[DW] Places and Personages

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Prosperity: Moderate; Population: Steady; Defenses: Guard
Tags: Need (iron), Trade (Burnt Knoll), Trade (Ocan)

A hundred or so inhabitants, on a trade road and a river, watched over by the hill fort at Burnt Knoll. It is beginning to slowly outgrow its resources, forcing it to trade down the river for bog iron.


  • Burnt Knoll
    Prosperity: Moderate; Population: Exodus; Defenses: Guard
    Tags: Guild (trade), Need (supplies), Oath (support Knock), Safe, Trade (Knock)

    A ring of walls wrapping the slopes of a defensible hill, a fort that has changed many hands, with history going back into most distant antiquity. Almost uninhabited, with a standing guard that in truth mostly lives in the town of Knock. The seat of a very minor king. Holds a merchants' guildhouse.
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