The Enemy Within

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---- WARNING: Life Support Failure. All persons proceed to evacuation facilities. If you cannot reach an evacuation facility, help will be provided. Remain calm. ----

The warning is read by a serene, female voice, over the public adress system of the space station Prosperpina. The calm voice is in stark contrast to the panicked throngs of citizens pounding at the blast door which has just closed in front of them, sealing them away from the last evac port. The promenade was only moments before a peaceful shopping district, where citizens could buy goods from all over the galaxy, free of local taxes. Now it's a disaster area, the shops ransacked as people search for another way out of this section of the station, which has been sealed at either end. Worse, the vents which provide air and heat to this section have stopped running. There's only a few dozen minutes of air for the crowd in here.

The fear coming off the mob is overpowering, maddening. Someone needs to save these people.


  • Todak begins moving as the automated voice begins to boom out its warning, heading first for the blast doors and then, as they slam closed before him, scanning the crowd. Amongst the fear, Todak is looking for something else, some other emotion, somebody who knows why this is happening. Although the fear is almost overpowering and he has to squint his eyes to filter through it, he is looking for a set of brain-waves that he recognises all too well.

    Todak is searching for any anomalies in this section of the space station - be it Sathar, or just a human who isn't feeling the fear that's overpowering everybody else. Oh, and he's also drawing his slugthrowers.
  • Ok! That sounds like a conflict. I think "Read surface thoughts! and "Star Patrol veteran" are applicable, and I'll give you two bonus dice because I think this is pretty much exactly what you character is used to doing. If you're cool with that, roll the dice (including any pool dice you want to risk).
  • I'm cool with that... I'll throw in three dice from my pool, too.

  • ...and I'll take a MOV, if that's cool with you...

    And he sees it, an emp pattern he'd recognise anywhere... a Sathar mind-slave. The thoughts were all square, like an insects, and the emotions were nothing that you'd ever sense in a human. Todak runs towards the pattern, a barely-concealed flare in an ocean of noise. He skips up two flights of stairs, batting his way through the crowds of panicked citizens, and finds the source.

    'Hareek Fla'han!' he shouts across the floor of the looted shop, and a human at the back of the shop turns round, but does not run. Todak lowers his slugthrower at the slave and communicates mentally

    'You'd better get that life support power back on, scum, or you and I are both going out into deep-space.'

    His telepathic voice shakes with barely-managed rage.
  • Awesome.

    The mind-slave looks at you. You can feel sheds of its human identity, screaming in horror at what it's done. The slave raises its pistol, and points it at its own head. Its face is strangely serene. Her finger twitches on the trigger.
  • 'Fla'han!!' Todak screams at the slave, 'Nooo!'

    At the burst of adrenaline, Todak feels the world begin to slow down as his tech-heightened reactions begin to kick in, and he tries to rattle off a snap shot at the mind-slave's weapon hand before diving and tackling him to the ground.

    Uh, I guess this is probably a conflict.
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    Ok, I reckon you've got:

    Star Patrol veteran +1
    Crack shot with double slugthwrowers +1
    Superhuman reactions and dexterity +1

    I'll give you a single bonus die. Also, the mind slave was originally female.
  • Sorry, didn't realise she was female. I'll throw in a die from my pool, too.

  • Ha!

    The slugthrower bucks Todak's hand as he runs toward the mind slave, but the bullets are mis-aimed. They tear into her chest and neck instead, and she falls in a spray of blood. What would have been a tackle turns into a scramble to apply pressure to the wound. Her breath is gurgling through the blood. Todak can feel her dying thoughts growing peaceful.
  • 'No! Dammit, no!'

    Todak searches the mind-slave's mind, as he tries to keep her alive, as he searches her immediate memories for any clue of how to save the life-support block-out. As he scrambles for purchase on her chest, blood pouring out, he catches sight of a sec camera straight at him, mindful of his soon-to-be-lethal shot at the mind-slave. The flashing red light showed that his 'crime' would soon be beamed to every bounty hunter on the station.... if the pressure collapse didn't get him first....

    'Live you Sathar bastard! Live!!'
  • Ok,

    Read Surface Thoughts +1
    Star Patrol Veteran +1
    Haunted by memories of the Sathar War +2

    Two bonus dice.
  • I'm going to chance three pool dice, too...

  • Oh, you poor guy.

    The last thoughts you can glean are of the woman's family, before she was enslaved. A husband, a child, somewhere on the station. You're dragged away from your desperate search by the warning claxon. The crowd is frenzied now, smashing windows, tearing at walls, trying to find a way out. A police officer has drawn his gun, and is brandishing it at the crowd. He looks terrified.

    Nearby, an old woman is kneeling by a shop window, coughing. The air is getting thin.
  • 'Damn,' curses Todak, 'time to bail out.'

    He runs out of the store, his jump-boots kicking in as he leaps across the crowd to a sheltered access ladder, and begins scrabbling up to the station's roof.

    'There must be an access tunnel up here, or at least a drone pack I can throw on to get me out of the station for now,' he thinks as he vaults from floor to floor towards the stations' ceiling, 'there was a Patrol stash from the last war up here somewhere. If I can get to it, at least I can get myself to safety, before this station burns out.'

    Todak's thoughts are interrupted by gunshots from before. The sec camera must've tagged him, and laser blasts rocket across the hard metal as he runs up a shaky metal access stair to the very top of the station.

