[LF] Freedom Day Celebration [K 1.1]

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Keela, you're woken by the sound of servants rushing to and fro under the orders of Hua Tsin, yelling after each and every one of them, completely unsatisfied with their preparations for the family's outing on Freedom Day. Freedom Day, this will be your tenth since your family sent you here to Ba Sing Se. This is one of the biggest holidays in all of the Earth Kingdom, where people celebrate the fall of the Fire Nation and the triumphant return of King Kuei.

Freedom Day is a city-wide celebration full of parades of the nobles and the army, bending competitions, even fireworks supplied by Fire Nation emissaries the past couple years (under heavy guard). There is a re-enactment of the Fire Nation drill and the fall of the city, the heroics of the avatar Aang and the trumphant return of King Kuei. It is an excellent day for marriage and also a day of matchmaking, many couples will have their fortunes told over tea leaves on Freedom Day to see if they will have a happy life together.

Jun Da never made you attend the festivities before, but last night, Hua Tsin and Haidong discussed the procession over dinner and you were mentioned in the planning. They didn't talk directly to you, but you know they expect you to come. Ah Ru even followed you to your room and told you she was excited about seeing the festivities with you.

However, if you could skip this, then you could easily sneak down to Clay Street and catch up with Dash and the others.


  • I've been laying in bed for almost an hour now, scowling at the ceiling. There is so much noise. All the time. The servants were never loud before Hua Tsin and her envoy arrived. Hua Tsin is like an entire market crammed into one oversized, disapproving parcel. Nobody stands up to Hua Tsin. Nobody except for me.

    I will not go to Freedom Day. She cannot make me go. I have never gone. Not once. At least, not as myself. Not as Keela of the Fire Nation, the hostage. I will not be a trophy carted about the streets, living proof that the Fire Nation has been defeated. I will not sit and feel everyone's eyes on me as I watch the re-enactment of my nation's fall from power. I will not celebrate the reason I was shipped off here, away from my family.

    I didn't say any of that last night though, even though I wanted to shout it at them. I made myself sit there quietly, like a statue. I ate my dinner, and then I went to bed early like the rest of them, as though I was excited to get up early and spend hours getting ready. I even let Ah Ru linger in my room talking about it even though it grated on my nerves. And now I'm waiting. A servant will come in soon to wake me up, and when they do, I will pull one of the oldest Fire Nation tricks in the book: raising my temperature with bending just enough to appear feverish and pretend to be sick.

    This day won't be a total waste. With everyone gone, I'll have the perfect opportunity to sneak out to visit Dash and the gang. I haven't seen them in almost a week, and I've missed them all so much. Plus festivals are always more fun with the gang. A festival with Hua Tsin would be an effective form of torture.
  • Ah Ru Huang comes in, with her jet black hair done up in a pair of long braids on top of her head, with the rest drawn down in two long strips.

    Ah Ru

    "You can not stay in bed all day, Keela! It's Freedom Day! I've picked out a beautiful dress for you, and Min will do your hair, have you bathed? No, of course not, come on, sleepyhead." She walks over to your bed and peers down at you, then hops up on the corner of the bed and sits down, nudging your legs with her bare foot.
  • I let out a convincing moan and blink my eyes open. "Ah Ru?" I mumble through chapped lips. The best part about being able to bend a fake fever is that it's not really a fake fever. I am really burning up, my body temperature much higher than normal. If you're good at it, like I am, even a doctor can't tell it's fake. It's extremely uncomfortable, but it's a small price to pay for a full day of freedom.

    I make my teeth chatter, even though sweat is beading on my forehead. "S..s..so cold." I try to weakly pull the blankets up around my chin. I keep my eyes half lidded, but I'm watching her face.
  • Ah Ru jumps back off the bed, scampering a couple steps, then falls backwards, landing on her butt. Her dress flies up for a second and she quickly brushes it back down, her pretty bun slightly askew as she practically shrieks, "You're sick?!? Oh, Keela, I... I'll get the servants." She claws at the earthen floor to get herself back up and dashes out of the room, yellowing down the hall, "HUA TSIIIINNNNN!!!!!"

