[Ashen Snow] Scouts [Gr 5.3]

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Bones went out into the ashen snow a little while ago. You were considering following her, but then Tar Pit asked you to come up, to have a looksee. Now you're under his metal umbrella up on the roof of The Gym. The umbrella isn't big enough for two. It also isn't so awesome at keeping off ash, since there's an occasional wind up here.

He's handed you his spyglass. The lens is cracked, but if you squint right you can look around it. And sure enough, no lie, there is something out there. To the southwest, the same direction Harridan is holed up at, you see the dust trails of four vehicles. Fast movers. Dialing in, looks like one is a dune buggy, another pair are SUVs and the last is a black and red van that looks awfully familiar.

As you're looking, Tar Pit says, "Been thinkin bout that strike from Missed. Don't make sense, where he got that ammo, that munition. Who's cock did he suck fer it, ya think? Who's got angles on us?" You think he knows. Or at least he thinks he knows. He's just testing you, right?

What do you do?


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    Which direction do the vehicles appear to go?

    "Maybe we should ask: who doesn't have angles on us. Harradian's forming something serious. A threat to more than just Evan's and the Baths. We should find out what other allies we have out there. What outsiders have been using the baths as of late?"

    Does Tar Pit have a map of the area and neighboring holds?
  • They're coming down the mountain towards you. You see Alonzo walking out towards them. There's a good couple miles between them, so that's not a risk, just something you notice. Once they hit the main roads, they could easily head over to Amy's Mountain or skirt around to the Armory Boys, too. That's about all there is in the valley.

    Tar Pit nods, approving, "He aint been round lately, but Rothschild was the last one here from Amy's Mountain. A week past, Captain Anniversary came round with some of her boys from the Arm'ry, too. Either a them wouldn't take kindly to a bigass Brainer an is flunkies on their doorstep. What ya thinkin, Grekkor?"

    Tar Pit has a rough map. will post it after I sketch one out
  • [Grekkor]
    He hunches next to Tar Pitt. Hands the spyglass over to the wrinkled hands of the old man.
    "Beautiful, isn't it. In a horrible way. The ash. What do you think it is, really, Sir?"
    He puts a hand, in a glove with no fingers, out from the umbrella and grabs some of the soot. "You ever seen it fall for so many days?"
    He throws the ash he's caught back into the wind.

    Grekkor squints and tries to find the sun amid the falling grey. He thinks of Bones and what the baths did to her and why she is important. He reminds himself to assign her some guards.

    "Well, if anything we probably should get some better weapons ourselves. We got lucky. With those mortars, they could have chewed us up pretty good. Assuming Missed had the stuff they were willing to give away, wonder what they have in store. How are we for gas-masks? Enough for the new recruits?"

    Grekkor wonders just how well Tar Pitt knows Winona. Maybe he could get some gear from her . . .
    He watches old Alonzo walking out into the ashen wastes.
    He wonders how much jingle the baths can make quickly. They need to get enough to trade with the Arm'ry -- not likely Norvell will give up gear to Pryers. On the same side or no, you just don't hand over weapons and tilt the balance of power. Will have to find the weapons elsewhere.

    He looks again, to see which way the caravan goes.
  • Tar Pit gives you a level look, "The ash is ar sins comin back to us, Grekkor. All the world's sins, rainin down." He looks up at the ash still falling, now for days without end, "Never came down fer so long, no. Not in my days. Ize a little un when the Fall came. Mountains opened up their mouths an started belchin the core of the world on us, the ground shook an broke an near everyone died."

    Tar Pit sits down in his canvas chair and whuffs out a breath, then reaches underneath to pull out a small Walkman radio, clicking it on. Its an old tape player and the tape in it is warped and a bit warbled, sounds like a language lesson tape, learning something called French. "Haint got enough masks to go round. We could russle up a pack an send em to Hopetown to barter fer more, but if this Harridan shit comes, well... we won't have as many heads. I'd wait. Give em to the best."

    If you chose, you could open up The Baths while keeping the hold closed. As long as people could travel safely, you could gain +Wealth.

    The caravan is still heading towards Evan Element. Bee line. You sending anyone to meet them?
  • [Grekkor]
    Any sign of response from Norvell's crew on this batch of cars approaching?

    Grekkor ponders what Tar Pit means by sin and sins. Grekkor's never been one to think in those terms. Their is honor and dishonor. Sin, smacks of guilt and shame. Things Gerkkor finds unfamiliar. And so, the falling ash feels even the more alien. Even the more haunting.

    He ponders what parts of this are all real, and what parts are not. He ponders his hollow reflection.

    He spies out again for Alonzo through the ashen snow. He is real. He thinks. That is sure. He recalls the power Alonzo had over him.
    "Someone told me 'I'm flying around'" He says to Tar Pit. "Didn't catch my attention at the time. But now . . . . I think that means it's time for me to land."

    He shifts and stands tall, stretches. Fights the sharp pains of the battle before.

    " Open the baths. I'll take a few of the Pryers out to collect Alonzo. Not sure if he sees what's heading his way. If Harradian stalls out on his plans for long enough, then at least we'll have some jingle for supply."
  • Tar Pit has no advice to offer on your flying, he ignores it, no response. That's for you to decide, you can almost hear. When you tell him you're heading out, he nods.

    Norvell and Crackle haven't responded. Tar Pit is the lookout for the hold, he'll be notifying them shortly. He gets on the horn, literally, as you're heading down.

    Go here to join Alonzo.
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