    Todak is searching for a way off of the station... he remembers that the Star Patrol used to have a stash of equipment up here, and he's looking for a drone pack (which I reckon is like a powered one-man space vehicle), or anything, to get him to safety.
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    Ok, there's definitely a means of escape up there. The question is can you get to it without any kind of trouble?

    Haunted by memories of the first Sathar war +2
    Star Patrol veteran +1
    Superhuman reactions and dexterity +1

    Two Bonus Dice

    Roll it!
  • I probably can't afford to risk this, but I'm going to throw in a pool die as well.

  • Thank the bejeezus for that! I'm going to have to take the bonus dice, rather than the MOV, though. It's all yours.
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    Yeah, you needed a break.

    Ok, he bounds up through support gantries, laser blasts cutting through the beams just seconds behind him. Finally, running down a glassteel access tunnel on the ouside of the station, he finds what he's looking for - an old Star Patrol stash house. It's little more than a closet bolted to the side of the tube, but it will contain weapons and ammo, and most importantly now, a drone pack. An oval pod which will carry him to the nearest habitable world. He's plugging his access code into the blast door when he hears the sound from behind him. It's the cop from before. He's holding the weapon in both hands, but it's still shaking as he points it at you. There are stars all all around, through the clear glass walls of the tube. The ruddy half-disk of the planet below fills the sky to the left.

    "Step away from the door. That's my ride."
  • The panic in the cop's head is almost deafening as Todak turns round slowly, his hands up in a gesture of peace. No reaching him now, he thinks. Needs must.

    "Calm down, man. Star Patrol." Todak slowly reveals his glowing tattoo across his partially-cybered arm.

    "I'm not going to hurt you," Todak lies, "I just need to get off this station." The cop's eyes flinch, but Todak's almost sure that he doesn't see how near his hand is now to his shoulder holster.

    Todak's trying to shoot the cop and escape.

    Hey, I said it was sci-fi supers, not superheroes.
  • Awesome. Cold, but awesome. I figure whever happens he's toast, it's just about whether there are complications.

    Star Patrol veteran +1
    Superhuman reactions and dexterity +1

    Two Bonus Dice

    Do your worst.
  • Adding two pool dice.

  • Ouch. You can't catch a break, can you?

    The cop's body is riddled with bullets before he can blink. But the man refuses to die. His fist clenches on the needle pistol, and Todak feels a dozen cold spikes of pain punch into his abdomen. Teeth gritted, Todak aims again, and the cop's head explodes in blood.

    Todak turns away, ready to flee the station, when a wave of blackness passes over him, and he finds himself on his knees. He looks down at the needles buried in his stomach. Each of them has a tiny glass vial in the base, empty now.
  • Todak looks down and can see his abdomen swell up, angry and red already from the needle-delivery poison. No cop he's ever known has carried a needle-gun. He struggles over and takes the gun from his opponent's decapitated body, and reads the co-ordinates of the gun's manufacture from the barrel as he throws the needle-gun into his boot.


    Only momentary, his eyes open and he's on the floor, the decompression alarms ringing around him. His body is trying to shut him into stasis, to preserve him from the effects of the poison until help can arrive. Todak doesn't like the odds of help arriving in deep-space. He struggles on the drone pack as the air begins to rush out of the station and the cop's body flies past him, out into space. He gets the respirator helmet attached, but he can feel his head swimming again.

    Todak is trying to punch in some co-ordinates to the drone-pack, hopefully of the nearest Star Patrol base, so he can land there and they can cure him. Is the above narration OK? I kinda figure he's got to get out somewhere, it's just a question of where he ends up.
  • Yeah, that's perfect.

    The airlock punches Todak out into space, and suddenly everything is silent. The only sound is Todak's breath inside the mask. The pod is translucent around him, and as it slowly spins, he can see the station revolving slowly in space. The prominade is in fron of him, with its great glass windows, and he can see the crowd of people, peaceful now, lying down in the streets. Darkness closes in one last time.

    Ok, let's make a roll for where Todak wakes up.

    Star Patrol Veteran +1

    Three Bonus Dice
  • No pool dice.

  • Oh man. This is not your game.

    The light in Todak's eyes is blinding. He tries to raise a hand to shade his eyes, but he finds it's tied down. He's strapped to a table.

    "Sorry about that, Mister." A voice comes from somewhere above Todak's head.

    "Couldn't have you hurting yourself while you were out."

    The man comes into Todak's field of vision. He's an old man in dirty overalls. Todak's in what seems to be a wooden shed, with several old and primitive looking surgical impliments hanging on the walls. The light's coming from the sun shining through a gap in the boarded up windows.
  • Todak looks down at the hotch-potch of surgery being carried out on his abdomen. It looks good to go, which is probably why he is awake now. The old man looks familiar, but he's not sure from where... his mind is all fuzzy, and his skin feels... strange.

    The straps feel loser than they did at first... Todak thinks he can probably wriggle his left arm out of it.

    He notices what the strangeness is, now; a full growth of beard on his face. He must've been out for quite a while. The Emporer knows what has happened in the interim.

    He works his left arm loose, and eyes the surgical equipment carefully... he reckons it's just within his reach, but distances seem a little distant now.

    Todak is trying to grab some form of weapon from within his reach, hold it at the old man's throat, and get him to tell him everything.

    How that for some stake-setting? Not sure what traits I can use on this one, but I must be due some luck eventually.
  • Read surface thoughts and emotions +1
    Star Patrol veteran +1
    Superhuman reactions and dexterity +1

    Two Bonus Dice

    Roll it!
  • No pool dice... can't afford them...

  • I'll take the bonus pool die again... got no inspiration at the moment!
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