[BPRD] Table Talk Mission Two

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Please use this thread to discuss mission two (or talk Out of Character)


  • Ha. I do this every time. I'll re-ask my question in the correct thread now. :)

    Have Joe and Penny met before this moment in this new scene?
  • Based on Penny's history to Joe (help her control her powers) I had asdumed so. However, I guess she could have that hope without having actually met him and that might be more interesting.
  • Agreed! Penny is kind of difficult because she's new, so she's meeting everyone now. But it does make things interesting! :)
  • how often do you see elephants with chainsaw husks walk into your room when you’re trying to sleep?
    Quote of the day.
  • Trevis, I just edited my last post a little. Looks like Joe won't be back for a bit and I didn't want to assume Blake wouldn't say anything.
  • My parents called to inform me they're coming to visit this weekend, arriving tonight. This will mean I'm only posting in the early AM or at night this weekend.
  • I'll have a busy weekend too, so works for me.
  • Posted By: trevisIt's kinda funny how many people wonder about Penny but how few realize that Eaton is a dead guy.
    Ha! So true!
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    I even have an unnatural aura! Nobody notices the unnatural aura. I guess it's pass
  • Ok, I can take a hint. :p
  • I attempted to read Legba a little bit ago, but it occurs to me that probably it should only be possible to use Read a Person on a monster if you have a move that lets you Manipulate a monster. Thoughts?
  • Don't know why I never answered that, Michael. I agree, reading a person should be a person.
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    I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to hit 5xp before the end of this. Since talking to Legba, I've been planning to pick up the Monstrous move that lets you manipulate monsters ... it'd be kind of funny if we spent all this time slapping around Hartford, and then I finally hit 5xp and go, "Oh, right, and by the way - this has all been an extended setup for a manipulate!"
  • That's kinda awesome!
  • Posted By: Michael Loy
    And I begin an incantation.

    "Kyrie, eleison ..."
    Caught this on the read-through this morning. VERY clever!!
  • hey all,

    Chris, aka Joe, is trying to reset his pwd and snails doesn't really do that automatically, so he may be offline for a day or so. I emailed the admin to try and help.

    Should we wait for Joe or should I have the big attack on the car happen now?

  • hey guys, should we pause the game for the next five days starting tomorrow for the holiday?

    I can do light posting if everyone else can, too. But I don't want to leave anyone behind.
  • Sorry for the lack of communication. Rather than continue to wait on my pw reset I setup a new account.
  • I can do light posting too. Probably only at night though.
  • hey all, checking in.

    Is the pause here due to the holiday or is there something else going on?
  • Mainly, waiting for Joe's analysis.
  • Dr. EatonNo, I suppose that the rest of you are simply incompetent.
  • Experience of age, you know.
  • Posted By: Michael LoyYou two are looking much more competent, out there.
    Thank goodness! Hahahaha.
  • Chris, I love how you give little interesting insights into who Joe is with your posts. Joe is really cool, and I'm glad you joined our game! :)
  • Aww, shucks. Thanks very much.
  • Hey all, I'm typing on my phone. I will describe the room and the result of Penny's failed roll in the evening.
  • OK, caught up. Sorry for the delay and the odd map. I tried to throw stuff up there before a busy day and well, that didn't work out as I'd planned.
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