    Moments later, Hua Tsin, Ah Ru and four servants come fast walking into your room. Hua Tsin, her make-up half on, as she has had it redone three times this morning as far as you can tell from her screams about looking like a harlot, or like a widow, or like an old woman, are cues to her calls for new colors, paints, powder, which is what you suspect. Her eyes blaze, she is furious, "You! You're sick? That's not possible, you were perfectly sullen and whiny last night. There is no such thing.... Min! Check her."

    Min walks over to you, her gray hair askew, she's never been the same since Hua Tsin arrived, has she? she bows politely, silently begging forgiveness, then reaches a age-wearied hand up to your forehead, then pulls it back suddenly. You think it might be for dramatic effect? "Oh mistress, she is burning up, sweating, too. Very sick. She will need to be tended."

    "You ruin everything, fire girl! This is the most important day of the year!" Hua Tsin begins, throwing her arms about dramatically, "You are a symbol of our victory, you should be at our side! A syymbol... of how grandiose my father was to spare your despicable baby burning, hateful Fire Nation soldiers in their smoke belching machines! I don't know why Jun Da keeps you, his little pet. You should just go back where you came from! Min!" She turns and starts to head out, then calls, "Min! Attend me, I still need to finish getting ready. Keela! You are NOT going to the parade, you will stay in your room!"

    Min gives you another apologetic nod, then looks over at her grand0daughter, Trill. They communicate without speaking, Trill nods, and everyone except Trill leave.

    Trill's about your age. She keeps her long brown hair in a single braid nearly to the backs of her legs. How do the two of you get along? Does she know about your sneaking out?
  • When Hua Tsin opens her hateful mouth, I feel my temperature rise a few more degrees in my anger. She’s so horrid. I hate her. How dare she speak to me like that? If Jun Da wasn’t sick, he would never allow her to say such awful things. I close my eyes and focus on the satisfaction of ruining her plans. I knew she wanted to parade me around! Well she has no idea who she is dealing with. I am no one's pet!

    When the door shuts, I crack my eyes open and grin at Trill. Trill is my friend. She knows that I sneak out. She doesn’t know the details of course, but she does know that there’s a boy. She thinks it’s romantic, and then ignores me when I scoff at that idea. She’s always pressing me for details, like I’m a character in one of the romantic books she reads. Dash and I are just friends. I mean, I have noticed lately that my stomach gets all fluttery when he throws his arm around me, but I’m sure that’s nothing. I mean, I don’t think he thinks of me like that...

    I sit up and let my temperature down a little bit so I’m more comfortable, but I don’t let it go back to normal quite yet. I’ll wait until everyone leaves for that.

    ”Maybe by a stroke of good luck, Hua Tsin will get hit by a firework.” I whisper to her. ”I’m not really sick. I’m going out as soon as they’re gone. Will you tell me when the coast is clear?”
  • Trill snickers quietly, covering her mouth to hide it. She's always talking so low it can be hard to make out her words at times, "Oh Keela, you are so tricky! I didn't know you could do that!"

    She walks over to the pump and works it to bring up some water for a pitcher. She moves with pragmatic grace, an efficiency of movement born from doing the same thing a hundred times. She pours the water from the fine porcelain pitcher into a bowl and a small hand bended glass. The glass was a present from Jun Da on your name day, something he bended into shape from the red sand of a far eastern desert. The glass has a fiery red color to it. Its one of the few things Hua Tsin hasn't removed from your room or "broken" since she arrived.

    Trill takes a cloth from the ornate dresser where your many dresses and sparse fighting kimono are kept and dabs it into the bowl of water, then brings the cloth, folded over twice and the glass to you, "We must play along with our sickness now, so lie down for a bit. You know she will come back to check on you and curse you again." Then, even quieter, "A firework accident would be most unfortunate..." She puts the cloth on your forehead, then heads to the door.

    She pauses at the door, looking back with a light in her eyes, "Will you see him today?"
  • I roll my eyes at her, but I'm smiling. "Yes I will, nosy." I tease her. The cool cloth does feel good on my forehead. "I'll keep playing along. Tell me when they're gone!"

