[DW] Brandon the Ranger

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Brandon the Ranger

Sharp eyes, wild hair, cape, young body

Brandon hails from Crug, a village on the edge of a forest. The first thing one notices is his friend the black-haired wild boar Keira seen by his side. He's quite young by modern standards, not older than 20, and you can tell from his build and his face. The things he knows best, marching, tracking and fighting, he's had to teach himself over the years. The only thing keeping him on the road and adventuring is the fact that he likes what he does and doesn't want to settle down – after staying a few days in the same plays both the legs and the bow-arm get restless.

As a ranger he's well-traveled and obviously knows his way around wilderness, but I'm thinking it's more that he's got the gear and leg strength to keep on marching for days on end than that he knows how to, like, live in the forest. So, more efficient travel on roads, hills and mountain trails than sneaking through the underbrush.

For Keira I'm thinking he found her just a wounded piglet when he was just a kid, and wasn't allowed to keep her ("we can't just start dragging in wounded animals into our home, don't you see?"). Brandon then conspired with the village druid to keep her secret within the shrine in the forest, and when she grew up he trained her to fight and protect him. By the time he was deemed a man (at I dunno, 15 or 16, whatever's the norm) he revealed her to the village and was met with respect from some, disdain from others. Brandon still has some family living in Crug, but couldn't see himself living with them.


(Alignment) Neutral: Help an animal or spirit of the wild.

(Race) Human: When you make camp in a dungeon or city, you don’t need to consume a ration.

Command: When you work with your animal companion on something it’s trained in...
• ...and you attack the same target, add its ferocity to your damage
• ...and you track, add its cunning to your roll
• ...and you take damage, add its armor to your armor
• ...and you discern realities, add its cunning to your roll
• ...and you parley, add its cunning to your roll
• ...and someone interferes with you, add its instinct to their roll

Hunt and track: When you follow a trail of clues left behind by passing creatures, roll+WIS. ?On a 7+, you follow the creature’s trail until there’s a significant change in its direction or mode of travel. ?On a 10+, you also choose 1:
• Gain a useful bit of information about your quarry, the GM will tell you what
• Determine what caused the trail to end

Called shot: When you attack a defenseless or surprised enemy at range, you can choose to deal your damage or name your target and roll+DEX.
• Head ?10+: As 7–9, plus your damage ?7-9: They do nothing but stand and drool for a few moments.
• Arms ?10+: As 7-9, plus your damage ?7-9: They drop anything they’re holding.
• Legs ?10+: As 7-9, plus your damage ?7-9: They’re hobbled and slow moving.

Animal companion: You have a supernatural connection with a loyal animal. You can’t talk to it per se but it always acts as you wish it to.
Keira the wild boar:
Ferocity +3, Cunning +1, 1 Armor, Instinct +2
Strengths: intimidating, burly and fast
Trained to fight humanoids and guard
Weaknesses: frightening and stubborn.

Camouflage: When you keep still in natural surroundings, enemies never spot you until you make a movement.

Strength: 8 (-1)
Dexterity: 16 (+2)
Constitution: 14 (+1)
Intelligence: 11 (+0)
Wisdom: 15 (+1)
Charisma: 9 (+0)

Max HP: 22
Base damage: d8

(1) Hunter's bow: near, far
(1) Leather armor: 1 armor
(2) Bundle of arrows: 5 ammo
(1) adventuring gear
(1) dungeon rations: 5 uses
(4) silver ingots, worth 400 coin

(10) total out of load 10

Starting bonds:
- I have guided Bucan before and they owe me for it.
- Bucan does not understand life in the wild, so I will
teach them.
- Tiernon is a friend of nature, so I will be their friend
as well.
- Castor has no respect for nature, so I have no respect for them.

Editing as we go along – current gear:
Ammo: 7
18 coin
Used to carry a spear (1 weight, reach), but lost it

Adventuring gear 4 uses left


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    It would be handy if you got around to copy-pasting full text for Brandon's moves. For myself, if I'm not sure how something works, it'll be a faster look up to go into this thread than to go to the book.
  • You have a point. I have edited them in, except for the rules for creating companion animals – I just put my companion there instead.
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    I checked up on something, and got confirmation:

    In the Command move, change "and someone interferes with you, add its instinct to your roll" to "and someone interferes with you, add its instinct to their roll".

