a sand bender, very mean, she could choke people.

    Yue - is a thirteen year old girl in Middle Ring Prison, was in the same cell as Keela. Her face is a mask of bruises and she's very skittish.

    Jialee - is a female Water-bender in her forties. She has wild unkempt salt and pepper hair, bone dry, wrinkled skin. She was in the cell beside Keela in solitary, wanted to break out to get to her kids.

    Suli - is the Head Jailer in the Dangerous Benders sector of Middle Ring Prison. She's in her early twenties, wears her dark brown hair in a single thick braid that falls over her chest. She's got an angular face and a trim figure. If you were to judge her harshly, she would be more handsome than pretty. She is a metal bender and her uncle is the warden for the prison
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    Rui was a childhood friend of Keela. Her father was the general of the army of Keela's family. The two were raised together, inseparable. At least, until Keela's father sent her to Ba Sing Se. Keela saw Rui in the Middle Ring Prison in Ba Sing Se and they planned to travel along the sandsea together. But Rui caught Keela kissing Ji Fang, their childhood friend that just earlier Rui had admitted she was desperately in love with him.

    Ji Fang
    Ji Fang was raised with Keela and Rui. He recently gained a post as a trade ambassador and came to Ba Sing Se. According to Rui, he came to Ba Sing Se to ask for Keela's hand in marriage. Keela refused, the two ended up almost fighting, then kissing passionately until Keela broke it off. Ji Fang left the room and Keela ran away, leaving him.
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    Yun's Lucky Dragon

    Yun -
    the captain of the Lucky Dragon, father of Sheng-Li, a heavyset man who takes pride in his ship.

    Sheng-Li -
    pilot of Yun's Lucky Dragon, son of Yun. He's a few years older than Keela and Dash, about Hornet's age.

    Sandbender Crew:

    Iwao (pictured above, male on top)

    Ren (pictured above, male on right)

    Hanae (pictured above, female on left)

    Jyuu Shin-Ta -
    Described by Dash as "the Crabby Guard", Jyuu is from the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Hong Tse Dau
    Hong is a water-bender who is now the sworn guardian of Keela. She is older, says her family has been a vassal family to Keela's for generations, but Hong failed her father and was sent away in shame.

    Keela defeated Hong in bending-do combat and made her swear loyalty and agreed to take her on as guardian, more to allow Hong to earn redemption than any other reason.
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