    I close my eyes and picture Dash. The last time I saw him he was waving goodbye at me, flashing that smile that almost made me miss the jump across the rooftops. I've been holding that picture in my mind all week, impatiently waiting for my next opportunity to slip out to see him. And the rest of the gang. Of course. They're all my friends. And I'm going to see them soon. That thought makes me dizzy with happiness. Well, it might be the temperature. Either way, I've never been so excited about Freedom Day, for once I'll be able to celebrate my freedom, however brief, along with the Earth Kingdom!
  • Trill hides another giggle and leaves.

    The morning passes and after what feels like forever, the procession of Jun Da's family makes their noisy way out of the estate and into the Upper Ring to join the ongoing celebration. Outside you've already heard noisemakers and the horns of partiers, mostly rising up from Lower Ring where they are always looking for a day off from work. Of course, not everyone gets Freedom Day off, servants work, merchants work because they make so many more sales, government officials mostly work. But the laborers are free to mill about, party... cause trouble.

    Trill walks by and raps on your door four times, the secret signal she insisted you set up as the all clear sign. You're not sure if all her intricate signals are the result of careful planning or just fanciful playing along, but you haven't been caught in how long now?

    Speaking of being caught, who is it that is tasked with keeping you here most of the time? Is it your Fire Bending instructor Zarro? Or Seneschal O-dun?
  • As soon as I hear the knock, I jump out of bed. It's a relief to let my temperature drop back down to normal. I dig in my drawer for my oldest, plainest dress is hidden beneath the others, and slip it on. I peek out the door, wait, and then I'm off, running silently down the hallway for the back door that leads to the garden. I quickly braid up on my long black hair into one braid as I go. It's messy, but the messier the better. I keep any eye out for any signs of life, but most of the servants seem to collapse in relief and exhaustion after Hua Tsin leaves the house.

    My Fire Bending instructor, Zarro, should be doing his morning meditation at this time. Despite being the only other person here from my homeland, we do not see eye to eye. He firmly believes in adhering to the Earth Kingdom's strict social code. He caught me sneaking out a long, long time ago, and was furious. He made me do drills until I was so exhausted I could hardly stand up. I haven't seen him lately, which is strange. Hua Tsin cancelled our lessons a few days ago after witnessing me practice. She said she couldn't bear the thought of me accidentally burning down the garden, but I think she was afraid after seeing how good of a bender I am.

    But I really have to keep an eye out for Seneschal O-dun. He's my personal bodyguard for when I go out into the city. He does not like being outsmarted, although you would think he'd be used to it by now. He has no idea how often I sneak away from home. I'm always sure to sneak away from him in the city so he thinks that's when I'm rebellious. Also, it's a fun challenge to get away from him. Most of the time I let him catch me, but he's surprised me a few times. I don't think he thinks it's very fun, but well, I need these small victories.

    I slip outside and pause for a second, looking and listening. I'm heading to the small shed at the back of the neglected garden. The plants have almost covered it now. It's like a jungle. A long time ago I realized that the back wall of the shed was rotting. I peeled it away and made a little door for me to crawl out of. Also hidden in a small cupboard in the shed is a pair of even rattier clothes, pants and a top and some ragged shoes. Those are my street clothes. Even this old dress I'm wearing now would make me stand out on the streets. Plus it's awfully hard to jump across rooftops in a skirt. If the coast looks clear, I'm going to run for it.
  • Difficulty two to get out of there without being noticed.
  • Since I've lived half my life as a street kid, I know how to hide and sneak around the estate to find the way past anyone who would stop me.

    #DiceRoller( 5d6 )
  • You don't see O-Dun anywhere as you sneak through the estate and into the garden. It is possible that Hua Tsin commandeered him for the day since you are sick. But if she did, that's over Jun Da, isn't it? Surely not.

    As for Zarro, he is deep in contemplation in the lotus pose, a small but white-intense ball of fire floating in front of his care chest. You creep past him, staying inside the walls of the state while he is outside in the courtyard that overlooks the rings of the city and Ba Sing Se's massive walls below.