    That is, your beast's instincts can get in your way when another PC rolls to interfere. The text currently in the rules is a typo.
  • Your hometown, Crug. Is that a long way off, left behind in your travels? Or are you more just out on the road, moving among Crug and the surrounding towns and forts? Do you just wander, or do you have a territory?
  • I come back to places after a while, I do. Maybe on average I return to each larger steading in the area every two years or something? As in, when I leave a place, they don't expect me to be gone forever but there's no guarantee for how long until I return. So yes, I have a territory, although it's large and I don't keep myself updated with the news in all of it. I haven't been to Crug specifically for at least two years, and I'm maybe starting to think I should steer there sometime and check up on old friends.

    I think the division for when something feels like "just wandering around" as opposed to "travelling far off" is whether they speak the same language as my hometown. All my "territory" does.
  • Hunh. Brandon is a wanderer, Tiernon is an outcast, and Bucan is a priest of a god of boundaries....
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    A scruffy lot, you surely are.
  • Said another way, Brandon only sees the largest boundaries, Tiernon is always up against a boundary, and Bucan prosthetizes the sacredness of boundaries.
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    Hey, Brandon, you seem to honor spirits and such, yeah? Do you hold any imperial gods as well, like Laug, or are you still entirely true to the old ways?
  • I recognise that Laug is probably a strong spirit much like the ones of our deep forests, but hailing from a distant land of walls and cities. Obviously he's strong at Laug's Wall. I think since the wall was built before my time I take it for granted, but any further than that the people have no need for Laug as he cannot help them this far from his home. I mean, I wouldn't ask for guidance from a lake dragon a weeks march up into the mountains, either.

    Other Imperial gods, to the extent that I've heard of them, I definitely hold as having no power here whatsoever, even if they claim to be the god of something that's around here, like a god of hunting or whatever. Laug has reached here because they built his Wall.
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    Damage log:
    Max hp: 21

    8 damage

    - Arrows for 3-2=1 (Keira's armor adds to mine while guarding) during the ambush (did I get this right or is it 1 damage for the arrows, then 1 more for the arrows meant for Bucan? I'm thinking this might be the "taking damage from multipe foes" thing)
    - Stirge sucking blood for 1
    – Scratched by a ghoul for 6
  • You've got it right. If I'd been rolling multiple dice, I would've handled it as 2d6, take the highest, minus your armor. I just didn't bother.
  • I figure one use of an adventuring gear might give me more than one torch. If that's okay I'll mark off one use and say I have a couple of torches left after dropping the first one.
  • When you mark supplies, that gets you "enough" of what you were looking for. You don't really need to keep count.

    The flip side is that I can make a GM move ("use up their resources", to be precise) to say that you've run out.
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    XP log:

    Discern realities in the tunnels
    Volley at goblins from the small ledge, twice (the time I almost hit Bug, the time the goblin I hit took Bug in a grip of death)
    Aid Bucan from the same ledge (I ended up wasting arrows)
    Discern realities climbing in the shaft (got attacked by the swarm)
    Spout Lore about the stirge (it got a hold and started sucking blood)
    Defying Danger to dash through the tunnel (got attacked by striges and stumbled over the edge)
    Spouting lore about the ghoul-inflicted wound (?)

    Leveled up! (-8)
  • Making camp in the ghoul cave

    Level up for 8 xp! I take +1 constitution, changing my max HP but not my CON modifier. I take this move:
    Camouflage: when you keep still in natural surroundings, enemies never spot you until you make a movement.

    If I get to sleep, I heal up to half my level in damage (10 or 11, in any case enough to go to full health). We'll see about that though.
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    XP log for second 'session':

    'Yes' to the three questions at the end of first session.
    I switched out a bond with Bucan since he's an NPC.
    'Volley' at the ghoul from behind Bug in the altar corridor (the ghoul hit him, the floor started collapsing)
    Aiding Bug getting clear from the collapsing floor (he got out but the lantern was lost, and the horrors beneath howled up at us)
  • Current bonds (as of start of session 2):

    - I have guided Bucan before and they owe me for it.
    - Tiernon is a friend of nature, so I will be their friend
    as well.
    - Castor has no respect for nature, so I have no respect for them.
    - Bug and I have been on several adventures before.
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