[DW] Castor the Fighter

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So I wrote this guy up yesterday and then discovered that I had been logged out in the process, and logging back in didn't save the text. All of my hate.

Also, my original concept for this guy got kind of reworked a lot.


Castor is a Human with hard eyes, a battered helm, calloused skin, and a built body. He was the scion of House Talmor from the Empire, still just a young man of seventeen, when his grandfather, then patriarch of the House, passed away and his father took the opportunity to lead the House in an attempted coup against the emperor. As one might expect, this did not end well, and the emperor ordered the line of House Talmor extinguished as retribution. With the help of the captain of his estate's guard, Castor escaped. For two years, he lived as a fugitive under the protection of the captain, until finally, ambushed in one of the outer provinces of the empire, the captain was lost providing a distraction while Castor fled once more. For the next decade, Castor wandered. At times, he lived as a bandit, threatening caravans for their money. Later, he became a mercenary, where the rudimentary skills imparted to him by the captain were refined in the battlefield. Far from the soft and sophisticated young noble he had been so long ago, Castor is a man of arms, now. Grizzled veteran of dozens of battles and mostly forgotten outside the core provinces of the Empire, Castor's travels now take him across the sea. Tired of mere survival, Castor now seeks to reestablish himself as a noble and reclaim what he had in his youth; wealth, prestige, land. Out south of Laug's wall there is land unclaimed. That is where Castor shall stake his claim, and let all the damned creatures of the world try to stop him. The Horned King is a local legend; terrifying to the Caledonians, perhaps, but the Empire has seen a dozen like him stricken down, and Castor sees no reason to believe this one different from any of the others.


HP: 18/25
Damage: d10
XP: 1

STR: 16(+3)
DEX: 12(+0)
CON: 15(+2)
INT: 13(+1)
WIS: 8(-1)
CHA: 9(+0)



Once per battle you may reroll a single damage roll (yours or someone else’s).

Bend Bars, Lift Gates

When you use pure strength to destroy an inanimate obstacle, roll+Str. ?On a 10+, choose 3. ?On a 7-9 choose 2.

It doesn’t take a very long time
Nothing of value is damaged
It doesn’t make an inordinate amount of noise
You can fix the thing again without a lot of effort


You ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear.

Signature Weapon

This is your weapon. There are many like it, but this one is yours. Your weapon is your best friend. It is your life. You master it as you master your life. Your weapon, without you, is useless. Without your weapon, you are useless. You must wield your weapon true.

Castor's signature weapon is a falchion discovered in a tomb his mercenary band raided during his first mission with them, when they finally stormed a besieged city in some distant land. A wealth of ancient weapons and armor of excellent quality was found in the tomb, which was jackpot for a bunch of sellswords who had avoided the brunt of the fighting and mostly just shored up the flanks. As one of the newest and youngest members of the band, Castor made out with only a single weapon, while most others had shields or helms in addition to their new halberds, longswords, or battleaxes. Heavy, tipped with vicious and elegant barbs, and the pommel tipped by a dreadful spike, it would remain Castor's weapon for the rest of his career as a mercenary and follows him even after he has left his old band.

Enhancements: Sharp, hooks and spikes
Look: Ancient

Alignment: Neutral


Load: 10/15

Ancient falchion (Close, +1 damage, 3 weight)
Chainmail (1 armor, 1 weight)
Adventuring gear (1 weight)
2 dungeon rations (10 uses, 2 weight)
2 healing potions (2 weight)
Poultices and herbs (1 weight)


Brandon owes me their life, whether he admits it or not.
Bucan is soft, I will make him hard like me.
I worry about the ability of Tiernon to survive in the dungeon.


  • I'm going to say, it's only going to be very rarely that I'll actually press the difference between a Hand weapon and a Close weapon, to where having your weapon be versatile between those ranges matters. If you stick with it, it might come up eventually, but you'll probably find it more rewarding if you go with something else, if you make it sharp or whatever.

    That is, I may say a goblin is all up in your face, but you'll usually just be able to narrate taking a step back or bashing with the pommel or what have you, and it would be a rare case where I made you defy danger or something to pull that off.
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    How long has it been since you sailed here? Just recently, or has it been a little while? How situated are you, in terms of having contacts in the area, knowing the languages, that kind of thing?

    How old are you now?
  • It's been a few months since I arrived. I've met a few people and taken a few jobs (and have been around long enough to get bonds with other party members), but for the most part I'm new here, and have a basic but not totally non-existent understanding of local customs, languages, politics, etc. etc.

    I'm twenty-seven; two years as a fugitive, two as a bandit, five as a mercenary, last one on my own, most of it spent traveling to Caledonia.
  • Sure.

    Now, your troubles back home don't come to much here. Most of the imperial population has been here a hundred years or more, some of them intermixing with the native peoples, and even the those who were born in proper imperial territory, well ... it's not like anyone came out here because they had a bright and shining future in the home provinces.

    So, have you introduced yourself around with the other imperials? Do you feel like there's a difference between the expatriates and the imperials who were born here?

    And the real imperial territories are still mostly up along Laug's Wall; they haven't spread south too much. So, you're about five days south of the wall right now, a little beyond the usual imperial reach ... this territory is mostly clans and minor kings. Even fellows like Bucan are Caledonians who've taken up imperial gods. Do you know anyone else of good imperial blood down here, in Knock or maybe up on Burnt Knoll?

    Come to think of it, the trade guild in the hill fort. Is that guild sponsored by Caledonians, or by imperial citizens? There would certainly be money to be made, shipping goods up out of the south and putting them on boats headed back across the sea.
  • I don't like to draw attention to myself as being foreign. Maybe it's just because most of my adult life I've been either a bandit or a mercenary, but typically I find the locals like you more the less you let on about where you're from, and word travels fast when you tell strangers even if this or that particular stranger happens to be Imperial themselves. Granted, my name is a dead giveaway to anyone who knows the culture of the Imperial heartlands, but I prefer to just say I'm from a distant country and leave it at that.

    I find most of the localborn citizens see themselves less as a province of the Empire and more as the biggest and most stable kingdom in Caledonia, whereas the expatriates are usually busy exploiting how much easier it is to get away with stuff in a land where the local military has way bigger fish to fry than petty crooks, smugglers, and con artists. Most of them are expatriates for a reason, after all.

    My first contact south of the wall and still my strongest was an Imperial named Avaric. He was still north of the wall when I met him, but I followed him down south when he headed towards Burnt Knoll to try and find a way to open up trade with that guild. As it happens, the guildmaster's brother had sworn fealty to a minor king who picked an ill-advised fight with a heavily guarded Imperial caravan and lost. Since the guildmaster's brother didn't survive the fight, the guildmaster holds a grudge against the Empire and refuses to trade with them. If Avaric can't persuade him to give up the vendetta, he'll likely try to find some way to force the guildmaster's hand, and if that doesn't work, he might have to just get rid of the guildmaster entirely. I'm not entirely certain I'd follow him that far. I'm not interested in getting on the locals' bad side this early in the game.
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