    Then you're creeping through the garden, picking your way past oversized flowers and weeds the height of a small child. you pull open the door to the shed, change quickly and head out the secret door and you're free!

    You went your way out of the Upper Ring, avoiding the areas where you would attract notice. The guards have been doubled. Once you exit Upper Ring and enter the Middle Ring, you mix in with the throngs easily, your clothes masking your nobility, your assumed station beneath anyone's notice. Leaving Middle Ring? Why, a peasant like you, that's a good thing, of course. The hard part about moving in this crowd is that it becomes a giant centipede. A small frame like yours is easily caught up in the flow and for a bit, it seems like you might be caught in the current of celebrants.

    Being the tenth Freedom Day celebration in Ba Sing Se, this one is a huge affair. At one point, you see a huge paper mache Avatar Aang fighting several Fire Nation soldiers, defeating them handily. The crowd jeers and insults the Fire Nation soldiers, throwing rocks and sticks at them. The display causes the crowd to stop moving and you're able to pick your way through and out of it, hitting side streets and down through to Lower Ring.

    The crowds are out here, but as usual, the lot is much more unsavory. there are fights, some mere scuffles, others more serious. The guards are thick and do their best to keep things from erupting, but it is tense. Then you find Clay Street.

    You're making your way down Clay Street, checking the rooftops for a sign of any of the bunch. Then you see one of them, but not up. Right in front of Chun's Smithy, which you recognize from the smoke-stained tops of the windows and the chimney. It's Canlid and he's on the ground!

    You see four men, sand-sailors from the look of them. Burly types and one with a thin mustache and chin beard is kicking Canlid right in the gut. One of them looks like he's reaching behind his back for something hidden under his tunic shirt.
  • When I was younger, these crowds would have made me panic, but I'm pretty good at slipping through them. Even so I get caught in a few clogged areas. Once I have drop down and crawl under someone's legs. I scowl up at the huge paper mache characters. I hate Freedom Day. I chuck a rock at paper mache Aang's chest, and then I duck down and vanish into the crowd.

    Clay Street is surprisingly empty. I'm hoping that I didn't miss them, but then I see Canlid....and then the four men attacking him. My shock immediately turns to anger. I snatch two rocks off the ground, they're actually more like small pieces of wall that have crumbled off of the surrounding buildings. "Hey!" I yell. "Leave him alone!"

    I hurl the rocks one after the other, aiming for heads, and reminding myself to beat the crap out of Canlid later for doing what ever he did to cause this, most likely something really stupid.
  • You plunk one guy with the sides of his head shaved and he turns to you with a mixture of shock and anger. He slaps the squat, younger guy beside him, the one who was reaching behind his back. They turn to you and start moving forward, the taller one saying, "You picked the wrong fight, girl..."

    You also clipped the chin-bearded one and he stumbles forward. Canlid glances up at you, then takes full advantage of the distraction and scrambles up into a full run, trying to get away. Of course, he's following Dash's Rule Number One: Run Don't Fight.

    If you want to defeat these guys, that'll be a difficulty three action. Escaping them is difficulty two.
  • I'm really tempted to show these guys just how much they're underestimating me, but last time I broke Dash's Rule Number One, he threatened to kick me out of the gang. So instead I take off back down the alley. There's a pile of old barrels not far away, and I aim for them. They're pretty old and the wood is completely rotten, but if you know exactly where to put your feet, you can climb up onto the roofs with just a few well placed steps. And from there, no one can catch me. Except Dash. No one is faster than Dash, a fact I've grudgingly come to admit.
  • Since I've lived half my life as a street kid, I know how to hide and sneak and find the way to escape.

    Adding one dice from the pool.

    #DiceRoller( 6d6 )
  • As you head back down the alley, three of them give chase, chin-beard tries to catch Canlid. They call after you, "Hey girl, come back and get what's coming to ya!" "C'mon, we're just lonely sailors! ha ha!"

