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I started this audience thread because I wanted to say that the responses so far have been amazing. Arrows which turn into plant-creatures? That's chilling.


  • Posted By: rugrsi
    For PbP games I'm starting to realize that everyone needs to have strong powers of Content Authority.
    That's an interesting observation. I think I agree, although I'm pretty sure the right game could prove us both wrong.

    Usually I'm pretty suspicious of "freeform" play, which is part of why I started this experiment. Oddly, I'm liking it so far, but I think the drawbacks might start to become more obvious later in the game. We'll see, I guess.
  • I'd usually recommend setting a theme and genre at the start of something like this, to prevent the next post being about robot-eating space monkeys or suchlike, but I'm happy with deliberately not doing that for now. I guess the PBP-style of it makes it easier to trust one another to not miss or contradict already-established facts, and to be a bit more respectful of other peoples ownership of the story. But we'll see!
  • I love this game. Play more everyone!
  • Take that Simon! In your FACE!
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