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  • Posted By: Michael LoySomething important has been stolen away. What is it? A precious treasure? A merchant, traveling between steadings? More and more of the steading's livestock? A child? A family?
    My vote: a merchant's shipment. The merchant's body was gone too, suggesting he was taken prisoner- or worse.
    And this is a completely innocent question, but what - if anything - are you carrying that is made of iron?
    The head of Bucan's mace is shod in iron, and there's an iron rim on his otherwise wooden shield.
    So what are they saying around town, about the theft? Who has been putting about that there will be a reward for the safe return of, ah, whatever was stolen? Whoever it is, the reward will be generous, but only as measured by that person's means.
    I imagine it contained some of the iron Knock needs so badly. The blacksmith is most upset, but it was the merchants' guild that arranged the shipment and it is they who can afford to offer a reward.
    Is there a shrine to Laug in Knock (or in the fort), or is it a town still fully steeped in the old ways? How far north from here is Laug's Wall?
    A token shrine- an etched stone with some small offerings before it. The old ways are strong here, possibly fueled by the presence of those hills and the strange things that happen there. There is no permanent priest of Laug, but Knock isn't very far from Bucan's home so he is a regular visitor. Knock is, say, five days' travel from the Wall?
    Now that you're here, what is the very last sign of civilization that you saw while coming up into these hills?
    The last valley had an earth mound in it. It was overgrown, and its purpose unclear- a defensive structure? A burial site? But it was too symmetrical to have been natural.

    Living civilization? A hunter's cottage overlooking the trail. Nobody was home.
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    Brandon roped me into this too.

    I actually like the abducted merchant better than the child. I might also know the Elderly Wise Woman of the nearby village--she consults me once in a while and understands the Unseelie touch.

    I carry an iron medallion, which I use in some rituals, in a roughspun pouch. The stuff is nasty and gives me a rash.

    I live in a cave in the area and near the last town on the frontier. I have an agreement with an ogre to share the use of a ring of stones(The Bluestone Ring) outside his grotto. Somehow, I'm more attuned to it than he is and he needs me to get a good connection with the Other World power, but he's bigger and nastier so we trade access to the stones for access to the power.

    Brandon roped me into this chase. It's hard for me to turn down requests from people who seem to like me, even if they can't tell that. I have also met the merchant or the child--again, they were willing to talk with me, so I'm interested in their survival.

    Oh the Ogre of the Bluestone Ring would shelter me if the threat wasn't too big.

    - Tiernon (Alan)
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  • Posted By: Michael LoyIf there was a merchant, he wasn't necessarily alone. He could be a family man, a son or two coming along to learn the trade and help load and unload, all of them missing?
    Sounds good to me.

    I also didn't answer the question about whose idea this was. Concensus seems to be "Brandon" so I'll go with that, though Bucan didn't need much convincing. Brandon has probably been a recurring ally to Bucan.
    You know the steadings around here, Bucan. Whether iron's been stolen or not, where does it usually come from? This is bog iron, you can dig it up out of marshes in rough, ugly chunks. What steading does business in the stuff, mining it, gathering it, whatever the word would be?
    Across the river, and say twenty kilometres down it, there's a steading, Ocan- a labor camp, really- at the edge of a great marsh fed by the river. There's a pub and inn for merchants passing through, whether by river or by road, a few houses and the rest is workers' shacks.
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  • Magic missile
    Contact spirits
  • Bucan will prepare Bless & Cure Light Wounds.
  • Fair. I will actually be in Montreal this weekend, so Monday would work fine.
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