    You just need to time the steps just right, plant, push off one foot, then up onto the metal ring on the one on its side, use momentum to carry you forward and up to the one standing up, then two more steps and you can grab the lip of the wall, with enough oomph, you can dart right up there. You're light enough to make it, you know they aren't.

    The ground rumbles underneath you suddenly, nearly throwing you off rhythm, which would mean you might step into a barrel, or worse, trip. But you throw you arms wide and straighten up, and throw the stumble forward into your first step. As you push off the sideways barrel, it sinks under you, like someone yanked it. That's when you know for sure... one of them is bending.

    You pitch forward and scramble and the muscle memory kicks in and before you register the second third and fourth steps and the pull, you're vaulting onto the wall, rolling out of sight onto the flat roof of the Lun the baker. You hear one of them curse, another hollers, "Hey, come back!"

    They ruined their own chance to catch you. They have to give up now, right? Unless. Unless they're crazy enough to bend the walls down. That would bring big trouble, so probably not. Right? You scamper off low, just to make sure.

    You think you lost them, they have no familiarity with the city, not Clay Street. Nothing like you.

    Away from the crowds, you find Mew Mew and Boot eating some baotse rolls, the kind that are made with honey and sunflowers in the center. They're still warm. Both of them are on the third roof here:

    Mew Mew notices you first. She's wearing a long brown tunic shirt, ruddy trousers and she's barefoot. She's cut her hair short again, its a mop top, probably the least attractive cut for her face, but it sure makes her look like a boy. She scoots over, away from Boot. They were almost touching as they ate. "Hey, Dare. Happy Freedom Day! We scored some rolls! If you're nice, we might have an extra for you."

    Boot was sort of staring off at the ground. Or his worn boots. He starts, looks up, gives you an un-frown. He doesn't really smile, at least not anymore since Chopsticks. But he usually scowls, and when he's generous, he stops scowling. He does that. Then, "Hey."
  • I hop over to them and sit next to Mew Mew, still scowling darkly. "I just had to rescue Canlid from some thugs that were beating on him. Why is he always making trouble?"

    I let out a huffy sigh. I was almost in trouble there when they started bending. Mostly because if they caught me, I would have probably had to firebend to escape. And that could have ruined everything. I eye the rolls. They smell delicious.

    "Where's everyone else?" Where's Dash? "What's new? I missed you guys." I've stopped apologizing for how often I come and go and the long unexplained absences that run inbetween. They understand, or, well, they think they do. Anyways, they don't ask questions. I squint around us in the cheerful sunlight and the scowl falls off my face. Despite everything, this is when I'm most happy. I'd rescue Canlid from thugs a hundred times over if it meant that I was out here and not cooped up inside Jun Da's house with Hua Tsin breathing down my neck.
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    Mew Mew answers while handing you a roll, "Dash took Mud down to the Zoo. Said he'd met a nice bender, thought she might like him. They should be back soon."

    "Where you been?" Boot says while chewing. Then he takes a swig from a gourd, points it at you. There's some foul-smelling liquid in there, probably fermented. It has to ruin the flavor of the roll.

    Mew Mew gently pushes Boot's hand away and says, "She doesn't want that smelly stuff, Boot. That's a boy's drink."

    "Then why aren't YOU drinking it, Mew Mew? haw haw" Boot chides, but his laugh is more pointed than genuine.

    Mew Mew just looks away, doesn't answer. But she runs her fingers through her short hair self-consciously. And of course, that will probably make Boot feel bad when he figures it out.
  • "Around." I give the same answer I always do, taking the roll from Mew Mew. I take a big bite and close my eyes. Stolen food always tastes better than the food on Jun Da's table. I think it has something to do with sitting outside in the sun, surrounded by your best friends.

    I make a face at the gourd. It does smell foul. At Boot's bad joke, I lean back behind Mew Mew to smack him in the back of the head. It's a little harder than just a playful tap. He's an idiot. I know Mew Mew likes him, and I know she's a little self conscious about her looks. On the streets, it's safer to look like a boy, but it doesn't really do much for your self esteem. I always feel kind of guilty about my long hair. She's asked me before how I stay safe all by myself, and I made up some lie about just being really good at hiding.....but truth is, I get to go back to a nice warm house where I can wear as many dresses as I want. I would trade places with Mew Mew in a heartbeat if I could. She'd like my life more than I do, that's for sure.

    "So Mud's on a date?" I ask before Boot can make a big stink about me smacking him. "I bet you another one of these rolls that she won't shut up about it all day long." I grin at Mew Mew.
  • Your misdirection works perfect as Boot drops back to scowling, "What? Mud? Pshah! Clay Streeters don't date, we're a- a family. That's gross, Dare."He pointedly does not look over at Mew Mew, straight at you, only looking at you.

    Mew Mew takes a big bite into her roll and keeps it in her mouth, plants her palms on the roof's edge and pushes off. She drops down to land gently on the railing of the next level down. Benefits of weighing practically nothing. Boot gasps at first, almost loses his balance as he tries to reach for her, thinking she's falling. Then he glares down at the top of her head, "Mew Mew! Stop being dumb!"

    She grabs a post and leans out over the rail, her feet keeping her steady, takes the roll out of her mouth and calls up, her mouth full, "Viff pacev bowin, ess go da voo." Which takes a moment to realize she wants to go to the zoo. Boot shakes his head, but he's up for it, it seems.

    After skipping along a few roofs, you see Canlid pulling himself up on the monorail. He likes to run along it from time to time, which is great for avoiding dangerous roofs... until something comes along really fast, of course. He waves at you wildly and jumps off onto a set of smokestacks, then comes over a couple roofs towards you, calling, "Nice throws, Dare! Hah, you almost put his eye out, that was GREAT! Hey, hold up, Mew Mew!"

    Which they do, even though Mew Mew looks impatient. Something's bothering her. Canlid catches up and motions you over. you're all maybe two houses away from the wall, shadows are heavy over you, its rather dim. Canlid plops down on the shingles of the roof where you are and he has some canvas bag he's opening, "Lookit this!" He pulls out a beautiful dagger, shiny like brand new, but it's not. Where do you recognize it from?
  • I’m about ready to light into Canlid when he pulls that dagger out of his bag. My eyes just about fall out of my head. Not only do I know what that dagger is, I also know who it belongs to. Every noble house in the Earth Kingdom has some sort of artifact like this, passed down through the generations. It’s a sign of their nobility, their prestige, their lineage, and, in my opinion, their love of holding onto the old belongs of dead people. This particular dagger is from the house of Shu Lee, a friend of Jun Da. I’ve seen this dagger displayed there the many times Jun Da has dragged me over to their house for dinner parties. If those men stole this dagger....and then Canlid stole it from them.....the Clay Street Gang is in serious trouble.

    “You idiot!” I smack Canlid in the side of the head, much like I hit Boots earlier, but harder. I stand over him, eyes blazing. “Do you know what this is? This belongs to nobility! What were you thinking? Dash is going to kill you!”

    Stealing from the nobility is a serious, serious offense. If Canlid were caught with this dagger....I don’t even want to think about the consequences.
  • "Hey!" Canlid says, almost dropping the dagger when he ducks in to miss the next hit, even though there isn't another one coming. "I didn't steal it from a NOBLE... I stole it from some sand-sailors! I mean... one of them dropped it, heh heh"

    Mew Mew doesn't miss much, "Have you seen this before, Keela?" She doesn't exactly accuse you or anything, but she picked up on how quick you knew it.

    Boot looks a little confused, he's not sure what's going on, "Why would sand-sailors have such a fancy knife? To cut the sails? That's a waste..."
  • I quick backtrack a little. “That marking on the handle....I’ve seen that before. It’s on one of the gates in the Upper Ring. I used to, um, well, I’ve been up there a few times. And Boots is right, no sand-sailor would have a knife this nice! That’s stupid! Canlid, you gotta get rid of it!”

    I glance sharply around us really quick. If those guys are in the business of stealing from nobles, they’re either desperate, stupid, or being paid a lot of money by someone even worse.
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    Canlid looks around, like he's thinking about just throwing it away. But Mew Mew runs over, "No, stupid! No, you can't just throw it away!"

    Canlid, holding the knife edge backwards, just cocks his head, but he stops. Mew Mew continues, "Maybe there's a reward or something. If Dare here knows the Upper Ring, maybe she knows about that kind of stuff. We all know you can read. So... that would be sweet, right?"

    "What would be sweet? you hear a male voice from behind you. You know it before you turn around, it's Dash. He's a couple buildings ahead of Mud, but she's coming up, too. He gives you a nod, "Dare."

    Mew Mew turns to face both you and Dash and points at you, "Canlid nipped a knife and Dare knows it. Maybe we can get a sweet reward?"

    Dash doesn't look enthused. Boot nods with Mew Mew, though.

    What do you do?
  • I meet Dash’s gaze and feel my heart do this weird little flip in my chest. I’ve really missed him. He’s looking good...healthy I mean. I’m....I’m really glad to see him.

    “Dash.” I echo back, flashing him a grin.

    I’m really glad to see him.

    But anyways, before I start blushing or something, I turn back to Mew Mew. “Nobody would give us a reward.” I sigh. “They’d just think we stole it to try to get money for it. They’re not gonna believe us I pause for a second, thinking. Maybe I could give it back though, not me as Dare. Me as Keela. If I could come up with some sort of story...

    I look back at Canlid. “Maybe I can spy around a little, see what I can figure out. If it seems like I could get some reward, I’ll do it. If not, I’ll get rid of it. How’s that sound?” I wait, watching him. It’s his decision.
  • Dash looks happy to see you, he ambles over and puts an arm around you. He's tall enough for you to nestle right into his chest, but of course, you don't. He looks to Canlid, "You should listen to Dare here. If she can get us a reward, then we all eat well. Who knows? Maybe Mew Mew can find some place for us to rent for a month or so. The nights are getting colder and it would beat holing up in the shelters again, right?"

    Canlid puts on a show of being crazy but he certainly isn't dumb. Mew Mew has made him suspicious, too. Having Dash back you evens things out. Let's call this a Difficulty Two to talk him out of his prize without any trouble.
  • My other life has taught me how to use charm to be commanding with my presence and charisma. Subtlety is an art.

    "It'd be thanks to Canlid, not me." I say easily, trying to ignore how fluttery my stomach is with Dash standing so close, his arm around my shoulders. "He did all the work. I'd just be doing the boring part, bringing it back like his servant or something." I grin at Canlid, hoping he's forgiven me for smacking him. Buttering him up is usually an effective way to go about things. Inwardly I'm beating myself up for being so quick to say what the dagger was.

    #DiceRoller( 5d6 )
  • Canlid nods along, "Yeah... I did do all the work." the buttering-up continues to work. He comes over, slaps the knife in your hand. A second later, he hands you the burlap sack. Dash snickers low, only so you can hear. Did you teach him about that buttering-up trick with Canlid?

    Mud finally catches up, "You don't do ANY work, Canlid." Canlid looks at her, then shrugs as if to completely agree with her. Mud's huffing a bit, evidently they were hopping roofs for a few blocks. Unlike Mew Mew, Mud likes being "a woman now". Did you tell her that or was it Mew Mew? I can't recall. She's wearing a second-hand green kimono, a simple cloth one based on the Earth nobility kimono, similar enough to draw the eye, but not so similar to make offense. Its nice, but it limits her ability to stretch her legs, of course. Dash has talked with her a couple times about it, but she still wears it.

    Dash isn't winded, though. He's got a new piece of ink, a tattoo on the inside of his wrist. He probably did this one himself. It's your favorite bird. Well, you think it is. Its pretty small. What is it?

    "Free entry at the Zoo today, special part of the tenth anniversary. We came back to get all of you. Let's go. C'mon, Dare, they have a baby platypus-bear."

    You know Jun Da's family was going to end up at the Zoo.
  • by the by, we totally missed the XP for Key of Fraternity when you went after those thugs for Canlid. Also, you put yourself in danger, so that's 2 XP. Mark it!
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